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  1. Joe V

    Share Your Full Moon Stories

    We all know that it gets crazy during a full moon. Share your full moon experience. Do you have any full moon stories to share?
  2. Version August 2020

    (Oldies but Goodies - These toons along with captions have been completely reformatted for your reading pleasure.) Whether Spooky or Sweet, Halloween is a time of fun ..... and a time for strange things to happen. In the nursing profession, this...

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  3. Joe V

    Halloween: Are you prepared?

    Halloween party anyone? If you could get dressed up as anything/anyone what would it be? What are your expectations for this Halloween? Please comment if you like ?
  4. Halloween Humor: There's A Dog Loose!

    We had plans for children to visit the long-term care facility I worked at and we were going to hand out candy. I thought it might just liven things up a bit if I were to dress up. Plus, it isn't so uncommon to for nurses to dress up in nursing homes...
  5. Halloween is right around the corner. Is your workplace decorated? Will you be wearing a costume to work? Share your party ideas... bruhahahaha Click Like if you enjoyed it. Please share this with friends and post your comments below!
  6. anashenwrath

    A Security Escort

    "Good morning, good morning!" Michelle called cheerily as she approached the nurse's station. She was met with a couple grumbled good mornings and eye rolls. Most of the day shift staff weren't "morning people," and the night shift was definitely not...
  7. tnbutterfly - Mary

    Who are the Scariest Nurses in Movie History?

    Happy Halloween! Time for all the ghosts and goblins (of all sizes and ages) to show up at your door expecting a chocolate treat. Every year I am surprised by the number of older trick-or-treaters who come to my door. There are even parents carrying ...
  8. When I was a new nurse back in 1993, I worked in a very old hospital in the UK. It was an old TB institute that became a large teaching hospital probably around the 1950's. It had old long drafty corridors which didn't lock to the outside. The wind w...
  9. Take the wearing of Halloween costumes. I've donned all sorts of crazy things in the name of fun, including a streetwalker outfit that almost got me arrested once, and a cowboy's gun belt that some kid stole the fake pistol out of and held it against...