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  1. L♡vER

    Hoag Hospital Newport Beach

    Yes that book still exists and is awesome!
  2. L♡vER

    Pediatric sub-Q rehydration therapy (hypodermoclysis)

    I'm curious what prompted you looking into this? We generally have no issue getting iv's on kids, and if we go the iv route, 99% of the time we are drawing blood anyways so they are getting a poke regardless. I have done the subq hydration successfully with my ferrets, but this is another issue entirely. To be fair, I have no idea what hyaluranidase is. I will go Google now :)
  3. L♡vER

    PRN- Should I feel bad?

    Their inability to properly staff their facility doesn't fall in the realm of your responsibility in any way.
  4. Not. Worth. It. Our CNAs draw blood and do EKGs. All trained on the job.
  5. L♡vER

    Best way to ask visitors to identify themselves

    If able I ask the patient to tell me who their visitors are. Otherwise I just ask the relation to the patient.
  6. Holy crapola. I did my ADN for 9k. Please please do not do this. You are setting yourself up for failure here. That's is crazy for a job that makes 10/hour in some places. Go with the cheap and easy....not to mention quicker CNA.
  7. 7 months for a PCT program!? What am I missing? This is crazy. Maybe LPN instead? EMS? Idk I think that's nuts. Out of curiosity, what does a 7 month PCT program cost?
  8. L♡vER

    Pearson vue trick 2015

    I. Can't. Even.
  9. L♡vER

    Any CNA to RN programs???

    CNA doesn't equal the body of knowledge you learn in fundamentals or A&P. I would be very concerned about a school that would make any such substitution.
  10. L♡vER


    How do you waste meds with 1 RN?
  11. L♡vER

    Pearson Vue Trick, Credit card declined but still passed

    Yes, no, maybe so. Please have a glass (or bottle) of wine and let us know how it goes tomorrow.
  12. L♡vER

    Class/es and a Newborn...?

    I did this and made As, although it was not my first baby. I feel like perhaps if it was I would not have been so successful.
  13. L♡vER

    How many wounds? Other Tx nurse responsibilities?

    I think you should shadow HER! Have her show you how all of that can be done in 8 hours. Hopefully this would be eye opening. If not...PEACE!
  14. L♡vER

    tampa nurses new grad

    What did you like about those places? What specialty are you wanting to go into?
  15. L♡vER

    Ambulance transfer service name suggestions?

    Have patients, will travel!
  16. L♡vER

    Accepted into nursing school

    Congrats! Now take down your picture. You will cherish the anonymity soon!