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SassyTachyRN has 4 years experience and specializes in Peds, Oncology.

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  1. SassyTachyRN

    What is your dream job?

    Other than this... maybe peds onc. office. I have oncology experience, and I love peds. I've also always wanted to do women's health office, maybe something in the community, a clinic or something.
  2. SassyTachyRN


    When I worked in a hospital, I worked on an oncology floor. I had shingles on my chest, back and down my arm. My doctor said I absolutely could not return to work since I worked where I worked, and he mentioned that it is sometimes airborne/droplet. He wrote me a note to be off I think for 7 days (this was years ago). Well, the hospital sure wanted to fight me about it and wanted me to sign a release so they could contact my MD, but I refused. I don't understand why they put those patients in isolation, but want nurses touching them when they have no WBC and ANC's of 0.
  3. SassyTachyRN

    Do you ever do nothing for your student?

    I just had one tell me her side was "numb" after someone hit her with a ball. I really love when kids tell me their body parts are "numb." What am I supposed to do with that?
  4. SassyTachyRN

    The kiddos are done, too

    90% of my complaints for this week have been stomach aches. I find a lot of kids have anxiety about the school year ending. It's the constant in their lives. It's a safe place for them to go, a place where they know they'll be fed, be loved on, etc. Some of them get so attached to their teachers, they have serious separation anxiety this time of year. Some of them are going to be staying home alone for long hours, or going to day programs where they don't know anyone, won't have food in their homes, etc.
  5. SassyTachyRN

    Screening questions

    I do the same. I often feel like they have better relationships with the parents, so I usually give them the referral forms to give to parents at parent teacher conferences.
  6. SassyTachyRN

    Do you ever do nothing for your student?

    Same here. I had a kid who had a sub last week.. came down to me with a loose tooth. I told him it will come out when it's ready.. he told me, "Mrs. X pulls our teeth ALL THE TIME!" UGH, great!
  7. SassyTachyRN

    Any floater school nurses out there?

    I'm also in a split elementary position, so I feel your pain. We don't have floater positions, but it really does sound intriguing! My district barely pays for the nurses we have/subs most days, so they would never fund this, BUT if they did, it would probably be something I would seriously consider!
  8. SassyTachyRN

    dumb staff

    As a former hem/onc RN I def would never do this either! Def need to be chemo cert and have the proper PPE to give any chemo, even if it's just gtts! Need a gown and double gloves, etc. Can't believe he expected that people at school would give this!
  9. SassyTachyRN

    Did I Just Roll My Eyes Out Loud?

    I had 3 in my office with their bookbags still on this AM. They got to their classroom doors, whined to their teachers and got sent to the clinic. Teachers are just done. I am seeing a marked increase in my numbers these last few days.
  10. SassyTachyRN

    Please take care of your little one rant

    In those instances I usually refer to DCS for medical neglect... just document, document, document. Don't let them use your emergency albuterol as a cushion. I would let them know if you have to use your emergency stock then you call 911 next and transport.
  11. SassyTachyRN

    I just can't!

    I had a kid with a hole in the shoe yesterday. On the pass back, I wrote, "cured with the same kind of tape you have in your desk." 9 more days. My patience is soooooo short.
  12. SassyTachyRN

    Is It a Full Moon?

    We started doing this and we found that about 10% of our visits district wide are for staff members. The district said if we hit 15% we can hire more nurses. So if they even cross my threshold to talk to me about their allergies or their rash from three weeks ago, or for a bandaid, I chart it.
  13. SassyTachyRN

    Sunscreen in School?

    No sunscreen here. We don't even allow lotion. I'll be honest, I stash away some hypoallergenic good stuff in my desk... Eucerin. I'll give it to kids if I really think they need it. I do that maybe 3-4 times a year.
  14. SassyTachyRN

    504 for osteogenesis imperfecta

    I had a mom who said OI over and over again. I pestered and pestered for a careplan back from her. Finally I caught her in the school and gave her a consent to release information, and told her OI is a very serious diagnosis and it was imperative to have a medical care plan in place at school. THEN she said WELL, it's not OI, "She just breaks bones easy." She had broken an arm and "two leg bones" by first grade. After that, I dropped it. My school does require documented physician dx to write a 504, for what it's worth.
  15. SassyTachyRN

    Last day?

    11 more days... 11 more days...
  16. SassyTachyRN

    vision testing on pre k

    The broken wheel test is like flash card type things. You'd have to order them. I put a link up there.