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  1. eatmysoxRN

    If You Give a Patient a Cookie

    I'm glad we don't stock cookies on my unit! Hahaha.
  2. eatmysoxRN

    Balancing on the Borderline

    Per terms of service we are unable to provide medical advice, which it sounds like you need. Everyone has good and bad days, but the extremes you describe may mean you need help. Please seek help. Good luck! ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
  3. eatmysoxRN

    Bending and Breaking the Rules in Nursing

    Your stories are always wonderful. Very inspiring! I've never considered a hamburger to mean so much before! ~ No One Can Make You Feel Inferior Without Your Consent -Eleanor Roosevelt ~
  4. eatmysoxRN

    My Reasons For Avoiding The Acute Care Hospital

    I've had ICU nurses tell me that they couldn't imagine the stress of taking 8 patients on the floor. Simultaneously I have nurses who are terrible if ever pulled to the units. I have found that I'm not sure where my passion is yet, but I've been blessed with a job where I love my coworkers and get to float around frequently and experience new specialties. I love talking to other nurses and hearing about where they've been and what specialties were their favorites.
  5. eatmysoxRN

    My First Code Blue

    Very well written.
  6. eatmysoxRN

    An Unforgettable Patient: The Turkey Lady

    I'm not sure that my pap will ever be the same now that I have read that. Although the lady was accurate I suppose. Haha thanks for sharing this story. It is funny.
  7. eatmysoxRN

    Nurses: Oppression Can Stop With You

    Commuter, I absolutely love reading your articles. Just wanted to let you know that :-)
  8. eatmysoxRN

    Therapeutic Lying With Dementia Patients

    I learned to do this in school. My instructor explained it similarly. I couldn't imagine breaking a patients heart for no reason aside from it being truthful. Oh, and you write the BEST articles! :)