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  1. FineAgain

    A&P 2 LabPaq

    Does anyone have, and would like to sell, the cd that goes with the A&P 2 LabPaq? Mine is missing...I didn't buy it from LabPaq so they won't send me one. Thanks, Allison
  2. FineAgain

    Should I just forget it?

    I have worked in a hospital for over 10 years. Some of the best and most grounded nurses I work with are men. They are wonderful, caring people and I haven't thought of the stereotype in forever until you brought it up! They are also lots of fun -- they usually think up the best pranks to pull to lessen the stress. So go for it -- be the person you really want to be!
  3. FineAgain

    Am I to old to complete this?

    I'm 51 and going for it. You will be such an asset to any facility having experience as an RT and being a nurse. Shoot for the stars. You are never too old to learn!
  4. FineAgain

    Taking the Hesi and Freaking out!!!!

    MsAshley! Good luck on Wednesday...please let us know how you do! Take deep breaths, don't be afraid to close your eyes and picture the answer...get lots of rest and eat a good breakfast before the test. YOU CAN DO IT! Allison
  5. FineAgain

    Online Microbiology course.....?

    I just finished A&P1 and Chemistry online at Red Rocks Community College, through CCC Online. I am taking A&P2 and Psych this semester, and Micro in the summer. I love the classes, and really learned a lot. You get out of it what you put into it, and I have heard that it is harder than a class you take in person. There is a lot of work, and it is all done by yourself, but the professors are great at answering and helping you any way they can. Yes, they are more expensive if you are out of state, but it is one of the few places where you can take online lab courses. And they are wonderful to work with! So...good luck to you! Allison
  6. FineAgain

    Online A&P course recommendations?

    P.S. Let me know if you need any help with ccc online. It can get a little confusing to navigate and I wish someone had helped me!
  7. FineAgain

    Online A&P course recommendations?

    I took Chemistry and A&P I online at CCC Online. I am registered for A&P II and Psych this semester, then planning on taking Micro this summer. It is a great way to get your credits but it is not easy. It is also very expensive, but I was in the same boat -- I work and can't always get the days off I need to take classes in person. This will have to change if I get accepted into nursing school, but it works for now! People think online classes are easy but they kicked my butt! You have to be motivated and organized. I'm getting there! As far as whether it will transfer, it should. It is a college course and they are transferable. Check with the Nursing admissions office, they should be able to tell you. Good luck! Allison
  8. FineAgain

    HESI questions that need answering!!

    I totally agree! I spent many long hours looking before I found this link. It was more help than anything else I had found, and it was free! I even bought the "Kimmel Guide", and it was pretty worthless and a waste of money. So now my wait begins. With the help of these links and some intense studying, I got a 90...you can too! Best of luck, and let us know how it comes out. Allison
  9. FineAgain

    Help with body cavities?

    Here is a site that will help you practice. http://highered.mcgraw-hill.com/sites/0072919329/student_view0/chapter1/labeling_exercises.html It will all make sense in time, I promise! Allison
  10. FineAgain

    HESI questions that need answering!!

    You are more than welcome. Let me know if you have any more questions. I wish I had found this forum before I took mine...
  11. FineAgain

    HESI questions that need answering!!

    I did not find that book helpful at all. Use these links: http://caring4you.net/HESI_Study_Recommedations.pdf http://caring4you.net/HesiStudyGuide.pdf Everything you will need to know is covered in these links. Take the math test and see how you do, and it will also help you know where you need to study. They also give you subject matter to know. They helped me more than anything in the overpriced HESI study guide. Depending on what you have to take, you will have up to 4 hours to complete the exam. The subjects are Chemistry (25 questions), Biology (25 questions) Anatomy and Physiology (25 questions), Math (50 questions), Reading Comprehension (25 questions), Grammar (50 questions, I think) and Vocabulary (50 questions, I think). You can take the subjects in any order. You can take as long as you like per question, as long as you finish the entire test in the allotted time. Good luck!
  12. FineAgain

    CNA class and practicing on your classmates

    ROM = Range of Motion
  13. FineAgain

    Taking the Hesi and Freaking out!!!!

    We got our results right then, so I am pretty sure they didn't pass. One girl told me she didn't. I felt so badly for her. I totally agree about the HESI book, I got most of my practice online.
  14. FineAgain

    Taking the Hesi and Freaking out!!!!

    I've got you all beat age-wise...I am 51. But I am also living proof that you can teach an old dog new tricks. Thanks for all the support! As for flunking the HESI, it is very easy to do. There were quite a few people in my exam who walked out with horrible looks on their faces, and some I overheard on the phone as they were walking out. Just study, study, study. And don't rely on the HESI preparation book, it totally sucked.
  15. FineAgain

    The wait for your acceptance into nursing school

    I took my HESI last week, sent in the last bit of documentation needed this morning. Did really well on my HESI, got A's in my pre-reqs (Chemistry and A&P) and now it is a waiting game. It is a point based system, I have worked in an intensive care setting for 9 years, just finished a CNA class, and am an EMT...so, I am hoping that all of this helps. You know what? I am still SO unsure of my acceptance. There are so many applicants and so few slots. I am an older student...have raised my family and now it is my turn. I feel like this is my last chance. Keeping my head up...and looking forward. Hoping each day that the mail brings a nice letter. But I have to wait until February or March!!!