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  1. Covid Vaccine Given Too High On Arm

    Can't u give vaccines in the anterolateral thigh? Like in the vastus lateralis? I always dislike receiving injections in my little delt!
  2. How to get experience as an MDS coordinator?

    there are training programs and certs for that, you learn about the billing codes
  3. Recommend a quality online supplement?

    for everything I studied I bought the correlating "Success" book (they probably have on online versions) example "Pediatric Success" or "Maternal and Newborn Success" many test questions in school, were questions in these books! SIDE NOTE...
  4. I'm a Monkey...

    when I was new, I got there 45 minutes early, got assignment, added pts to myself in the computer printed the previous nurse notes on each of my pts (screen print=your best friend, haha) printed the MAR on my pts (our MAR showed a...
  5. Covid Vaccine Given Too High On Arm

    Are you saying your arm is hurting more than you expected? I've received shots from walgreens because they offer preservative free, and tri and quad and egg free, etc. Maybe next time point to exactly where you want the shot, that could h...
  6. What's your dream nursing job?

    an accountant
  7. not really sure what your point is. it is a surgery center, it's big, there are a lot of people who work there, it is freestanding just next to a large hospital. she just happens to work for a surgeon. my point was to the OP that sx sounds good for ...
  8. haha, because they do many other things there, like colonoscopies. and she said a sx has a set time frame where the Dr says this will probably take 1.5 hours , but if it only takes 45 minutes they can move on to someone else. many physicians work the...
  9. HELP! Don't know what to do.

    my friend moved to Texas in January, she only has an RN certificate. She just obtained a job at a hospital, they must need people. 1.Take a Kaplan (or similar study course) NCLEX review course, and take the state board, to get your License in Texas 2...
  10. Medical Center of Trinity

    well for anyone who is interested in current med/surg ratios as of 8/2020 it's 6 pts, and if someone calls off they give you 7. and the unit I interviewed said they have a lot of psych pts,so you're even more busy.
  11. Medical Center of Trinity

    Hi, I am applying to Medical Center of Trinity, on a med/surg unit. Does anyone know what charting software they use, and what are the ratios? Thanks ?
  12. pay for 28 year CNA? (just curious) has salaries info for state and type, by type i mean home health aid, rehab aid, hospital etc
  13. Quotas for visits, mandatory overtime?

    they need to quit
  14. How does hospice care determine there is no coming back

    sounds like she's sick and thats why she fell. but, if i was 94 with dementia , and if my PREDEMENTIA self could choose........then tylenol sounds great. my mind would be the one thing i wouldnt wanna lose. and at 94 she's had a long life
  15. any travel agencies that you all know of, who have travel opportunities near Dearborn Michigan? I spent over an hour creating an account, filling out job history andddd a phone interview only to find they dont have anything in michigan. i figured i w...