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  1. GitanoRN

    Wearing a beard as a male nurse?

    In regards to the topic on hand, I must say it all depends on the work area where one will be working. Moreover, I have what's called a 5'oclock shadow at all times, plus we have multiple doctors sporting beards long and short. Needless to say, once they go to perform an invasive procedure they wear a protective hood like. Unquestionably, it depends on the facility in which one works, if you began your orientation with a beard they shouldn't have a problem since you were hired with one. Wishing you all the best in all of your future endeavors..... Aloha~
  2. GitanoRN

    Some Days, You're The Pigeon...(Part I)

    i'll 2nd. that emotion~
  3. GitanoRN

    Who the Heck Am I Now??

    awesome article from the one & only diva "viva las viejas" you're one of a kind, sending you a hug from across the miles :hug:... aloha~
  4. GitanoRN

    Coffee Addiction

    i use to drink 4 to 5 cups a shift mainly when i worked nights...now i'm down to 1 cup working days :thankya:
  5. GitanoRN

    The Pride of a Nurse

    unquestionably, "vivalasviejas" which by the way your user name always brings a smile to my heart, know eloquently how to reach that human feeling inside of all of us; and touch us ever so gently. in behalf of all of us "proud nurses" i salute you & thank you, as i send you warm hugs from across the miles... ole~
  6. GitanoRN

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    I met 3 female siblings recently their names are, Opal, Ruby, and Dimonique and let's not forget their brother Rock
  7. GitanoRN

    Older Nursing students

    Mikaboo, I understand your concern regarding the employment issue once your through with the nursing program. However, once you are in your clinical that's when you need to shine above from the rest, and demonstrate your capabilities and your enthusiasm. In addition, get to know the nurse manager, the head nurses and the nursing recruiter plus check the bulletin board for up-coming positions at HR. This is exactly what I did during my clinical and at the end of my program I had 2 offers and I was the oldest one in my class. Wishing you the very best in all of your future endeavors, España RN, BSN, MSN :redbeathe
  8. GitanoRN

    Nursing Organizations?

    RNJacky, as I stated previously Congrats!!! and as you can see everyone here has given you their opinion on which organization you should look engaged with however, it's all up to you, in my 35yrs. plus as a nurse I personally belong to most all mentioned above for one reason or another, just do some research first on any given organization then decide for yourself which one is to your liking... once again welcome aboard........ALOHA~:redbeathe
  9. GitanoRN

    Nursing Organizations?

    Unquestionably, besides joining the ANA I also joined the American Assembly for Men in Nursing - AAMN. The purpose of the AAMN is to provide a framework for nurses as a group to meet, discuss, and influence factors which affect men as nurses. :redbeathe P.S. Congrats!!! on your latest accomplishment, wishing you the best in all of your future endeavors
  10. GitanoRN

    What's The Weirdest Name You've Heard A Patient Name Her Baby?

    I just met a new nurse name Toto ...seriously
  11. GitanoRN

    To understand the art of healing, a nurse must have a high EQ

    Enlightening, thank you ScottE for the link I thoroughly enjoyed the full article. BTW Leslie, it's nice to see that I'm not the only one that calls himself "Registered Nut":yeah:
  12. GitanoRN

    What's the scariest thing you've ever seen as a nurse?

    I have been in nursing for over 15yrs. when I decided to become a flight nurse. One rainy weekend our unit received a call of a 2 vehicle and a eighteen-wheeler collision involving 6 victims. For whatever reason our unit arrived to the scene first, I began to triage the victims which most of them had lacerations and minor injuries. However, as I approached the last vehicle I encountered a white male passenger in a convertible by himself, the scene was horrific the victim had been decapitated his hands where still gripping the wheel. For a moment I was in total shock then proceeded to access the situation, the victim's head was on the back seat with a glazed eyes stare, my partner came over and he stop right on his tracks then he began to vomit. For the longest time I had the the events embedded in my brain.
  13. GitanoRN

    Ages of male nursing students?

    Congrats!!! to all of you for pursuing your dreams, as I wish everyone the best in all of your future endeavors........ALOHA~:redbeathe
  14. GitanoRN

    Nurses: Do the patients often try to talk to you about politics?

    During my entire nursing career I have adopted the following " I Never discuss Politics, Religion, or sex orientation at work", and this has kept me away from any drama.
  15. GitanoRN

    Question for the fellas....

    belgarion, In answer to your post unquestionably, that kind of situation does occur in the industry more than people realize. Moreover, this motivated me to get into management and have a voice for us men in this profession. In addition, what these so called professional female nurses don't know or don't care to acknowledge is that we men were the first nurses in history. Having said that, themurseman you may have something when it comes to the T-shirt