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You know it's true! What's the BEST thing about working nights (besides the differential)? For me- it is the absolute sense of teamwork. Every job I've ever had on nights, those people became my friends. We depend on each... Read More

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    I work nights because in part I don't feel like I am able to handle day shift. Nights there is less help, seem to be more emergencies and rrts but I find that a lot easier to deal with than 6 pts needing to be fed 3 meals each plus all the families plus the discharges and trips to endo, etc. On nights we occasionally sit there waiting for a bell on days that NEVER happened.
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    Quote from aachavez
    So I'll be a new grad in September, and pretty much anticipate that I'll end up working nights. This is totally fine with me, Im single and dont have kids so I'm more flexible than others may be, also differential helps a lot. I've willingly worked overnight shifts before, and don't mind it (not in healthcare). So it's good to hear that most of you seem to really like it there.

    What's your shift differential?
    50 cents
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    My body would love to be a sunnysider but my personality is much better suited to being a sundowner.

    I've worked a number of NOC jobs going all the way back to KP in boot camp. Each and every one has had a much more laid back and zanier feel to it. Better teamwork derived from all being in the same boat.

    Three years as a sundowner and I still struggle to find the right mix of living by day, working by night.

    The one thing that can make NOCs a killer: If it's too quiet. My last ED would sometimes provide several patient-free hours... so dang hard to stay awake and alert. Working in the big, urban ED doesn't present that problem.

    I'll probably not go sunnyside for a very long time, if ever.
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    Quote from aachavez
    What's your shift differential?
    First job, 7.5%

    This job, flat $6.00/hr
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    i just started nocturnal dialysis... I love the camaraderie, there are just the four of us... no drama that plays on days shift... love it!
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    Quote from PMFB-RN
    *** Except it would be inaccurate. I am a full time rapid response nurse. We (the two night shift RRT RNs) receive and deal with 68% of all RRT calls. We are based in a trauma unit that receives more admissions, and deals with more emergency surgeries at night than day shift does. So in addition to liking to brown nose the boss and charm the attending, they like the slower pace of day shift.
    Depends on where you work, and not everyone is a RRT nurse. Of course you are going to have a busy night. That is what you do . But to generalize that day shift people only work day shift to brown nose is not fair.

    Maybe you work with brown nosing people. I feel for you. However, most of us run the other way. No fuss, no muss. No politics. Do your job, and go home.

    This post could get into a "My shift is busier than your shift." Yeah right. Worked them all for the last 20 plus years in a variety of hospitals. EVERY shift is busy. People work what they do for personal reasons. It's not for us to judge.
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    Quote from tokmom
    Depends on where you work, and not everyone is a RRT nurse. Of course you are going to have a busy night. That is what you do . But to generalize that day shift people only work day shift to brown nose is not fair.
    *** I know. I was just kidding. As I already said.
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    There's definitely a sense of entitlement amongst day shifters, at least in LTC.

    3rd shift sure as shoot better have everything perfectly set up for 1st shift or else they'll hear about it, no matter how busy the night was.

    On the other hand, it's perfectly acceptable for days to pass things off, case "days are always so busy", you know.

    It doesn't help that day shift tends to have higher senior nurses, so there's a higher percentage of queen bees.
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    I just started night shift work this winter, and I love love LOVE the lack of drama. If only I could put the rest of my family on night shift too...

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