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    The pathophysiology of sepsis

    are you asking for us to do your homework? you can find that in your textbook and sometimes google may help. I suggest you to read and understand it, in the future many of your patients will present all or some of these s/s and you will have to be able to recognize them, now it is your time to learn to do so.
  2. I think the email is perfect and the hypothetical quotes are really nailing where they should, we are nurses and as such we should behave everywhere we go. I don't think anything wrong, actually her tone is much maternal than offensive, honestly I don't see a bit of disrespect or unprofessional language. It does not matter if you went with uniform or not, it de s for everyone to read if it does not apply to you, just read it, leave it and move on but have it always present. Uniform is mandatory, appropriate and professional behavior and attire should be as well.
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    Is this a needle stick injury

    better be wrong than sorry, go ahead and report it, get check and move on. That happen very frequently but why living scare?
  4. simple but not easy though. They come here, present their school papers to the ECFMG, they get validation after thousands of verifications then get ready for the steps 1-2 before they have to have at least one yr of residency in order to apply for step 3, now this has been removed. Apply for a residency, for indians and Africans I don't know how it is but for hispanics, very hard usually having to go to undesirable area hospitals in New York, Puerto Rico, NEw Orleans and you named where they are foreign doctors friendly and where hispanic population is big so they need doctors in public hospitals who speak spanish. It does not matter anything you have to do if you are decided and aimed to your profession. It is never late or hard, my husband has a friend that started his residency after passing all of the above when he was 50, yes 50 years old!! Don't give up, go to the hospitals in person to the graduate medical education department, volunteer, offer to start as an intern,
  5. don't give up, there are many hospitals that will take you in a bit for you to complete your residency, may be they are not located in a very desurable places but that is your sacrifice. I'm telling you for experience, my husband is a Foreign graduate physician and had to take those steps several times, it took him 10 years to have eveything back after coming from our country but he got it and he even completed a fellowship. What that means is that DOn't give up after all you have studied and paid. Go back to ERAS and apply for this upcoming 2015. Then when you be working at a hospital don't be mean with the nurses around, remember we helped you whe you were down......:)
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    I NEED HELP!!! College Network is taking money!

    get a lawyer, pro bono. your local BAR association or legal aid department should have information on how to hire a pro bono attorney
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    Research?!! I'm scared!

    Research is a hard class because you have to read, read the chapters and answer all the questions from the workbok if the book chosen has one. Read, read and you will do fine.
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    Sticky situation .. What would you do?

    I don't know why nursing professors/ instructors/ teachers are so mean, and show all their frustrations in life against their students. Sometimes, I even wonder, with all my respect and without offense because there are still some amazing teachers outthere, if they were not able to suceed as nurses and that is why they make our life so difficult while in nursing school. Go upper and show your point, if they don't listen go all the way to your student services dean and they have to help you. Good Luck!!!
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    Work-Life Balance of Nurses in Case Management

    the only thing I have found a difficult to understant is how we keep being "patient advocate". We represent the IW but through the insurance. I will never push to deny any service I think its appropriate but its difficult to differentiate when you have the right or the wrong in front of you.
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    Work-Life Balance of Nurses in Case Management

    when you start you don't feel the balance, but whenthe time passes and you get used to the new job, you will feel the difference. You will have days that are longer than 24hrs but then will have others that are really " amazing".
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    A new puppy!!

    I was always trained not to do ANYTHINg that was not included in the 485. Report that there is a dog and you have to take care of him ( her) as well, just in case.
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    New WC CM Nurse

    The majority of the IW's don't like you to meet them at hme, unless they cannot drive for specific circumstances. I have only visited one home so far, everyone else requested to be seen at Dunkin Donuts, Dr's offices or any other public place, and it is encouraged ( I have been trained to try to meet IW's in public places). Most of the visits are completed at the physician's offices while waiting to be seen by the doctors. I like it but every week find a new thing to learn, a new way to treat a file. The advocacy is not really noticed by everyone involved, the IW's that really want to recover and go back to work they appreciate all the efforts you make to coordinate their needs as fast as possible, to obtain authorizations right away even though sometimes you have to go the extra mile to help them, but the ones outthere trying to live out the system, those don't appreciate what we do and think we are paid by the insurance companies and we will not represent them.Here, where I work there is not much, much that can be done since the worker's comp function as a managed care company that means that " saving" is priority of course if there is medical necessity we will go for what the IW needs, again,Ilikeit better now even thoughI still struggle and I'm in the learning process, the driving OMG! that kills me, I still have to learn to accommodate the appointments to my convenience that does not work the majority of the time for many reasons. I guess and hope it will get better soon. Thank you All for the inputs.
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    Workers comp case management

    how was it with the interview?
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    Ccm entrant needs help with requirements

    sorry but that is not true, read the qualifications written below taken from the ccmcertification.org website....if you see it says OR SECTION 4: qualifications: To be eligible for the CCM Exam, you must hold a: 1. Current, active, and unrestricted licensure or certification in a health or human services discipline that within its scope of practice allows the professional to conduct an assessment independently. OR 2. Baccalaureate or graduate degree in social work, nursing, or another health or human services field that promotes the physical, psychosocial, and/or vocational well-being of the persons being served. The degree must be from an institution that is fully accredited by a nationally recognized educational accreditation organization, and the individual must have completed a supervised field experience in case management, health, or behavioral health as part of the degree
  15. Hello All!! I have a dilemma and would like your help, I have read many topics and threads but have not been able to figure things out. I'm looking at two choices, one is with an insurance company worker's comp and the other one Long term care Medicaid, both are field case management, benefits are pretty good, even though money shows a little difference (more on the Medicaid one) I don't want to apply based on just money, I would like the feedback from some of you that work (worked) on any of these. I would like to know if the fact that you have to attend doctor's appointments with the injured will make a huge difference on what your working time is, what about patient advocacy and care? whatever your input, I will really appreciate that.
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    Ccm entrant needs help with requirements

    I don't really understand what your question is but to make it easy for you and me to answer, I will tell you what I did to apply and pass my CCM. I have been a HH RN for several years, case management in home health is the daily work. When I completed my application I simply entered what I do on a daily basis, including the amount of hours, my education (RN Degree is enough) and my supervisor's names and emails (never asked if they were contacted or not) then my application was approved. now, related to the test. I bought a course from PRIME Case management that was not as concise as I expected but gave very good information and Q&A (you can buy the Q&A separated without paying for the whole program) then I bought access to previous Q&A from the commission and answer those several times, then took the exam. The exam is not a hard test, it will only asks what you do on a daily basis but very simple (remember a standardized test only measures minimal knowledge) and some questions even if you don't know you will be able to guess using common sense. I hope I have been able to help at least a little
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    Long Term Care Medicaid vs Worker's Comp Case Management

    Thank you!!! I have been trying to get in touch with you because I have read your posts!!! thank you!!! I will definitively take in consideration your opinion, will it matter to you they are offering less than the LTC Mcaid?
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    New Grad

    Hi JennM_RN, could you please get in touch with me? I would like to ask you about your long term care job....I have an opportunity with that but would like to get some feedback jolyvazquez@hotmail.com thank you!!!
  19. Anywhere you go be ready to work hard, spend time and write a lot!
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    UCF RN to BSN

    hey did you start? I plan to start January, any recommendations?
  21. I have read several comments but none are recent, is there any one out there in one of these programs RN to MSN, having to take the BSN/bridge classes, that can give an advice, please?
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    Walden University

    yes, it looks nice but it has many BSN core classes, I was checking this one and Loyola RN to MSN, have you checked it out?
  23. skoolrn, I have read several of your posts, would like to get more info about WGU, I plan to take this program..I'm missing a lab in mcb, do you know if I will be able to take just the lab? may you send me your email by pm?
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    Loyola New Orleans... Anyone?

    I would like to know how it is for you at Loyola? I would like to start on January but have been undecided for a long time...Is it too hard?
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    Am I stupid for not doing the ABSN?

    No, you are very smart!! don't worry about what other people think...I went back to college to nursing school older than you are because I, like you, had another Bach degree, in my case I also had the opportunity of doing the accelerated program and refused because first it was not a big difference on time ( may be a semester) and second why will I be taking life in such a hurry when there are possibilities to take it on my own and comfortable way....I also has and had at the time two children, a husband and a house and I don't regret of have done it on a traditional way....I hope you are not taking all the classes for the " general education" part but if so....believe me does not matter, stop thinking about what the others think about your decisions, remember that have of the world talk about the other half and.....not very good hough...enjoy your time in school and be happy, life is short!!