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  1. RNewbie

    Travel Nurse Corps

    Thanks for the info.
  2. I have a MSN from WGU. I'm finishing up a post master's cert in FNP and University of Texas at Arlington. It's 100% online. They only accepted like one or two classes from WGU. I had previously taken grad level advanced patho and pharm at another university and they accepted those also but you are pretty much starting the FNP coursework from the beginning. Also, I didn't find out until I was accepted at UTA that you don't qualify for federal loans because a post master's is considered non degree seeking. So I'm paying out of pocket. Some schools will allow you to do fed loans for post master's tho.
  3. RNewbie

    Travel Nurse Corps

    I'd be interested in hearing from current travelers as well. I'm currently employed at a VA and have considered the travel nurse corps. How long are the contracts usually? Do you keep your current pay grade/scale and they just keep you at that scale for whatever state you're in?
  4. RNewbie

    Atlanta vs Dallas opportunities

    I live in Dallas. I used to work at UTSW full time and prn. With 6 years of experience you can expect to make low $30s. Float pool with night and weekend diff pays well. I learned that working prn at UTSW gave me the best bang for my buck because they offer what they call critical ($150) and double critical ($300) incentive bonuses when they are short staffed. They seem to be short staffed a lot so I would just wait until they call offering double critical. You get your pay rate, plus differentials, plus the $300 bonus that shift. The health insurance was good. I don't remember about the retirement. The hospital is new and everything is top of the line. The ratios on med/surg were 5:1 and the cardiac unit was probably 4:1. Although they were always initially short staffed, they always found nurses to cover the shifts. It's a great place to work, I ended up leaving because full time with benefits was not financially working for me. Also, I've been in Dallas for 3 years. Purchased a home when I first moved here. Housing prices are steadily increasing. The property taxes are crazy. My mortgage has gone up $100 every year due to taxes. I'm single so if this continues I guess I'll have to sell or get a room mate. The cost of living is not that cheap here either. HCA hospitals seem to pay the best here. They are all over. All locations don't have the best reputation but they aren't that bad. I've worked at one. You could probably make around $45 base not including differentials, and around $50 if you don't need benefits. They also give sign on bonuses and tuition assistance. Baylor does have seasonal positions for $40-50 but I'm not sure what happens when your contract is over if you can renew it at the same pay rate or what. I've never worked there.
  5. Hi, I'm in the post master's fnp program. I've only got a few classes left then clinical. So far the program has been good. The 5 week courses are kinda tough tho. So much info crammed into a short period. I chose UTA because I was looking for a brick and mortar school that had a good reputable program but I wanted the convenience of online. There are usually 200 online students per class so there is a professor who is over the entire class and then they put you into smaller groups with a coach. The coaches are usually NPs. We all get the same information. It's just easier to contact your coach for concerns. Imagine if the professor had to post grades for 200 students and reply to emails.
  6. RNewbie

    UTA-FNP Spring 2018

    Hi, is anyone doing post master's cert (FNP) for the Spring 2018?
  7. RNewbie

    Best NP school in Dallas?

    From my knowledge UT Arlington has a good reputation. They offer online and campus based classes. I moved to Dallas a little over a year ago and I've been researching schools as well.
  8. RNewbie

    Why is the VA asking for my last pay stub?

    I ended up working one of my agency jobs which paid double time. I submitted that pay stub. I didn't ask HR the reason for this but I'm still curious to know.
  9. RNewbie

    Why is the VA asking for my last pay stub?

    I'm just going to tell them I don't keep my pay stubs
  10. Hi, I have a tentative job offer with the VA and they are asking for a recent pay stub. This "might" be okay if it was only going to HR, but the email specifically states that it is one of the required documents that the board uses to determine salary. I'm just wondering if those of you who work at the VA had to submit a pay stub and how did it affect your salary offer from the board? This seems wrong on so many levels.
  11. RNewbie

    EHR systems

    Hi, I'm currently working on a project in my informatics class for my MSN program. I'm wondering if there are websites/organizations out there that compare different EHR systems. So far I haven't been able to find a source that has a comprehensive comparison of EHR systems. I'm trying to gather information and compare Epic and Meditech. Just wondering if anyone has any advice or guidance on gathering this kind of information. Any information you provide would be helpful. Thanks.
  12. RNewbie

    Would you take this job?

    Sounds good to me. I'd take it.
  13. RNewbie

    Raises after annual review where you work

    We get 2-4%. Seems like everyone I spoke with got 2%.
  14. RNewbie

    Co-worker asked how much I make an hour

    I agree with you in a perfect world but I honestly believe if ppl start poking and discussing pay and going management about unfair pay they would find ways to slowly get rid of us for rocky the boat. A nurse is a dime a dozen. Plenty of qualified nurses ready to take my place and accept my pay rate or lower.
  15. RNewbie

    Co-worker asked how much I make an hour

    Next time don't answer if you feel uncomfortable with sharing. Discussing pay rates at work can cause a big fuss amongst employees. My facility is currently adjusting all the nurses pay rates bc the experienced nurses found out the new grads are started out at more than they make. We were sitting around discussing raises and one nurse said she got $3, one said she got $1, and one said she didn't get a raise at all. They all had about the same amount of experience and were hired around the same time. Now of course every one is wondering every one's base rate. I was curious enough to ask a new grad what the new grad starting pay was and she didnt tell me. I haven't even discussed numbers with my closest friends at wrk. I'm too nervous that they make more than me and then I'll be ******. I would probably start looking for another job if I found out others with the same experience and qualifications were started out more than me.
  16. RNewbie

    Do you think physicians could pass the NCLEX-RN?

    No I don't, but they are trained to think a diff way. Even in real world nursing we don't do things the way nclex says is the best.