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kool-aide, RN has 5 years experience and specializes in Cardiac.

New grad RN, working in CCU

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  1. kool-aide, RN

    I&O Goal Clarification & Nipride vs Nitroglycerin

    I think nitroglycerin may actually work more toward venodilation. This would be useful in an RV infarct as not to overload the RV with preload.
  2. kool-aide, RN

    question regarding the pressure inside of pleural space

    If this statement is in reference to inspiration of room air, and not necessarily relating to pneumothorax as other posters are speaking of.... What I was taught in school is that when one takes a breath in, it's not truly the work of the pt consciously "breathing in" but it is the pressure in the atmosphere around us moving room air from an area of higher pressure(the atmosphere) to an area of lower pressure(the interior of our lungs).
  3. kool-aide, RN

    Question about BP parameters for antihypertensive meds

    Is this a cardiac pt? Stemi or nstemi with known heart failure? If so, they probably don't really care about the pts DBP. If the pt has HF they need the beta blocker to prevent remodeling post MI and for negative inotropic effect and they need the ace for afterload reduction.
  4. kool-aide, RN

    New grad in CCU

    The Cardiac Care Unit Survival Guide
  5. kool-aide, RN

    Male and Gay?!

    I've worked with male nurses that are gay and it's never been an issue, at least that I was privy to....myself, being a man, I've never had any issues as far as discrimination.
  6. kool-aide, RN

    To blood sugar or not to blood sugar. That is the question.

    I would tend to agree, however if this is an icu pt, potentially vented or septic, they maybe have hyperglycemia d/t those issues.
  7. kool-aide, RN

    Wait, what the what ?!

    My hospital in Indianapolis has recently told us that diploma RNs cannot perform FSBG in critical care areas.....I've been told that this is a larger health governing body setting this precedent....but I don't know much more than that.
  8. kool-aide, RN

    To tell or not to tell!

    If you really want to be an advocate, talk to each individual privately and professionally about each of these issues. Don't be a martyr. Also, *HIPAA
  9. kool-aide, RN

    Suggestions to a NewGrad to ICU_3 wks to prep

    Look up vasoactive drips/inotropes, know how they work, indications, teaching, side effects, etc. (Levophed, vasopressin, neosynephrin, epinephrine, dobutamine, milrinone, cardene, dopamine, nitroglycerin, nitroprusside) Be weary of your pts LVEF before you bolus them with IVF for hypotension, even if they're not there for cardiac issues. If your vented sedated pt becomes hypotensive, try turning down the propofol to correct it first. Write down normal ranges for hemodynamics numbers. Know the pathology of sepsis like the back of your hand. If you have a pt that isn't vented, expect to be intubating them on your shift. That way you're never surprised or caught off guard. Even our seemingly stable pts are very sick most times--their bodies can only compensate for so long.
  10. I work in CCU and have vented pt all the time with OG/NGS tubes. I like to make sure the graduated cylinder and piston syringe we use several times a day to check tube placement, residual, and give Meds is changed daily. It just seems gross not to. They get kind of groady.
  11. kool-aide, RN

    Moved to a new ER, now I don't feel like I'm a real ER nurse anymore

    I think you're probably doing a great job, you just still need time to get used to this newer, higher acuity department. You can't be everywhere at once, if you were with a CVA pt while your septic pt got a pneumo, you can be happy that someone happened to be around and noticed something was wrong. That's why teamwork is important. I'm sure you'll be great!
  12. kool-aide, RN

    Uniform maintenance

    Try sending to dry cleaner for laundering, heavy starch, and press.
  13. kool-aide, RN

    Relationships with floor nurses?

    My hospital would....
  14. kool-aide, RN

    Are men not as neat as women nurses?

    I like to keep my rooms tidy. My coworkers claim they do, also. My coworkers and I have differing definitions of "tidy." Haha
  15. kool-aide, RN

    Post operative laparotomy management

    Wait for it...... .....wait for it......
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