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  1. HopefulRN4

    let go during orientation, needs advice?

    Preceptors can make you or brake ..go with your gut instinct. Good luck :)
  2. Probably private colleges , kaplan , westcoast
  3. HopefulRN4

    Disciplinary Action?

    This is absolutely horrible! What state? CA?
  4. HopefulRN4

    I just set my friend up

    Ain't suppose to be caring and sweet!
  5. Wow, thanks for sharing , it is a very interesting approach.
  6. HopefulRN4

    Starting Salary of Hospitals in CT?

    No wonder everybody wants to work in CA,
  7. HopefulRN4

    Becoming a nurse is no longer an option for me?

    Her house , her rules, once you turn 18 you can do whatever you want, but you can't depend on her either. Good luck !
  8. HopefulRN4

    I just set my friend up

    That was mean Caringraduate! She is just a young girl,
  9. HopefulRN4

    Is ADN sufficient to ba trauma RN?

    If you can go to for your BSN , not because you get additional training , in the contrary ADN nurses practice more skills , but just because the majority of the hospitals only want to hire BSN.
  10. HopefulRN4

    What is the least stressful high paying nursing specialty?

    Wait, OP is an LVN??
  11. HopefulRN4

    What is the least stressful high paying nursing specialty?

    Alll of them, Nursing is not stressful, not all!
  12. HopefulRN4

    Why is it inappropriate to stand up for yourself?

    Some charge nurses are old school, where the doctor is always right , good luck, if you have union , call your union rep.
  13. HopefulRN4

    I Hate People (my rant)

    Borderline personality disorder? And don't worry you are not alone that are plenty of nurses and doctors who are exactly like you
  14. HopefulRN4

    Do We Need More Nurses?

    In states where the pay is higher, there is a surplus of RN
  15. HopefulRN4


    Too many Nurses not enough jobs, good luck!