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FineAgain has 7 years experience and specializes in ED; Med Surg.

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  1. FineAgain

    Would you be insulted?

    Dressed? On your day off? The horrors!
  2. FineAgain

    Nurses Call the Governor of Tennessee

    This right here! Except she slammed 2 mg of vec and walked away. I have been so conflicted about this but keep going back to the basics. Not even the "rights" of medication, but the fact that you should not be giving versed and walking away. I have not worked anywhere that vec was not kept in an RSI kit instead of the Pyxis. I also keep thinking about the poor patient and how she must have suffered. This is not just a simple mistake. With the privilege of our license comes the responsibility of making sure we give medication the right way. If she had monitored a "conscious sedation" (which is what it is) the patient would be alive and this would be not be happening.
  3. FineAgain

    Patient going to send nurse to Concentration Camps??

    We had a patient recently who stated he wanted no provider of any kind who was not white or did not speak English. I was quite pleased when management told me to ask him what hospital he wanted to be transferred to. I have no tolerance for anyone who acts like this patient did and was glad the powers that be had our backs. Patient quickly back paddled.
  4. FineAgain

    Rolling out bedside report

    I think you worked at the same place I work now. And we are now told we will be immediately disciplined, no talk, no write up; just discipline. Bedside report needs to go. away. It is not helpful in any way, shape or form. I can check my own lines. I learned how to introduce myself to others when I was little. Etc. Etc. I am an adult, educated professional who does not need bedside report to do my job, nor do I need pizza. I can buy it myself, and if I want Kool Aid, I will buy that too.
  5. FineAgain

    Knaves, Fools, and the Pitfalls of Micromanagement

    This post needs to be printed off or copied and emailed to everyone, or posted to every wall in every hospital. BRAVA!!
  6. FineAgain

    And we were having such a nice day, too...

    No, no! You have to say it three times in a row...like Beetlejuice!
  7. FineAgain

    Tips for inserting foleys

    Urojet, coude and "high and tight" are the tricks!
  8. I applaud your honesty and am looking forward to reading your next installment. I truly believe that alcohol is harder to give up than other addictions. Opiates do not call from the shelves of every store you walk into, silently screaming "buy me! You know you want me!". For those of us who do not understand the lure of alcohol...I hope you can teach us how it feels. Maybe it will help us to understand the power that alcohol holds. Thank you for this article.
  9. FineAgain


    Add me to the heartbroken list. I always valued her counsel and wish her peace on her journey. I just caught up on her blog and thought she would come through. Such a loss to our community.
  10. FineAgain

    Trouble for taking Doctors candy

    We replied to a code in the cafeteria once...it was actually a cafeteria worker who was choking. She was mostly upset not because she could have died, but that we would tell her boss she choked on a piece of deli meat she ate from the salad bar and had not paid for it yet. And recently the cafeteria called the police on someone who "took" cream cheese (to go with the bagel she bought). She thought it came with it and had forgotten it, went back to get it. We call this "the case of the missing cream cheese". People need to think about actions before acting.
  11. FineAgain

    Soma or Enclosure Beds... Cruel or not?

    I personally think these beds are much kinder than any restraint and allow freedom of movement while reducing falls. I also don't think they should be considered a restraint but I see why they are. Low beds...the patients still get up and out of them and they either fall or wander off. I think they are pretty much useless.
  12. FineAgain

    Why I hate Yankauers...

    Works great on liquid stool or other puddles on the chux. Makes cleanup (almost) a breeze!
  13. FineAgain

    Hand off

    Please remember that some nurses will ask you ridiculous questions that have no real bearing on patient condition. I personally give an eye roll but that is somehow frowned upon by management. Seriously though, it is perfectly ok to say you don't know the answer to something. If it is important to the patient, offer to look it up together. If it isn't, they can figure the answer out for themselves. I personally just want to hit the high points like chief complaint, what you did, what you may not have had time for. I have 12 hours to do the rest!
  14. FineAgain

    Pressure infuser bag questions?

    We don't use pressure bags for blood products either...mainly art lines as others have said. We use the rapid infusers for MTP. Pressure bags are great for dehydration or DKA...I don't pay much attention to the gauge just look to make sure it's running fast.
  15. FineAgain


    Proud to be ZPac!
  16. FineAgain

    Hourly rounding notes

    "Pt resting quietly with eyes close, no needs identified" "Pt denies needs; vss at this time" "Medicated for pain per MAR, no additional needs identified" Short, sweet, simple...just a note about what I did or what they need.