What was the MOST ridiculous thing a patient came to the ER for? - page 176

and do you have to treat them? I am just curious. Your stories always seem to either crack me up or shake my head in amazement. Thanks for sharing :)... Read More

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    I was working Er one night when a girl came in at 3 am with a boil in her arm pit that she had for a week!! BY AMBULANCE!!
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    Quote from iluvpatho
    There is no such thing as ambulance workers. There are EMTs and Paramedics. They cannot refuse to take someone to the hospital. I'm not sure if you are in another country or something because it sounds like it.
    Six years ago, in 2006, it was common in some areas of the country to call them ambulance workers and In some situations, years ago, I have seen EMT's "refuse" transport or say "transport not necessary" there were some bad things that happened so the practice was stopped.
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    Had one come in by ambulance last week because she needed a refill on her Xanax. The MD who saw her doesn't have the patience for that kind of stuff and has no problem telling people when they are stupid. He walks in, tells her this isn't a reason to take an ambulance, and walks out. She was dispo'd in seven minutes. Seriously. They hadn't even gotten her vitals when her chart hit the discharge rack. Epic.
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    In 1999 when I was a new mom, my daughter wouldn't eat and kept crying I took her to the ER... for canker sores I'm sure they loved me.

    Last month though, I took my 4 year old to the ER. Up for 2 days, no more than 30/45 min sleep fever of 103.8 TIGHT neck, not eating heat behind ears/head.. TWO doctors checked her ears for ear infection. Nothing. She would scream when you touched her though. They did a chest X ray, which showed mild changes and cuffing (I tried to tell them this is permanent from aspiration issues). They sent me home with a viral syndrome and told me to see her Dr. I took her to her Dr who sent me to Riley ER. Dx after CT scan revealed mastoiditis. :icon_roll
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    Quote from SRN21
    Im sure the ER staff didn't think it was silly! It may have been obvious to them that it was a KS but what if it wasn't. Those are so painful I wouldn't want to agonize in pain alone not knowing whats going on!

    My friend had an ultra sound done to see if she may be developing a KS because she was having back pain. Her Dr. said that he thinks she may be developing one or two and he told her to drink a 40 oz beer the next time she has any pain in that region. I guess something in the beer is supposed to help break them up. She said it worked! Her pain was gone and has not come back since.
    That funny, but in class I jokingly suggested that a person drink beer to help a kidney stone pass only because I know beer really makes you go... a lot! My instructor actually agreed with me
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    I had a pt come in for a mosquito bite. We put bacitracin on it and gauze/tape. The pt then wanted bacitracin/gauze/tape to take home. I couldn't believe it.

    Another pt came in just for a pregnancy test. She peed in a cup, she wasn't pregnant have her d/c papers and that was that.

    So far those two stick out in my mind but I'm a new grad, so I'm sure I'll have more to come....
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    I don't think any ER nurse (or any other specialty for that matter) would think that you didn't belong in the ER. I am a firm believer that we are there to help those in need...if you have never had a stone, then you many not understand, but you NEED help at that time. Those patients (like you) who present to the ER with a REAL need for help is why I (and hopefully most) are in the profession. I would take care of you anytime....
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    A friend visited ED cause he couldn't sleep.
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    I had a patient just the other night bring a welcome mat and put it at the entrance of the room. Not even kidding.
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    I totally believe that, Lala!
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