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RN-ADN student, graduation date of May 2011! We can do it! FNP student, graduation date of 2017! We can do it!

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  1. I'm finishing my FNP this fall. And I'm trying to look for nursing informatic programs I can complete in a year. I have always been that techie guy and I feel it would be a complete waste of my talent if I don't try to get into the informatic side of...
  2. FNP student contemplating joining the Air Force

    how did it go? were you able to join as a new NP? ill be graduating this fall with my masters in FNP as well and i am interested
  3. Joining AF as MSN-FNP new grad

    Sorry. I was unclear. When I originally graduated from RN school. I tried joining the navy as a new grad. And they wouldn't let me.
  4. Joining AF as MSN-FNP new grad

    Hi guys, ive been searching up my question all over google with little help. I am graduating from my MSN FNP program in Fall of 17 (this year). Ive been having my license as an RN since 2012, and ive been interested in either joining the air force or...
  5. Passed FNP ANCC July, 2016!

    I am starting my nursing 1 in the fall. I am thinkig of purchasing the 2015 Barkley review CDs. Is this a good idea? Or are the materials on there no long relevant to the current test? (Not sure if they changed anything, but I think materials should...

    Im doing FNP right now. I might do psych certificate in the future if the area becomes more marketable
  7. How to start studying for FNP program

    I will be starting my FNP program in about 3 weeks. Based on your experience is there any supplemental review books that may help with studying for the classes and the board itself? im thinking about purchasing a 2015 Barkley review CDs to start stu...
  8. Yeah, they had a full time and part time. I'm in school right now for NP. SO i took part time and left my ortho hospital job. took a slight pay cut, but i wanted to try something new.
  9. avenal, are you in NJ? I just recently accepted a nursing position in NJ as well.
  10. VA Hiring Process

    hopefully I wont sound so stupid telling them i have no idea why theyve picked me. Im gonna look up some eye diseases and learn about their SS until my interview in a few days.
  11. VA Hiring Process

    Im an RN with BSN I told the Prison job that I was going away for a week. SO when im back, i iwlll get the ball rolling with them. THe job that VA is interviewing me is for an eye clinic position. I applied for a bunch of position at VA and that was...
  12. VA Hiring Process

    I have dilema, on the same day I got offered a job at one of the state prison, I got a phone call from a VA system. They want to hire me for an eye clinic i believe (I applied to a bunch of nursing positions and unsure of which one they're interviewi...
  13. Left Nursing After 3 Months and Couldn't Be Happier!

    Surely, there are other areas of healthcare we can enter with your nursing degree. especialy with our BSN
  14. VA Pre-Employment Physical

    how did you get into VA? did you guys just apply on usajobs.gov and wait for the call?
  15. Struggling in First Nursing Job

    I only have 4 weeks. I want to get into nursing informatics so i was planning on sticking it out .But I also feel unsafe practicing nursing with such small amount of trainings offered to me. I will eventually get fired or accidently kill someone. SO,...