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  1. Tired of Being a Nurse

    I decided to go into clinic nursing and same day surgery and have found it very rewarding. I recommend trying a to find a private practice where the politics are less known and typically your more appreciated at these smaller offices. Another option ...
  2. What's your dream nursing job?

    I am looking for advice on the dream job. I am 3yr nurse and have worked primarily in family med/procedural nursing straight from school. I feel like I have a dream job, I currently work as a nurse (wear all hats) at a private practice who model is d...
  3. transitioning from acute setting to ambulatory

    I have never worked in a hospital setting, so I can only say from one side. I love having weekends, holidays off, and salaried position if I did need to leave early then I don't have to use sick/vacation time. Cons would be working 5 days a week in a...
  4. from Ambulatory Care to Bedside

    I too am curious. I went straight from school to minor procedures clinic and family medicine. I have been doing it for 3 years and feel like something is missing, although I love the work/life balance. I am itchy for more hands on experience. Anyone ...
  5. Hi everyone, I was hoping to get some tips for my new job I start this Monday. I recently graduated June 2017 and just started a BSN program. I will be starting my first job per-diem as an RN in at a hospital in their family medicine clinic. I have ...
  6. University of Washington in Seattle ?

    Wow, that is horrible teaching. I am so glad I got into a smaller school, where they care.
  7. University of Washington in Seattle ?

    Yes, I missed a date entry on my application and was not accepted. Just make sure to check and double check your application.There are many other nursing school in Seattle that are easier to get into. In the end it really doesn't matter.
  8. What nursing specialty interests you the most for the future?

    I will be starting nursing school this fall. Currently, I am working as an MA in fertility care and love it but will be trying out different specialties after nursing school!
  9. What nursing specialty interests you the most for the future?

    I just got into musing school for Fall 2015 and currently working as a MA in Fertility care. I really enjoy it but I think I will try other specialties after nursing school.
  10. Recently accepted

    Hello everyone, i have recently been accepted into North Seattle Nursing School for Fall 2015. Does anyone have any tips or material I should study now?