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    lol hey now! I did get the pedi and paid extra for the extra long massage, it was heavenly.
  2. SassyTachyRN

    Who are the lucky ones not working the holidays???

    I'm a school nurse, I'm off Dec 19th-Jan 3rd, paid. I never work holidays, nights, or weekends, obviously. When I worked in the hospital we rotated holidays. If you worked Labor Day you were off Thanksgiving. if you worked Christmas Eve, you were off Christmas, if you worked New Years Eve, you were off New Years Day. Then, you either worked 1 of the following: Memorial Day or 4th of July. Everyone was in A group or B group and A group worked certain ones that year and worked the opposite the next. But I had years where I worked almost all the holidays so not sure how that worked....
  3. SassyTachyRN

    Happy school nurse's day!

    I got tulips, a Mary Kay gift bag with 3 bottles of hand goodies, a candle, journal and candy from my secretaries. A Target gift card, multiple bags of popcorn, a cookie, and gum from my staff. And a Chick-Fil-A gift card from my principal. ::spoiled::
  4. SassyTachyRN

    Thank you polar vortex!

    Blah. Closed again. 12th cancelled day since we've been back from winter break. I'm going to be in school half the summer at this rate!!!!
  5. SassyTachyRN

    Thank you polar vortex!

    Today was our 11th day off since January. Supposed to go back tomorrow with a 2 hr delay...
  6. SassyTachyRN

    Thank you polar vortex!

    We aren't required to report, we are just expected to work the corresponding make up day. I get paid even on days we cancel though, and I'm salary (spread through 12 months).
  7. SassyTachyRN

    Thank you polar vortex!

    I'm in Indiana... This is our 9th cancelled day since we've been back from Christmas break... All 5 days cancelled first week back... Then went all 5 days the next week.. Went 2.5 days last week and haven't went yet this week. So far have a half day tomorrow.... Ahhhhhhh.
  8. SassyTachyRN

    Dealing with teachers

    How do you deal with teachers who second guess your opinion or who try to override you? Do you approach them personally? Go to the principal? I'm new in my school this year... Let me tell you what happened today.. I had a 5th grader who came to me because "I fell asleep in class." I said why? He said "because I was up late watching a movie." I said well then you are not sick, just tired. Did some education on importance of sleep and sent him back to class. Teacher was upset that I didn't let him lay down to "sleep for a while." She called into the office and complained to them and told them she was sending the student back. It made me feel like I couldn't say no again. The admin. assist came in and said oh no, absolutely not, we did this all the time last year and it's not happening again. He sent him back to class. I am upset the teacher called the office to override my decision... The clinic is for sick children and children with daily medical needs... Cots are for rest of sick children only is my opinion... Second situation... Kid with live lice. We have a no exclusion policy except in cases of extreme infestation. She had live lice yesterday teacher sent her down twice, I sent her back to class. This morning the assistant brought the child to me and said the teacher told her to bring the child to me. I said what for? She said she has lice crawling. I checked and saw 2. I even picked them out for good measure and flushed em. I sent her back to class. Teacher sent her three more times, insisting that I send the child home. I explained to her that our policy is not to exclude unless it's an extreme infestation.... I left at lunch to go to my other school so I have no idea if she brought the child down again. So, while on the lice topic anyone have any good teaching resources? I have 4 kids with lice and my teachers are flipping out and there's all kinds of rumors circling the school. I even had a teacher dye her hair "so I don't get it too." I need to do some serious education with these teachers.