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  1. sesiliachan

    Applied to 6 Residencies and No Offers

    Some hospitals don't post their residencies online. I would suggest calling each hospital and asking whether or not they have a residency program. It took me a while to find and get hired at my current residency too. Good luck!
  2. sesiliachan

    Quitting Small Residency for Bigger, Better Residency

    I wouldn't go for the second residency. First and foremost, because the people from the first one chose you instead of a bunch of other people that were waiting on line for this and are investing time and money in you. And second, because like you said, you have found a very supportive environment. To be honest, from what I've noticed, the bigger the hospital, the less supportive the environment is.
  3. sesiliachan

    New Grad Feels Hopeless

    Don't be discouraged! Keep looking! I applied to 100+ jobs/residencies before I got hired at my current ER residency. Make sure you have a linkedin and look for opportunities there too.The way I found out about my current residency is by talking to a nurse on linkedin that went through the same residency I'm in right now. Also, make sure you call all the hospitals you know about and ask them about job openings because sometimes they don't post everything on their website. Good luck and keep your head up!
  4. sesiliachan

    Devastated and Disappointed

    I feel like nursing school paints a different picture about nursing being a job where you are well respected and have time to do everything perfectly. I graduated from nursing school May 2017 and had no expectations about my nursing career or my patient population. I think that's what made me develop thick skin. I work in a Level 1 trauma center ER in a very disadvantaged, low socioeconomic class and poorly educated community. Sometimes the waiting room gets so busy that we have 40 patients waiting in there and they send a lot of patients to my area at once. One day it was so crazy busy I received a patient who waited for 8 hours to be seen by the MD (it wasn't really an emergency of course). I've had patients curse me out, yell at me, threaten me, but somehow I never let it get to me. We also have some rude doctors that are not the most caring but I try to give my best and advocate for my patients as much as possible. I think the main reason I am still here and I'm still sane is because of my coworkers and the patients that are actually really sick and need help. Most of my coworkers are very supportive and willing to help. I can always vent to a close coworker without being judged and that really helps a lot. Also, I try to understand the "grumpy" patients, they've been waiting a lot, sometimes I try to distract them by engaging them in a conversation about something else and they actually stop complaining. Sometimes, we would be so short staffed I would have to take care of 10+ patients by myself for an extended period of time. But the end of the day work stays at work and I go home feeling like I did my best. And it's ok if it's not perfect. My patients were all alive when I left them and had their most critical needs addressed, that's what matters the most to me. I guess that's an ER nurse point of view. Bottom line is, wherever you go make sure you find a supportive environment and someone to vent to. If you don't have that support right now, maybe you should look for it somewhere else. If possible, I would recommend applying to a residency program in the ICU or the ER. That's how the best friendships are made, believe me it really makes a difference.
  5. sesiliachan

    Favorite scrubs??

    Wonderwink - you don't spend much time on ironing them because of the fabric they're made out of. Cherokee Core stretch - they tend to be kind of thin, but they are very comfortable. They say Figs are good too, but I haven't tried them yet, too expensive.
  6. Mosquito bites, bug bites, toe pain, feeling tired and sleepy...
  7. sesiliachan

    Which hospitals in NYC hire associate degree grads

    Jamaica Hospital and Flushing Hospital hire nurses with associate degrees.
  8. sesiliachan

    NYCHHC Applications?!

    Not sure how long it takes, but I know it's very competitive. I applied too. Good luck to both of us!! :)
  9. sesiliachan

    NYU hiring process

    Thanks! I interviewed for acute medicine and neuro ICU.
  10. sesiliachan

    NYU hiring process

    Thanks! I interviewed for acute medicine and neuro ICU.
  11. sesiliachan

    NYU hiring process

    Just got my rejection email today... Anyway, good luck to everyone!! :)
  12. sesiliachan

    NYU hiring process

    Thank you for your feedback @nycnewgrad! @hmc005, I received that email on Octoober 30th.
  13. sesiliachan

    NYU hiring process

    Congrats on starting there! What unit are you on and how do you like it so far?
  14. sesiliachan

    NYU hiring process

  15. sesiliachan

    NYC New grad advice on job offer

    $15 is way too little and not realistic. You can easily find a per diem job on indeed that will pay at least $20+. I'm currently working at a place I applied to on indeed (outpatient facility) and I am getting close to $30/hr. Good luck!!