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Unit Coordinator position


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I currently work in California. I have a potential interview for a Unit Coordinator position in MD. I'm not familiar with a position of this kind unless we call it something else here. The HR rep read a brief description but I'm still unsure of what it really is.

I'm wondering if anyone can give me any insight on this kind of position?


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It really depends on the particular hospital. Different hospitals have different names for similar positions.

If you did not get enough information from the HR person you spoke with, ask her some questions chosen to give you information you need. You can/should also use your interview process to get more information. Be honest with them: tell them that the term "coordinator" is not a term your previous employers have used and you are not certain what the role includes.

I have lived in several different parts of the country and have found great variety in how positions are titled. Even within the same city, different hospitals will use different job titles. There is no substitute for asking them directly.

In my hospital, we use the term "Coordinator" to refer to people 1 step below the manager of a unit -- sort of an "Assistant Head Nurse" position. But I am sure that is not a universal term even within my city. We also use the term "Coordinator" for people who coordinate a particular program -- but who do not have administrative authority of the department in which that program is housed. It's a sort of "lower level manager" position. But it might be totally different at the hospital where you are applying.


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thank you for your response