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  1. RNewbie

    legal nurse consultant

    Is anyone out there a legal nurse consultant or can give me tips on the best way to become one?
  2. RNewbie

    Jobs in LA

    Thanks for all the other responses. I will be living with a friend until I find a job and a place to live or my friend and I may decide to get a place together. I guess if I don't find a nursing job in a few months, worst case senario I will have to take a job waiting tables or something until something becomes available. The other option is to move back home if the job market turns out to be so bad that I can't find any work, I guess. Nursing is such and open field, even if I can't find a hospital job there are clinics, LTC, and all kinds of other places I should be able to find something at, RIGHT???
  3. RNewbie

    Jobs in LA

    @ puresass, how did things work out with the recruiter? do you have any tips, since you have been actively looking for jobs there? what kind of jobs have you applied for? just wondering, thanks.
  4. RNewbie

    Jobs in LA

    Thanks. That would be the sensible thing to do, but I just don't know how to find a job there when I live over 2,000 miles away. I don't even know where to start, so I figured I would just come to LA and start from that point.
  5. RNewbie

    Jobs in LA

    I am planning on relocating LA. I have 8 mo of exp as an RN-BSN. What is the job market like in the Los Angeles area? I'm just wondering how hard it will be for me to find a job. I have enough money saved up for about 3 months, hopefully it doesn't take that long to find a job. I am open to all types of nursing jobs. If anyone has any helpful information on finding jobs in that area I would greatly appreciate it.
  6. RNewbie


    I am a graduate of Baptist. Just wanted to say goodluck, it'll be over before you know it!
  7. RNewbie

    Is a lot held out of your paycheck

    yes. with taxes, insurance, and retirement, $1,000 a month is taken out of my check.
  8. 1. What is your age? 25 2. How long have you been a nurse? less than 1yr 3. Did you work as a CNA before becoming a nurse? no 4. If yes to #3, how long did you work as a CNA before becoming a nurse? n/a 5. If no to #3, do you wish that you had? no 6. Regardless of whether you worked as a CNA prior to becoming a nurse, do you believe working as a CNA prior to nursing better prepares you to be a nurse? Feel free to elaborate on your response. No, working as a CNA does not better prepare you to be a nurse. I will say that I have trouble making a bed with a patient in it, putting on diapers, and giving bed baths but the only time I have to do it is if for some reason we have no CNAs on the floor, which is rare.
  9. some hospitals just don't have the time to train new nurses i guess. they need ppl with experience. look more into hospitals in that area that are teaching facilities. some hospitals only hire new grads during certain times of the year also. you could always try a doctor's office, clinic, or LTC until you can find something else. goodluck.
  10. RNewbie

    New RN...Am I being under paid???

    I'm a new nurse working at a hospital in Mississippi. I work full-time and after taxes my take home pay is around $2,600 a month. That comes out to around $31,200 a year. I know that cost of living and salaries are different everywhere but this seems very low to me. I was under the impression that a nurse's salarly was more than that. I have a BSN, lots of student loans, and this is all I'm earning. I was making around $25,000 a year waiting tables part-time while I was in school and now I'm only making a few extra thousand working full-time as a nurse. Something is not right about this picture. Am I being under paid or is this around what other nurses out there are making??????????