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  1. DarkBluePhoenix

    Nursing school now first come first serve?

    I'm not going to argue lol. I just don't trust first come first serve
  2. When I eventually be a nurse, I'm thinking nights
  3. DarkBluePhoenix

    Stuck in the rumor mill at work...

    Uck. I am sorry your having this problem. I had the similar problem, a coworker betraying me to get rid of me. I used to work in an office and I almost got fired over it! Luckily I quit (I was going to get laid off anyway, its when the economy tanked) but geez. Someone is a lil jealous of you! Only insecure people start rumors and only the weak minded follow them. I hope all gets better.
  4. DarkBluePhoenix

    CSU Los Angeles School of Nursing (CSULA Fall 2011)

    SOooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I am bored! (trying to avoid doing micro flashcards) Hmmm anyone know of any places hiring CNA's? lol How was orientation?
  5. The other two are very right 1. you need to look at the closest nursing programs and get their requirements 2. Once you have the pre-requisites, you need to apply to a school (a CC to be cheapest) and start registering for classes. Some pre-reqs might have pre-reqs (i.e. general biology is a pre-req to anatomy) Depending on your area, this might be very hard to do. You need to make sure you can GET INTO THE PRE-REQ CLASSES. I always look at previous semesters worth of class schedules to see if any classes went negative in enrollment 3. Take every class you need, work hard, do your best and try to make A's 4. Once your done, apply to the ADN/BSN programs. As someone said the fastest way is not the cheapest but the cheapest way takes the longest. You will have to decided if you want to sacrifice money for time or vice versa 5. GOOD LUCK
  6. DarkBluePhoenix


    That was my my number one reason why I always stayed away from doing an ADN. I knew that where I am was not a good market area for ADN's. My hubby to be, he got his degree in hospitality, he works in hospitality. For him to make use of his degree or any $$ for that matter, he needs to be in a city like area. So that kinda sucks for me because the only places hiring is in the boondocks. Kinda a catch 22 eh? I am hoping, since it will take me a year to get in (even though my pre reqs are done this summer, you have to apply in fall for the next fall to enter) and 3 years to do the program; I am hoping the economy will be fixed in the what? 4 years i have until I am an RN, BSN? I am just TRYING to be optimistic here:cool:
  7. DarkBluePhoenix


    I know, but seeing as how I am practically the only one let that isn't even close! Well thats actually my fault, I changed my major a lot and would be in NS if I didn't change it to engineering at the last minute (couldn't get into pre req classes because my job didn't allow me to) But cant go back in time.
  8. DarkBluePhoenix


    I know right? I am thinking BSN I have been teetering on applying and going wherever I get accepted to first or just do the extra semester and have the RN AND BSN done with. No going back to school no nothing. Plus since the earliest I can get into a BSN program is *next* fall (as in 2012 lol) I will have plenty of time to pay off my credit cards and get some experience as a CNA (that also looks good on a few BSN schools I am applying too.) I was thinking on see how I do this summer with those non-science (BS ) classes. I was thinking, if I get A's then I will definitely do BSN, if I get B's then Ill do ADN. That is the only reason I am taking these classes. We shall see eh?
  9. DarkBluePhoenix

    Fed Up!!! What should I do???

    I know the feeling. Just be patient, if you can't get in now, then you will in Oct. At least its a definite, unlike applying and not knowing whether your in or not. Good luck
  10. DarkBluePhoenix


    Oh I definitely wont decline. BUT my chances are not as good for an ADN the ADN programs I would be applying to, look at a bunch of non science stuff (which are like dev psych, english, anthro etc...) dumb things and my grades in science courses are great. The um, other courses? not so much The BSN programs are all on a points system. My thing is, I am 22, I SHOULD have my Bachelors by now. I just feel I should get my BSN rather because I already have associates degree, but in science (soooo not useful) I calculated my points, and I have the classes already registered for and all I need are A's (they unfortunately are non science: philosophy and intro to psych) which isn't hard. I just didn't put much effort in my classes before. SO basically with that said, waiting is the sucky part, but my chances are better...get it? lol I am not worried about no being accepted (not to be cocky) but as I said, all I need is A's this summer and my points are definitely competitive. So logically, BSN is the way to go, but I am REALLY IMPATIENT and want to start NS.
  11. DarkBluePhoenix


    ok let me get this off my chest: I have been thinking about this a lot especially since I am getting closer and closer to applying.... I am torn between doing an ADN program or a BSN program I soonest I can get into an ADN program is Jan 2012 (apply this august) Soonest for the 3 BSN programs I am applying to get in is August 2012 (apply this august for one and jan 2012 for the other 2) SO should I wait the extra semester to get my RN and BSN both done and out of the way? (plus more time for me to work and save $$) problem: 4 years total (1 year from now to get in plus the program is 3 years) Or should I go in ADN program, get my RN in 2 years and hopefully get a job that will pay for the BSN? good: be done quicker problem: no money saved up yet (debt to pay off first THEN SAVE) & rumor is in CA is that no one is hiring and a lot of positions have BSN preferred... Decisions decisions.... So lets do a VOTE ***btw this is IF i get accepted which, if my calculations are correct, my chances, ironically are better towards the BSN programs then ADN
  12. DarkBluePhoenix

    Nursing school now first come first serve?

    Although I do agree with you to an extent. kinda like which is better: book smart vs street smart? I just don't want someone who showed no hardwork to get into NS (not that theyll last) vs. some who did work hard and deserved to be there. Just my two cents ***btw the bio/chem etc...bit was about the people who did bio then anatomy, did chem then micro, did physio etc.... vs. people right out of hs, no pre reqs walking in with no prior knowledge (at least the basics) and getting into NS. I didn't know if 1st come 1st serve had pre-reqs or anything, if so I apologize for making a dumb point lol
  13. DarkBluePhoenix

    Pasadena City College RN program

  14. DarkBluePhoenix

    CSULB Questions

    Well I too hope I lose that bet as well but with the .5 billion (if we are lucky) to 2 billion cut they will definitely not be accepting spring transfers. You can also look into other BSN programs too. Don't put your eggs in one basket. Apply to ADN programs too, I mean you may get a job but just because get your BSN for a great school like CSULB, that doesn't guarantee a job whatsoever! (i know a couple of people from as far back 09 that don't have jobs, graduates from CSULB ironically.) Good luck
  15. DarkBluePhoenix

    Attn: All ADN nurses!

    For those of you (particularly in the socal area) with an ADN, was it hard to get a job after graduation? I am just wondering because I want to be in NS so bad and I am qualified for ADN programs this June but then in Jan I will be qualified for BSN programs too. I just dont want to wait another year to get into a BSN program, then do the 3 years and graduate when I can do a 2 yr ADN, [hopefully] get a job and work while doing a RN-BSN (hoping they'll pay for it too) So, basically my question is whether the BSN-only rumor is true? I really hope not cause if you do the calculations, there are a hell of a lot more ADN nurses than BSN nurses....