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BeachsideRN has 8 years experience as a ASN and specializes in NICU, Trauma, Oncology.

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  1. BeachsideRN

    UCF DNP 2019

    Sorry for the late response ... but yes, I did do the bridge classes before applying. I was taking the last course the semester I applied.
  2. BeachsideRN

    Interview Qs.

    Hey all. I have an interview lined up for a flight nurse position. I was just wondering if any of you seasoned folks could give me any tips or info you wish you knew before going into flight nursing. Also, if you can explain how your call v flight ti...
  3. This is why I am so thankful my school assigns preceptors. Good luck OP
  4. BeachsideRN

    Weird Interview!?

    If she has a back issue like ankylosing spondylitis or hip joint issue this could be her only comfortable sitting position....
  5. BeachsideRN

    Free teaching labor

    I don't mind students typically but sometimes the timing and/or placement is very inappropriate. I was barely a RN for 6 months and was fresh off orientation at my new unit when I got my first student. It was very awkward and uncomfortable. I wasn't ...
  6. BeachsideRN

    Best RN Health Coach Program??

    Our facility just started hiring Clinical Health Coaches... the salaries are mid 40s-50s, M-F 8-5 type gig. They require a BS in nursing or health related field, and prefer a MSN or Master's in a health field such as Public Health. They also required...
  7. BeachsideRN

    Giving up PA school acceptance to pursue ASN?

    Have you considered an accelerated BSN program?
  8. BeachsideRN

    Is it time to stop? Adult to Neonatal.

    This is so true. Maybe ask for a few shifts doing well baby assessments if you have a LD unit. That will help you differentiate normal from abnormal. Also, grab a copy of Merenstein's NICU handbook
  9. BeachsideRN

    New to Infusion

    I have been recently hired at the Cancer Center Infusion clinic. My background is trauma PCU and NICU - along with cancer research (pre-nursing). Aside from the ONS Chemo/Biotherapy Cert course and hospital policies, what do you recommend for a new i...
  10. BeachsideRN

    Is it time to stop? Adult to Neonatal.

    Take a deep breath and *think* before acting. You are coming from adult nursing and it is way different than NICU. Your actions appear to me to be nerves getting the best of you and acting before thinking. Slow down. Pay attention.
  11. BeachsideRN

    UCF DNP 2019

    Check your email. I just got my update... I'm in!!!
  12. BeachsideRN

    UCF DNP 2019

    YAY! I am obsessively checking my email.
  13. BeachsideRN

    New grad job offers....what do I choose?

    If you have the opprotunity to go to PP do it.
  14. BeachsideRN

    Is this hurting my resume?

    definitely include your retail experience on your resume. LD/MB is a hard unit to get into as those RNs typically do not leave. I would suggest learning as much as you can, maybe shadowing a LD/MB nurse at the facility you want to work for. I also I ...
  15. BeachsideRN

    Delgado Charity School of Nursing

    I graduated in 2016. CSN is excellent for preparing you to function as a competent RN on the floor. You need thick skin and resilience to get through the program though. The instructors challenge you to the point of exhaustion and despair.