what states NEED nurses ?

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    what states really have a high demand for nurses ?

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    States of delusions maybe?

    Border towns and remote rural areas of Texas need nurses but NOT the major cities or suburbs or even the more minor cities. Think Laredo, McAllen and Eagle Pass.
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    But you need to have some extra PPE in those towns.

    I think, it would be hard to fit a vest under my scrubs (probably would label you as whimpy), and a handgun would seriously pull down my scrub pants. I guess you could have fun with the whole thing and buy a fancy western holster, that would solve the scrub pants problem, and some great boots. Some docs down there definitely do the gun rack in the pickup, and do rock the boots with scrubs look.
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    north dakota. employers there are hiring in every single field/occupation, not just nursing. according to some recent news reports, north dakota has one of the lowest unemployment rates in our country and is actively recruiting out-of-state to meet their needs. in fact, people are being offered jobs over the phone prior to moving or meeting in-person to interview. gl!
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    I posted my resume online and immediately got called by travel agencies willing to send me to Arizona and New Mexico. Problem is that I don't want to go anywhere.
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    I have travel experience... Texas, California ,Wisconsin all seem to have a lot of needs.
    Many calls from recruiters in those states.

    Good luck.
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    I would say CA. There are practically no jobs anywhere close to the major cities but there is a need for the areas out in the middle of nowhere.
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    If Wisconsin has needs then why have I been looking for work since MAY?? NOT. The hospitals in Wisconsin don't want to pay for help is more like it.
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    Anyplace rural.
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    Pretty sure people are going to laugh anyone who says California needs nurses right off the board. Can you give examples of towns/hospitals who are snatching up new grads like mad?
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