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  1. Bullying, Evidence Based Practice #Magnet

    Start anti-bullying education in school....NURSING SCHOOL.
  2. Clinical Instructor Horror Stories

    Lets see....being screamed at in front of a patient by an "instructor". Being told I was incompetent and not performing anywhere near to the level of my other class mates. Long story short...I quit , instructor was fired, and the school had in-the...
  3. Does nursing really suck that badly?

    i could start by saying "oh follow your dreams, be prepared to work really hard and it will be great". But I am not goung to. Bullying /incivility exists very much in nursing. It starts in nursing school. I had never experienced such unprofessionalis...
  4. WADENA......

    How is the MN STATE Wadena RN program? I am curious about their nclex pass rates. I checked the board of nursing and MN STATE has all 4 schools combined. They are not broke down per school. How does the Wadena program fare ?
  5. Rasmussen Moorhead LPN Program YES OR NO?

    I would be hesitant to choose that school.
  6. Discouraged nurse

    Just look at your paycheck and remember when you made CNA salary. That usually makes me smile!
  7. Stay in program that is UNSUPPORTIVE?

    Hello....sorry for the big delay. Yes, I felt I experienced unfair treatment in my program. I felt I was not being TAUGHT anything. I also felt I was expected to perform at the same level as a current RN. Is that common? Is a student supposed to per...
  8. Should Obama care be repealed?

    You know what would be great? Let ALL americans have the SAME health insurance plan that all the US senators and Congress people have. I would be wiling to switch !
  9. Just wondering how some of you would handle being in a nursing program that you felt was personally unsupportive to you as a student. I struggled with a couple of issues in the program and the way it was handled by the instructor AND the program ma...
  10. Is there a place on allnurss that lists all states? There used to be....
  11. WANTED: Your Personal Stories About Abusive Relationships

    I have been in abusive relationships before. I also experienced bullying from several nursing instructors. The bullying was so bad, I chose to drop out rather than continue with the program. I sometimes regret dropping out, but I simply couldn't t...
  12. Yep. Nurses do "eat their young"

    It starts in nursing school. Where basically you are self taught. That was my experience anyway. Oh, and did I mention the bullying by the clinical instructors who are waiting with baited breath to dock you in your evaluation. I have a bachelor of ...
  13. Is nursing for me?

    Short answer...only YOU can decide if it is for you. Unfortunately, there are some negatives with nursing that you will experience in school and on the job. It is a profession like no other. And I don't mean that in a positive way. Now the good n...
  14. Will Incivility Ever go Away ?

    It seems to be tolerated very well in the profession. Just wondering why there doesn't seem to be the "hype" about it when the current pc tone is no bullying.
  15. Will Incivility Ever go Away ?

    Bullying in public schools has been a topic prevalent in the media and society the last couple years. However, bullying, or "lateral violence", or "incivility" seems to be an ongoing problem in the nursing field. I have been bullied both as a stude...