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eatmysoxRN has 1 years experience as a ASN, RN and specializes in Med/Surg,Cardiac.

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  1. eatmysoxRN

    If You Give a Patient a Cookie

    I'm glad we don't stock cookies on my unit! Hahaha.
  2. eatmysoxRN

    New TV Show- Nurse Nation on MTV

    Nurses aren't portrayed accurately to the public anyhow. At Halloween it's about skimpy lingerie. Adult movies use nurses all the time. TV shows pretty much seem to make nurses either all about drama or making it sound like all we do is clean up poop or bow down to doctors. It would be hard to portray real nursing because I'm sure no two nursing jobs are the same. Even on the same unit we take different patients and have different experiences. We work different specialties and have different coworkers. Let MTV show whatever they want. I'm just happy to know that I get to make a real difference sometimes doing something I love.
  3. eatmysoxRN

    Didn't know where to put this, but help?

    Welcome to nursing. We get exposed to everything, and it's almost always before we know it's there. That's why universal precautions exist. Except for wearing face masks, contact shouldn't be an issue if you're wearing gloves and washing your hands regularly. And if I'm dealing with poop, I'm washing my hands regardless. Hand sanitizer makes me feel like I'm rubbing poop into my skin.
  4. eatmysoxRN

    when to start compressions?

    I'd grab a 12 lead if they weren't attached to a monitor that had 12 leads. Monitors can show crazy stuff. Check the equipment.
  5. eatmysoxRN

    What's the nurse-patient ratio in your unit?

    ICU Stepdown/tele. 8:1 is for both days and nights, although days slip usually 6:1. We admit and discharge more than any other floor. We are insanely busy and should have better ratios. We get blamed for when someone says we weren't in the room long enough or when something gets overlooked. We can't keep staff and everyone is new and not too eager to learn or help. No raises and the pay is subpar at best. I need a new job I think.
  6. eatmysoxRN

    This is a really embarrassing question but I have to ask

    In real life, listening on the patient's back to lung sounds can be helpful as well. Ask the patient to take a deep, steady breath. I love my cardio 3.
  7. eatmysoxRN

    CPR actually WORKS!

    I think the quality of chest compressions has a lot to do with poor stats. I think a lot of times people don't push hard enough or allow for recoil. Of course ACLS needs to be pretty spot on too. One life even out of a thousand saved makes it worth it though.
  8. eatmysoxRN

    Blood sugar is high but patient has no insulin

    I know that sometimes we monitor blood sugars in patients receiving high doses of solumedrol. If it's too high they sometimes have sliding scale coverage.
  9. eatmysoxRN

    How many patients do you get on night duty?

    8 on cardiac Stepdown unit. Running around and managing drips and post procedure issues can be very trying at times.
  10. I'd say a fourth of my shifts I never see or speak with a doctor. I use routine orders as needed. Handle things myself. I make decisions without any doctors dwindling over me. I appreciate the autonomy I have at my job. So no. Doctors aren't my bosses. I rarely see administration working nights. I typically feel very independent and in control.
  11. eatmysoxRN

    "I don't want him as my nurse"

    When a patient tells me 10, I confirm by saying "so this is the worst pain you've ever experienced?" Sometimes the patient will be like.. Well maybe it's an 8. Sometimes they continue to say it's a 10. Maybe they wouldn't use the pain scale out of proportion if they knew I'd still medicate them even if they said "it's probably a 5 but the morphine works best."
  12. eatmysoxRN

    Zithromax IVPB question

    Just throwing out there that some meds can not be mixed with NS. I gave an med for fungal meningitis (don't recall the name) that had to be run at a certain rate and had to have boluses before and after because of nephrotoxicity. 1/2NS was the maintenence fluid. So you run a D5W bolus, run the abx, run another bolus, then hook regular fluid back up. It was a bit scary.
  13. eatmysoxRN

    I Quit My Job

  14. eatmysoxRN

    Medications in syringes

    I use micromedex all the time. If it's unsure or not tested, I call pharmacy. I also have the app for iv compatibility on my phone. It's great.
  15. eatmysoxRN

    How many hospitals do you have?

    The place I work is the only hospital that offers any type of advanced care within 40 miles. There are very small community facilities but they can't handle anything that needs more than just an ER can fix. My hospital is small but good. Except the ratios. Ugh.
  16. eatmysoxRN

    What is the "best" stethoscope for the ED?

    I have a cardiology III and it's great. However, it is heavy. If you could test then and hear just as well with a lighter one, I'd do the lighter one.