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CKPM2RN has 3 years experience as a ASN, EMT-P and specializes in Emergency/Med-Tele.

I've been a fire-based paramedic since 1999 and I worked as an Emergency Department Medic for over 6 years in the mid-2000s. At that point I decided that nursing was for me and looked into going into nursing school. Trying to complete my pre-reqs was a nightmare. With the 24-hour rotating schedule of a fire fighter I had trouble making classes. Then when applying for nursing school I was told by one school admissions counselor that I should quit my job to attend nursing school. (I scoffed because I'm addicted to food and housing.) Then a friend of mine completed Excelsior, so I signed up. One class at a time, an 10 month wait for CPNE and 5 years later I'm an RN! But wait! I live in Washington state, I can't be an RN with an Excelsior degree. I licensed in Oregon, I found a little LTC/SNF that let me work the hours I could around my fire schedule. Now Washington state law has changed and I'm licensed here. I found a great job with an Urgent Care in my area and I enjoy the variety of patients while really pulling from my back ground in emergency medicine. And then... I landed my "dream" job at a local hospital in the Med-Tele unit and after getting floated to the ED, I realize that it made sense there and my promise to never go back to Emergency was not smart. It's where I belong. 

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  1. CKPM2RN

    Transgender nurses?

    I just want to add my two cents and say that you are loved and appreciated for who you are. Good luck in school (only said for school stress reasons) and if I ever work with you, then I work with YOU. You are exactly as you need to be.
  2. CKPM2RN

    FAILED the NCLEX 3x! HOW to pass?!

    It would be crazy to memorize every medication that could possibly show up on the exam! Instead of rote memorization learn the prefixes, roots and suffixes of medications so you know the class and likely use. That way even if you have never heard of a particular medication, a suffix like "olol" or prefix "cef" or "ceph" will tell you it's uses, cautions, etc.
  3. No kidding! Not even an LPN to be found, just low-cost graduates of the local for-profit school.
  4. Honestly I hate the term "sun poisoning", it just sounds stupid. Effectively it's a second degree burn with the associated dehydration, potential electrolyte issues and such so can we give it a better name? I already have too many patients who think that because the "have the poisoning" it has nothing to do with anything they did to themselves. I'm just grumpy and tired of patients blaming outside forces for their own foibles.
  5. I think also that nursing school glosses over the truth of the job. I was working an agency job in a skilled facility one day with a gaggle of nursing students being led around by their smiling instructor. She offered the supervised assistance of the students with my case load-I eagerly accepted since she was approved by the facility and the manager had already told me to let she and the students do what they could. Well after taking 10 minutes to give one medication to one person (and that person had at least 6 meds due) they wandered off for some other pursuit. I had a complex dressing change coming up and she stated that it would be perfect for her students to perform. Yay! said I, thinking that by myself it was easily a 10-15 minute job. Well, I went to gather them, they started to follow and the instructor called them back and told them it was time for their break! Oh they went away smiling like the joke was on me. I know that's not what they were thinking, but that's how it felt. None of them learned what nursing was really like that day, it seemed simple the way it was presented. Semi-rant over.
  6. CKPM2RN


    Make sure you check with your individual state BON as I was able to finish my 1000 hours in Washington State when in 2019 they changed the rules on "non-traditional education". I don't know if it still stands, but check your BON's website for up-to-date information. Don't be afraid to contact them either!
  7. CKPM2RN

    Best headbands?

    I have super fine hair and not much of a curve to the back of my head so I always need to use clips to hold any head band in place. You may have to do this.
  8. CKPM2RN

    Reported for a swear

    Oh man, I'm doomed. It's only a matter of time. (kidding)
  9. CKPM2RN


    Good luck! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. It may go through without a hitch, they may attach a condition. But go for it.
  10. CKPM2RN


    Would it be possible to use your Florida license to work in a federal or Native American facility? I frequently receive ads from a staffing company which specializes in placement in high-need, federal positions. PM me if you want the info. Honestly, if I were single with no responsiblities I would look into some of the offers.
  11. CKPM2RN

    Why do so many cheerleaders enter nursing?

    Cheerleader? F-no. Punk/wave degen that skipped most of her high school classes. I got better at going to school as an adult.
  12. CKPM2RN

    Dilemma- my job or my boyfriend?

    I don't know what to say, so I shouldn't say anything. But this sentence is a throwback to the 1950's and really out of touch with reality. Cue Tammy Wynette.
  13. CKPM2RN

    New Grad Losing Hope of Getting Job

    I commuted 2+ hours for my first job, stayed at airBnb's for my shifts until I found something closer 8 months later. I went into this hopeful for something different but with eyes wide open. A year later I was in a job closer to home. Sometimes one must put on the big panties and wade in. Not fun, not ideal. Realistic.
  14. CKPM2RN

    New Grad Losing Hope of Getting Job

    I would posit that there are many new grads who would love to live in these towns. I get ads all the time for tiny hospitals in the middle of New Mexico and such. If I were a serious mountain biker, hiker, kayaker, etc, these would be the perfect positions.
  15. CKPM2RN

    Dilemma- my job or my boyfriend?

    Before you do anything permanent make sure he makes it through training and probation. A lot of our recruits live locally for the duration by rooming with other firefighters. Not everyone makes it through recruit and probation. I'm not just talking about failing out either, there are injuries, etc. I recommend that he talk to some newer firefighters at his department, find out what the training was like and find someone he can rent a room from before you leave your job and you both move to the new city. When he's part way through training a better decision can be made.
  16. "We should also try to reduce all the psychosocial jargon and APA paper pumping done in nursing curriculum. " Yet so many BSNs here brag about the importance of writing an APA paper. Shmeh.

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