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CKPM2RN has 5 years experience as a ASN, EMT-P and specializes in Emergency.

I was a fire-based paramedic since 1999 until 2020 and I worked as an Emergency Department Medic for over 6 years in the mid-2000s. At that point I decided that nursing was for me and looked into going into nursing school. Trying to complete my pre-reqs was a nightmare. With the 24-hour rotating schedule of a fire fighter I had trouble making classes. Then when applying for nursing school I was told by one school admissions counselor that I should quit my job to attend nursing school. (I scoffed because I'm addicted to food and housing.) Then a friend of mine completed Excelsior, so I signed up. One class at a time, an 10 month wait for CPNE and 5 years later I'm an RN! But wait! I live in Washington state, I can't be an RN with an Excelsior degree. I licensed in Oregon, I found a little LTC/SNF that let me work the hours I could around my fire schedule. Now Washington state law has changed and I'm licensed here. I found a great job with an Urgent Care in my area and I enjoy the variety of patients while really pulling from my back ground in emergency medicine. And then... I landed my "dream" job at a local hospital in the Med-Tele unit and after getting floated to the ED, I realize that it made sense there and my promise to never go back to Emergency was not smart. It's where I belong. 

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  1. Or at least in a similar profession. Firefighters, paramedics, cops, all crazy hours, everyone understands that your tired, and no one celebrates things on the actual day because sometimes your shifts just fall on those days.
  2. ETOHer...(and other slang)

    My husband came up with this one years ago: Frequent User of Critical Resources. We never use the acronym, we just say the whole phrase.
  3. ETOHer...(and other slang)

    On the topic of words for "dead". I learned early in EMS to say "Dead". Because in the confusing flurry of activity and people's belief that CPR always results in a person sitting up and looking around the room, if we said anything unclear at al...
  4. ETOHer...(and other slang)

    I use that one. I also use EKG. Because I'm old.
  5. ETOHer...(and other slang)

    LOLFDGB: Lil old lady fall down go boom. That's a GLF, male patients are LOMFDGB. Hyperlacrimation Status Dramaticus
  6. Which shift would you choose?

    11 am to 11 pm is awesome! Time in the morning, not home too late. My hospital has a 10-10 that's not bad at all.
  7. Offensive Badge

    Cripes, every job I've had outlined politics and religion during on-boarding. I bet the OP's did as well.
  8. After my NCLEX I didn't try the magic pop up thing, I just went to the state BON and licensing website and put in my name. The day after NCLEX my name was listed with a RN number after it.
  9. Wow. You need to meditate, chill out, chillax, settle down, and so much more. Have you always been this anxious? If you've done that well in all your predictive programs and your classes, you've got this. And if, IF, you fail it the first w...
  10. Lower Back Pain and Anterior Pelvic Tilt

    Very helpful and a reminder to watch your back and take care of your back. I would love to see a PT or such post here about recommended exercises for people on their feet all day, pushing, pulling, etc.
  11. Quitting My Job: Returning My ID Badge- Should I be Petty?

    It wasn't a work badge, but I did overnight with required signature my electronic apartment key back to the building manager once. They received it, I had the signature that said they did. Try that.
  12. Thank you for the great information. I'm an ER nurse but a family member is impacted by T1D with obesity. This person eats quite healthy and works out regularly but continues to gain weight. This is interesting research and I look forward to more com...
  13. Unsafe loads

    No worries, I used it to get into acute care and wanted to see if it was a fit. It was not and I managed to take another opening elsewhere in the same hospital, one that was an "internal" posting. You can do it for a year or so, or maybe your Med-Sur...
  14. Flying solo after 2 ‘training shifts’

  15. Flying solo after 2 ‘training shifts’

    That was my sink or swim first job. And what a rough swim that was at first. Thank goodness we had a med-tech so I didn't have to do standard daily meds, just tube-feed, injected or inhaled, etc. But I was fighting for air every day to try to keep up...