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Stay in program that is UNSUPPORTIVE?


Just wondering how some of you would handle being in a nursing program that you felt was personally unsupportive to you as a student.

I struggled with a couple of issues in the program and the way it was handled by the instructor AND the program manager was extremely NON supportive.

So i am seriously thinking about not continuing with the program. Part of me considers

trying another school, but I have a feeling I would run into the same kind of treatment again and i really can't afford it.


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Without knowing any details, I would question if your situation is really one that is 'unsupportive' or rather one that is not to your liking?

Some things happen that just seem unfair, but are fair across the board. If you were someone else, would the situation have been handled or resolved the same way, albeit not to your preferences?

There's a difference.

Can't really offer much without more details...but your language does say some things. Namely that you feel mistreated and you are worried about similar mistreatment at another school. Can you talk a little more about what is making you feel unsupported? Nursing school program policies have standards in place, but also room for diversity...so if you are truly facing an injustice it is unlikely to occur in another program. Or maybe it is a behavior or thought process you have been using? More detail would be helpful so we can offer support and advice.

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*Waits for OP to re-appear and provide details....

Hello....sorry for the big delay.

Yes, I felt I experienced unfair treatment in my program. I felt I was not being TAUGHT anything.

I also felt I was expected to perform at the same level as a current RN.

Is that common? Is a student supposed to perform equal to an RN?

I will say that the program I was in received disciplinary action for low

Pass rates for nclex.