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  1. Why do so many nurses work multiple jobs?

    I work two jobs- one in acute care adult med surge. I hate it but im learning so much and getting great experience. The other I love in subacute pediatrics. I want to be an NP eventually but need the money, experience and skills. I suffer through my ...
  2. National University FNP Program

    It’s local and my work has a discount with their masters and NP programs. Also, my dad went there many years ago
  3. National University FNP Program

    I didn’t. I do intent to apply, but I had another baby so it’s been crazy with three under three
  4. Remember back in nursing school when our pathophysiology teacher told us all: "At the end of this class, you will all have convinced yourself you have at least one of the diseases we have talked about." It felt like just yesterday that I was sitting ...
  5. Very torn over what I should do.

    Thanks for the insight. I do appreciate it. I have narrowed it down a little- at least to the point that I will not be staying at my current job. The pay cut (no differentials) is just too drastic ($9/hr) and while my boss promised me the day shift s...
  6. Very torn over what I should do.

    I have been a nurse for three years. I have worked a few different specialties. As a float nurse for a community hospital I did pediatric outpatient, urgent care, adult outpatient. I worked an adult subacute (left because it was unsafe) and have been...
  7. Being Sued / Losing License

    I have been a nurse 3 years. I have known one nurse that lost her license for serious diversion. I know one nurse who would have lost her license for serious diversion had she not passed away from drug use (on the job... this was personally terrifyin...
  8. National University FNP Program

    I didn't end up applying. We ended up having another baby and it just wasnt in the cards at the moment.. It is still a dream of mine.
  9. What to do about issues with coworkers

    I have come to this forum a lot for advice, and I am very grateful for all of the advice and insight I have received over the years: from being a prenursing student, nursing student, new nurse, relatively new nurse till now. 3 years into my career I ...
  10. National University FNP Program

    Following. Am going to apply for next application cycle
  11. Help Me Decide Based On Your Experience

    I would do the tele job if your goal is to go back to school. That’s an incredible stepping stone. And one I do not see can be as easily accomplished by the other two options. I would do the pedi job if being there for every moment of your ...
  12. Was I in the Right Here?

    I wish there had been security or an available charge nurse but unfortunately neither were available-1) we do not have security 2) charge nurse was busy with other patients.
  13. Was I in the Right Here?

    After reading comments from others and being in the situation myself, I disagree. The “delay of care” was well within reason given the patient load I had and given n my safety was in jeopardy. Yes I could have taken someone, but no one was available,...
  14. Was I in the Right Here?

    Really? So my safety is of no importance?
  15. Was I in the Right Here?

    @JKL33 I think when I saw burnt out I mean fed up with my current position. Not to complain about my job…. But because you asked… I feel fed up with the constant understaffing, feeling like I can not help people like they need to be helped, like they...