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1gr8trnstudent is a ADN, BSN, RN and specializes in BLS, ACLS, CARDIAC, ER.

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  1. DUKE MSN FALL 2022

    Amc510 you stated what I was trying to explain. Correct.
  2. DUKE MSN FALL 2022

    Just tried to login to my application. It states there is no application on my account. Anyone else see that?
  3. DUKE MSN FALL 2022

    Meowmeow, There is no BSN to DNP or MSN to DNP for NP Program but there is for those wanting just a DNP not in the NP specialty.
  4. DUKE MSN FALL 2022

    Mine has no date change but student ID.
  5. DUKE MSN FALL 2022

    LauraIR is correct, I was told in my interview 6 weeks which is the last week of April to 1st week May.
  6. I Hope Some Of Your Days Are Still Worth It

    Yessssss JBMmom!! I just had that moment on Monday this week! I was feeling down and overwhelmed with taking care of patients on my travel assignment and was wondering if leaving my staff job was the best idea and a correctional officer stopped me an...
  7. What was the MOST ridiculous thing a patient came to the ER for?

    Sob for 1 year with a HD of COPD, nothing new just coming in 1 year later because he decided it was time to. Found nothing new.
  8. Thank you for your post nursing doll. I am going through this right now at my workplace. Just being picked on for any and everything. I do not speak to anyone about my life or anything outside of work related matters. I ignore bullies, followers, and...
  9. Leaving First RN Job Prior to One Year

    You will be fine leaving your current job. You have a firm offer already. I left cardiac step down with 7 months experience and went to the ED. I currently live hours away from home too and want to move my family closer to home so I can have family s...
  10. don't feel bad direw0lf, like stated before, it was a brewing stew waiting to happen. Covid has made everyone tired and stress in nursing is at an all time high. The last thing anyone needs is a lousy bunch of coworkers who talk behind others backs b...
  11. Job or Joy... or Both!

    I definitely feel the way you do. I want to use my creativity in nursing and my love for venipuncture but I'm stuck in a role I do not enjoy.
  12. What's your dream nursing job?

    6 figure salary No weekends or on call with base rate pay 5 weeks paid vacation Ability to work remote
  13. More Credentials = JOB

    I am looking for a change in specialty but am blessed to have a chaotic stressful job still in the ED.
  14. Which Nurse are You?

    A mix of joyful joy and aspiring alice. I have no interest in shining anyone shoes but happy to climb the ladder to NP...no managment. Definitely happy to take care of my patients and definitely not on any antidepressants. ^.^
  15. Grocery store workers hazard pay

    With your statement emergent, are you ignoring the fact that some nurses stand all day on their 12 hour shifts? Some nurses have managers breathing down their necks as well. We also deal with many members of our community depending on what specialty ...