How is your full moon like?

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    We all know that it gets crazy during a full moon. How is your full moon? Please share your stories.

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    I refuse to believe in full moons anymore. I have learned that the general public is ******* crazy no matter what the lunar cycle holds.
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    It feels like every day is a full moon.
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    Previously stable patient has a restless night. The morning comes and he becomes non-responsive, thrashing around and kicking caregivers. Orders come for ativan, then Haldol. This only slows him down a little. He 'takes out' a sitter and has to be restrained. Labs, Ct, etc show nothing. Two days later as the full moon wanes, he returns to baseline and remembered nothing. Go figure, made for two he**ious days for us.
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    I used to work at a place where it seemed like everyday was a new day on hell.
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    Three words: FALLS and UTIs.
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    Are you asking about my butt??? lmao
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    I've always found it a little disturbing that there are some nurses who really, truly, honest to God believe that a full moon will make people crazy....
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    1.Night Shift
    2.Two Jobs
    3. Twelve-Sixteen Hour Shifts
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    That character in the back with the green shirt looks like me dragging my butt into work on the last night of a cluster of nights in a row.

    ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
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