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BeachsideRN has 7 years experience as a ASN and specializes in NICU, Trauma, Oncology.

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  1. This is why I am so thankful my school assigns preceptors. Good luck OP
  2. BeachsideRN

    New grad job offers....what do I choose?

    If you have the opprotunity to go to PP do it.
  3. BeachsideRN

    Is this hurting my resume?

    definitely include your retail experience on your resume. LD/MB is a hard unit to get into as those RNs typically do not leave. I would suggest learning as much as you can, maybe shadowing a LD/MB nurse at the facility you want to work for. I also I ...
  4. BeachsideRN

    Delgado Charity School of Nursing

    I graduated in 2016. CSN is excellent for preparing you to function as a competent RN on the floor. You need thick skin and resilience to get through the program though. The instructors challenge you to the point of exhaustion and despair.
  5. BeachsideRN

    UCF DNP FNP Fall 2018

    Did you apply? Have you heard anything yet?
  6. BeachsideRN

    UCF DNP 2019

    Me too! Looking at the posts about last year's program emails went out first full week of March. So hopefully we should hear something by next week. I am so nervous since I am in the NNB track. Basically, if I don't get in I have to re-evaluate my p...
  7. BeachsideRN

    UCF DNP 2019

    Anyone else here apply for UCF (Central Florida) DNP program? I applied for the FNP track for 2019. I applied through the non-nursing bachelor's path as I have a BA in chemistry, MPH, and an ASN RN. Hoping to find out soon!
  8. BeachsideRN

    Whiskey peg tube flush?

    When my grandmother was in an ALF, she had an order for Vodka, I believe she was allowed 2oz TID. She loved her bloody marys. She was a lifelong alcoholic and a big time smoker. She had no other major health issues. I asked to have her body donated t...
  9. BeachsideRN

    Is leaving before hurricane abandonment?

    Our hospital policy only exempts per diems if they are on storm duty at another facility, if you have a child under 2, are primary caregiver for children or elderly, etc.
  10. BeachsideRN

    MHA and RN program vs MPH with RN?

    This is true, my program was considered a professional program for FA purposes.
  11. BeachsideRN

    MHA and RN program vs MPH with RN?

    MHA is likely more lucrative if you are looking to accelerate into leadership positions at healthcare organizations. On the other hand, of founding or running non profits and grass roots programs is your thing then the MPH is a match.
  12. BeachsideRN

    UCF MSN or DNP for 2017

    Hey. Congrats to you guys. Did anyone get into the NP program via the non-nursing bachelors route? I came to nursing completely backwards í ½í¸‚ I am a second career RN with a Bachelors in chemistry, a Masters in Public Health, and an associates in n...
  13. BeachsideRN

    how long does it take!?

    @Straitlpn How long did it take for your endorsement?
  14. BeachsideRN

    Rant ...

    So I just sat through a 3 day HESI review and at the end the lady who was teaching the course was coming up to students individually and telling us to use the PVT after we take nckex to see if we passed or not. When I told her that was a terrible ide...
  15. yes. Concept based nursing is obnoxious.