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DarkBluePhoenix has 3+ years experience and specializes in Med-Surg/DOU/Ortho/Onc/Rehab/ER/.

BSN graduate in June '15

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  1. DarkBluePhoenix

    CSUSB Winter 2013

    Congrats everyone who made it in! I won't see you for orientation because I will be at clinical but maybe afterwards! Start saving up some $$ now or ask for $$ for Christmas! It's going to be expensive. I would start looking for a CPR class soon, preferably a cheap one. Also get health insurance now if you don't have it. Get started on your vaccines like hep B, DTAP, varicella, polio series and flu shot. Don't get them just make appointments for them. And your physical. Plus you will need a 2step PDD test (tb). Shoes and uniform are expensive. Then there is ATI which you won't need til later but it's $400+ so keep that in mind. Anyway sorry for scaring you guys. Better be prepared then not right? Anyway again congrats and I look forward to seeing you all!
  2. DarkBluePhoenix

    CSUSB Winter 2013

    Those stats were the same I had minus being bilingual when i got into for fall 2012. i am sure you are are fine. dont stress. relax now because once you get in and start, your free time is gone!
  3. DarkBluePhoenix

    CSUSB Winter 2013

    Hey guys! sorry for not being on. Its my first week and we have about 15 chapters to read and two papers to write already! (i hope i aint scaring any of you!) anywho stats are all good. idk how winter is but this fall was very competitive. the average GPA was 3.8 and the average TEAS was 91% i think. it was the highest they have ever had! but as i said, winter is easier than fall. just make sure you can retake the TEAS if its lower then you want since they allow unlimited retakes. i wish you all good luck! you can try and pm me if you have questions, but i am afraid i will be plenty busy this quarter. i will try and get on to check but if i dont. you guys who get in for winter will know why
  4. DarkBluePhoenix

    CSUSB Winter 2013

    hey guys! good luck applying! if you have any questions just pm me. i just got into the fall 2012 program at csusb.
  5. DarkBluePhoenix

    CSUSB Fall 2012 Hopefuls

    am90 is correct. I did not attend a school in SB county either. I moved to SB county mid way thru the application cycle and got the points. I would make sure you email or call the actual person that evaluates. The reason being is that they have made a change already to the GPA requirement and TEAS requirement. They might have made a change regarding the county and foriegn language, which I heard was coming. Worst case scenario, is you don't get in. If your comfortable with you stats, then I say go for it. Winter is easier to get into than fall, from what I hear. Our cohorts averages were the highest recorded ever as well. So keep that in mind and good luck! I hope to see you in winter! :)
  6. DarkBluePhoenix

    What is Your School's Selection Rate?

    I got into a BSN program. My schools selections was open to all applicants. As long as you got into the university, and had the minimum TEAS and GPA then you could apply. The average GPA was 3.83 and avearage TEAS was 91% this incoming cohort. It was a tough one, but I made it in!
  7. DarkBluePhoenix

    CSUSB Fall 2012 Hopefuls

    Once i get books i will hop right on that!
  8. DarkBluePhoenix

    CSUSB Fall 2012 Hopefuls

    CONGRATS tiff!!!
  9. DarkBluePhoenix

    CSUSB Fall 2012 Hopefuls

    She said that she got a letter (i believe) that said she was an alternate. Then she got a call offering her a spot. I bet that all this week they will be calling potential alternates!
  10. DarkBluePhoenix

    CSUSB Fall 2012 Hopefuls

    Yes, someone else was notified as an alternate and then got a call that they were offered a spot. I think, today is the last day for people to notify the dept. So those that are going somewhere else or didn't make a decision, lose their spot. Alternates then get notified asking if they want a spot. Hopefully you get notified alvat! I am rooting for ya Next Tuesday is orientation so hopefully they start letting people know, ASAP!
  11. DarkBluePhoenix

    Who's getting EXCITED!!??

    Hey there! & Congrats! I, too, am excited! But I haven't even had orientation yet! My orientation is in two weeks and classes dont start until late September because we are on quarters. I am sure that once I buy everything and finish all my vaccinations (I redid my CPR for work so thats done) it will become more real. I just want to start already!
  12. DarkBluePhoenix

    CSU Los Angeles School of Nursing (CSULA Fall 2012)

    hahahh i know right? party up before the end of social life starts!
  13. DarkBluePhoenix

    CSUSB Fall 2012 Hopefuls

    gvaldez: if you do not see your name. no worries because a friend of mine was notified as an alternate but got asked to be accepted last week. just keep checking your mail and make sure they sent it to the right address
  14. DarkBluePhoenix

    Fall 2012 Jitters!

    I am not as nervous as I am excited. I want to start already. I have to wait until Sept 20th though.....
  15. DarkBluePhoenix

    Cheating in Pre-Reqs

    Let her cheat. One of two things will happen in the near future. She will a) get caught or b) or rely on cheating so much that either in other pre reqs or the program she will fail because there wont be a way to cheat. My micro professor used to collect everyones cell phone before an exam and put them on the front table. If your phone even vibrated, you would fail. If you stuck your phone out and didn't turn it in the front, automatic fail. Karma is a b****
  16. DarkBluePhoenix

    Not even a word of English

    Because we are the US. We are the chickens who can't stand up against this kind of crap. And the immigrants know this and take advantage of it. Why learn the language of the country you moved to cause yours sucked when your language/culture etc... is catered to you everywhere!?

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