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1gr8trnstudent is a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in BLS, ACLS, CARDIAC, ER.

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  1. Sob for 1 year with a HD of COPD, nothing new just coming in 1 year later because he decided it was time to. Found nothing new.
  2. Thank you for your post nursing doll. I am going through this right now at my workplace. Just being picked on for any and everything. I do not speak to anyone about my life or anything outside of work related matters. I ignore bullies, followers, and the lapdog. No reaction leads to no more but I'm tough and will make it through.
  3. 1gr8trnstudent

    Leaving First RN Job Prior to One Year

    You will be fine leaving your current job. You have a firm offer already. I left cardiac step down with 7 months experience and went to the ED. I currently live hours away from home too and want to move my family closer to home so I can have family social outings outside of the stressful ED. P.s. I don't like hanging with coworkers..
  4. 1gr8trnstudent

    I think I’ll be fired and I really do need to vent my fears

    don't feel bad direw0lf, like stated before, it was a brewing stew waiting to happen. Covid has made everyone tired and stress in nursing is at an all time high. The last thing anyone needs is a lousy bunch of coworkers who talk behind others backs because their lives are miserable. Like the one commenter said, do not share anything about your life with your coworkers because jealousy happens. It's the best advice EVER.
  5. 1gr8trnstudent

    Job or Joy... or Both!

    I definitely feel the way you do. I want to use my creativity in nursing and my love for venipuncture but I'm stuck in a role I do not enjoy.
  6. 1gr8trnstudent

    Which Nurse are You?

    A mix of joyful joy and aspiring alice. I have no interest in shining anyone shoes but happy to climb the ladder to NP...no managment. Definitely happy to take care of my patients and definitely not on any antidepressants. ^.^
  7. 1gr8trnstudent

    Grocery store workers hazard pay

    I also agree with you Brandy. I work in the ED where I do not get covid pay but ICU nurses in my facility get covid pay and I am dealing with covid unknowns. I also agree that the top executives are taking millions of bonuses with us doing the hardwork. I also think its disgusting to see facilities pay ridiculous money for travel nurses and tell their staff nurses they will not be getting a raise. The whole system is disgusting and disturbed.
  8. 1gr8trnstudent

    Grocery store workers hazard pay

    Is anyone else irritated by the fact that there are countless professions who are required to work during covid but the new is always revolving around grocery store employee needing hazard pay? What about nurses, doctors, hvac, etc..what are your thoughts?
  9. 1gr8trnstudent

    VA in DC or Baltimore

    Hello everyone, Can anyone give me information on the VA in DC or Baltimore? I would like to hear from those in the ID (infectious disease) clinic. What do you love about your job? How is management? What does the job entail? Which ID clinic would you recommend? Thanks in advance!!
  10. 1gr8trnstudent

    COVID-19: Vaccination Administration Question

    Hello, I have to say you are overthinking this. I currently give the vaccine to nursing home through cvs. There are 2 forms thr patients have to fill as consent to get the vaccine. They basically fill in their demographics, and the form asks if they have any comorbidities. You document the date, time, temperature of the pt., location of injection, sign, print, title. The pharmacy drawing up the vaccine is good because that's the part that needs good timing. The vaccines have to stay frozen at a spec. Temp. Once they are out to thaw, for 30 mins, they must be diluted with normal saline and 6 shots drawn. Once the shots are drawn in a syringe, they are good for 1 hr. If you leave the diluted vaccine in the vial, it's good for 6 hours. It is easier to have pharmacy handle that whiles you focus on injections. It's simple. Ask any questions, I'll answer if I know.
  11. 1gr8trnstudent

    ER staff at the VA

    Yes they are
  12. 1gr8trnstudent

    Nursing specialties to avoid while pregnant?

    Hey, I started as a new grad 6 months pregnant part time at a big time teaching hospital in my time. Gave birth halfway into my orientation. It is possible to get a part time new grad position. As the other poster said, it's hard to get PRN unless you have 1 year experience. Good luck!!
  13. 1gr8trnstudent

    Time Management Tips Please

    When I was on the floor, I would come in 30 mins early, research all my patients, write down why they are there, their orders that are occurring on my shift so labs, ekg, and procedures anticipated, their mobility status, I was on cardiac so their heart rhythm, fluid restrictions, diet, and then I looked up the med times and who to see first based on report and their acuity status.
  14. 1gr8trnstudent

    Virginia rural healthcare status

    Richmond is good.
  15. 1gr8trnstudent

    Virginia pay - low comparatively?

    Richmond has vcu which starts new grads at $25.56 on the floor, I know different specialties like ICU and ED start with more, you might want to look at HCA for higher pay, new grads december 2019 were starting at $31 in the ED depending on location. BON secours pays $24. IDK if all these rates have changed in 1 year due to covid.
  16. 1gr8trnstudent

    Pay as RN in Virginia (Inova...)

    When I applied in April of this year in the ED, I was offered $27. I don't know about a pay increase