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GitanoRN has 53 years experience as a BSN, MSN, RN and specializes in Trauma, ER, ICU, CCU, PACU, GI, Cardiology, OR.

Proud single parent of 3 children, living life to the fullest.

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  1. GitanoRN

    Men in Nursing Historical Timeline

    Needless to say, Magnificent article plus this brings a sincere satisfactory feeling to know that the new generation is more accepting to our contribution in our beloved nursing career... Wishing all of the nurses around the world a great nurses week...
  2. GitanoRN

    Wearing a beard as a male nurse?

    In regards to the topic on hand, I must say it all depends on the work area where one will be working. Moreover, I have what's called a 5'oclock shadow at all times, plus we have multiple doctors sporting beards long and short. Needless to say, once ...
  3. GitanoRN

    Are You Really a Nurse?

    Needless to say, this situation ceased to exist in the facility where I work. Having said that, several years ago doctors, PA's, patients and their relatives couldn't tell who? was who? since all departments wear scrubs. Therefore, we "Nurses" RN's, ...
  4. GitanoRN

    The One I Have Never Forgotten

    Needless to say, that was a very touching experience and I thank you for sharing it with us. Wishing you the very best in all of your future endeavors...Aloha~
  5. GitanoRN

    Hospitals Firing Seasoned Nurses: Nurses FIGHT Back!

    Needless to say, eloquently stated and I do understand why you would remain anonymously, although I applaud you and in my book your a hero for giving a voice to the rest of your colleagues. Having said that, I foresee this coming long before it becam...
  6. GitanoRN

    All State Nursing Program Forums now closed.

  7. GitanoRN

    How many hours per week (avg) do you work these days?

    Honestly... I loose count @ times I have always said that I know when I go in to work, however, when I come out is a mystery.....Aloha~
  8. GitanoRN

    Happy Father's Day!

    And the Beat Goes On...
  9. Needless to say, this reminds me of several incidents that I encountered with the nursing staff that I managed and had to let go on my previous facility. Having said that, one in particular comes to mind a nurse on the 7-3pm shift no matter how many ...
  10. GitanoRN

    Nurses are getting younger...

    Totally agree with you... the other explanation would be if you're a Vampire
  11. GitanoRN

    Unrecognizable without scrubs...

    I'll 2nd that Emotion... Aloha~
  12. GitanoRN

    Patients afraid of needles...

    It usually happens with my tall big muscle pts. they ask for a butterfly or 1,inch 25 gauge
  13. GitanoRN

    Can I practice on you?

  14. GitanoRN

    Enjoying my day off. Are you?

    A Day off that's a novelty... Aloha~
  15. Wishing my fellow nurses around the globe a well deserve Happy Nurses Week ...Aloha~