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    Medical Center of Trinity

    Hi, I am applying to Medical Center of Trinity, on a med/surg unit. Does anyone know what charting software they use, and what are the ratios? Thanks
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    pay for 28 year CNA? (just curious)

    glassdoor.com has salaries info for state and type, by type i mean home health aid, rehab aid, hospital etc
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    Quotas for visits, mandatory overtime?

    they need to quit
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    How does hospice care determine there is no coming back

    sounds like she's sick and thats why she fell. but, if i was 94 with dementia , and if my PREDEMENTIA self could choose........then tylenol sounds great. my mind would be the one thing i wouldnt wanna lose. and at 94 she's had a long life
  5. any travel agencies that you all know of, who have travel opportunities near Dearborn Michigan? I spent over an hour creating an account, filling out job history andddd a phone interview only to find they dont have anything in michigan. i figured i would ask on here. thanks!
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    Got interview for methadone clinic!

    i have an interview in two weeks at a methedone clinic. i will be keeping my hospital position, but i'm interested in this for part time. i hope it's not a dangerous place to work.
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    Internal jugular IV

    The INS Standard #44 states that the removal of a non-tunnelled CVAD should include cautions to avoid air embolism. Digital pressure should be applied until hemostatsis is achieved by using manual compression and/or other adjunct approaches such as hemostatic pads, patches, or powders that are designed to potentiate clot formation. The nurse should apply petroleum-based ointment... to seal the skin catheter track.
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    readynurse.com ,what?

    I receive an email saying she hopes i had a good holiday and here's some info on jobs, it had my full name, and my personal email address, an email address i never for any reason use in relation to ANY work stuff. not an email i used with the state licensing either. i write back n ask where she obtained my info . she writes back and says from career builder or some other like website, which is not true. like what, she writes me a letter and has no idea how she got my info. creepy. here's how her email was signed. (see below) anyone else received an email like this? Rachel McColister | Staffing Coordinator ReadyNurse | Division of CareerStaff Unlimited | Genesis HealthCare Company Direct: 813.405.1778 | Ext: 1036 | Fax: 610.612.5211 Rachel.McColister@GenesisHCC.com | www.ReadyNurse.com
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    Vein Illuminator

    what is floating?????????????????
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    Livonia area

    We are moving from Tenn, to Livonia Michigan. I've been working in hospital in Med Surg with an ASN. Will I need a BSN to work in a HOSPITAL in the Livonia area?
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    New Grad nurse @SNF...now on verge of quitting.

    to camo angel: keep the prn job until your 90 day at the hospital are well over, here is why i say that...like you, i was offered a job at a snf and hospital at the same time. i decided for the extra money 2 keep the snf job part time. i had an EASY preceptorship at the hospital as it was midnights. about 3 days before my 90 days i was told i was not a good fit and i was asked to resign, huh? i was friends with the wife of a manager there in the hospital. after i quit i was having dinner with them and told them what happened. they said, oh it had nothing to do with you, they rarely keep new grads, the floors bring them on and let the "Education Department" pay their wages because they have the money allocated for that for 90 days etc. then they use the new nurses to meet nursing hour quotas during busy times of the year. right before they have to start taking money from the funds of the unit they are actually working on, they tell them they don't need them or it is a bad fit and the new nurse-fearing being fired will quit. i personally was even told what to write on my resignation letter! I was told to say I had "personal and family matters to attend to and was not able to maintain my employment at this time." I was so clueless that i did as i was told. i am glad i kept my SNF job as I have been there ever since. I have also worked part time at a Dr's office. I still like the SNF best and they appreciate me as I have been there so long! believe me, ya can't make this stuff up!
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    PICC dressing change nurses notes

    I put, "PICC dressing changed, site of insertion is unremarkable, patient tolerated procedure well, PICC remains patent, will continue to monitor"
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    New Grad nurse @SNF...now on verge of quitting.

    even though this is an older thread. I've been working in a SNF since 2011. I have 30 patients, in my 8 hour shift. If I pickup a midnight shift I have 40. I believe BOTH of those number are the legal limit. Because the pt's r there long term I basically get through my medpass because I've memorized it. Since you still have to check it off in the computer as you go, you can see in advance if meds have changed. I was told a few weeks ago the same as the poster said, some governing people were coming and do like we are supposed to not like we actually do. Because I like my co-workers and get paid so much, I have stayed, however a nurse left the bathroom the other day, and I COULD SMELL that she had c diff. I point blank told her"you have c diff" She said what's the point of treatment I will just get it again. we often hang the isolation kits on the doors, but there are never gowns in them, and people don't use them anyway, and all the linens are mixed together. Since people are there long term, they roam around the building even if everyone knows they have c diff. it's almost like , what don't the higher ups know this can eat away at your bowels, people are taking this stuff home to our children! that is the last straw for me. I have started to update my resume and will look for work elsewhere. I will say on the goodside of working in long term care. It is NICE to know and see the same patients over many weeks as you get to see their progress, and BECAUSE of the high pt load all of us workers are close and work well together, (cuz we have to, like as if you were in a platoon in the War together!)
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    Bayfront Hospital

    Anyone know what the shift differential is bet 7 am -7 pm vs 7 pm - 7 am anyone like working there? Consideriing applying here and I was just wondering
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    Things I did to pass NCLEX (1st time)

    congrats! so far 5 people i know from school who took the test passed. i'm taking mine at the end of march :)
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    Things I did to pass NCLEX (1st time)

    what is a SATA question? i keep seeing a lot of acrynms when people are talking about nclex, i never know what they are talking about, lol
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    Nclex Question 2012 (Studying)

    thats morphione, u need to know how much p/kilogram to give, usually 0.2ml/k so even if u weigh 200lbs, you'd only give 18 ml
  18. I'm thinking of getting a light colored tubing for my stethoscope, but I worry it will look "dirty".. since rubber picks up everything. Anyone have experience with this?
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    SPC Nursing students??All B student

    did you try for jan 2010 too Morgan?
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    SPC Nursing students??All B student

    "thepopes", you applied for the jan 2010 RN program at SPC and have not heard back yet? is that why you were asking? did you ever go there to find out for yourself if they could tell you if you got in? they might be late in sending out letters, but if you went in maybe they could look your name up and tell you personally if you got in for January?
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    SPC Nursing students??All B student

    I called them, they said they are running 2 weeks behind :) But I did get my letter for the Fall applications right when they said I would, right around April 1st.
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    SPC Nursing students??All B student

    here's a link that expalins all the dates, I hope this helps :) http://www.spcollege.edu/hec/news.htm
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    SPC Nursing students??All B student

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    I'm on an alternate list and so is my friend, of course we stand on the curb everyday doing the "waiting for the mail" dance.......:dancgrp:
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    St. Petersburg College Fl

    You'll have to pass the TEAS. It's just an general education assessment or "Test of Essential Academic Skills" Can you decipher a sentence, can you do a bit of math, that sort of thing. You take the test right off, they tell you where you need to improve, then you take it again a few years later. very nice of them to give you a chance to see where you need practice! As for good teachers, before you sign up for a class, read up on them on ratemyprofessors.com

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