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Hello all, I am curious to see what the current pay rate is across the country so we can better prepare ourselves and negotiate better salaries! Please try to keep this poll to any graduates after 2010. Thanks! 1) State 2)... Read More

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    1.) Ohio
    2.) $21/hr with no differential
    3.) Hired as new grad (now have 7 months)
    4.) SNF/nursing home

    I just got hired and will start in a few weeks:
    2.)$24/hr with $1 evening and $2 night differntial. $1000 bonus every 3 months for being float.
    3.) Pay grade for new grad
    4.) Float for intermediate care units at several sister hospitals.
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    Almost 1 year after school
    Started about $23, at my 1 year mark, it will be bumped up to $26
    I work M-F 8-5
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    South FL (a state w/no income tax! Woo-hoo!)
    BSN pay: $23.50 days, $25.50 evenings, $28.50 nights, $27.50 weekends, $29.50 weekend nights. Overtime above 40 hours/wk.
    New grad, no experience, Neuro and MS unit
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    Southern California
    $34/hr plus differentials ($5 for night shift, $2 for weekends)
    New grad
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    Reading through this, I'd say the biggest surprise would be the pay for nurses in DC. I always thought the DC area was very expensive and should be more on par with CA/NY/NJ.
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    1) Ohio

    2) $18 with $1 differential nights and $1 weekends

    3) New grad (<1 yr)

    4) Med Surg
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    $21.50 base, $4.50 night diff, $2.00 weekend diff, working bailer so I get $32.25/hr two of my three nights each week
    First nursing job, four months. No prior hospital experience
    I work postpartum/pediatric/med-surg overflow

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