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emtpbill has 24 years experience.

Started my Excelsior Journey in September of 2015. Just passed both of the FCCA. Now comes the CPNE wait.

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  1. emtpbill

    Excelsior study buddies

    I will throw my recommendations in here as I am coming to the end of the program. I am currently waiting to take my CPNE. I began my journey in August of 2015. I took classes through Excelsior for the prereqs and tested out of all the nursing classes. I became CPNE eligible in August or September of 2016. I took the CPNE in Feb. of 2017 in Wisconsin, failed and appealed, appeal granted so that first attempt was like I never took it. Second attempt was July 2017 in Albany NY. Failed that one so on my record I have one CPNE failure. Reapplied and paid for round 2 of the CPNE in August of 2017 and have been waiting since to have my name called with my 2nd CPNE date. As it stands right now if you apply for the CPNE today you will not be taking it until 2019. I don't want to discourage anyone but some people think this is the easy and fast way to get you RN. It is neither fast nor easy. My first CPNE take 2 out of 8 passed the CPNE. My second attempt, 1 out of 8 passed. Do not purchase anything from the college network or any other publishing company. The practice tests that are available through Excelsior are extremely worth. I don't know what they cost now but I think i paid like 70 dollars for each nursing class to get the practice tests. You have to be disciplined and study. If you try to "wing" it, you will fail the tests. I would lay money on it. You have to put the work in to achieve success. I don't care if you have been an LPN since before they invented medicine, you will not pass. The CPNE, you have to do it the way Excelsior says and wants it. If you do it the way you learned at work and it isn't what excelsior wants, you will fail. I could sit here all day and write til my fingers bleed. There are many on this site that will vouch for what i am saying. Im not doing it to scare anyone, but this is, in my opinion, harder than going to a 2 year RN program. You don't have deadlines like in a brick and mortar school. If you don't do it no one will be there to give a kick in the butt to get you started and motivated again, its all on you.
  2. emtpbill

    FCCA 274A

    Unfortunately the wait is going to be ATLEAST 12 months with a high probability of 12-18 months. I wish it wasn't so but I speak from experience.
  3. emtpbill

    I'm baaaaaccccckkkkkk

    Well, fell off the horse (felt like I got kicked in the head by said horse) dusted myself off and I'm climbing back on. It's been a heck of a ride but it's not over yet. I just keep the aerosmith song playing (I'm back in the saddle again)!
  4. emtpbill

    I'm baaaaaccccckkkkkk

    Hi Josh, How you been?
  5. emtpbill


    I believe it is the same as all of the other exams. I believe 3 hours is allowed and there are roughly 130 questions, if i remember correctly.
  6. emtpbill

    I'm baaaaaccccckkkkkk

    Hi all, I kind of dropped off the earth a few months ago, 6 specifically, after my last CPNE try. I needed to disconnect from the whole process for a while and get back to a normal life for a while. Anyways, apologizes to all if you reached out to me and I didn't respond. The disconnect did me well. I have put in for the CPNE, which will be my official 2nd try (won my first appeal). Its been 6 months since I have put the paperwork in and paid the ungodly fee. I will be around and if you happen to catch me when i'm online shoot me a quick hey. If i'm feeling really randy I may share my last CPNE experience. Bill
  7. emtpbill

    CPNE Round 2, ding ding

    Day two is in the history book. I know not everyone has made it through to the last day tomorrow. Will find out in the morning. I can see the finish line!!!'
  8. emtpbill

    CPNE Round 2, ding ding

    NSLs are in the record book. All is going good, just have to knock the pcs's out tomorrow!
  9. emtpbill

    CPNE Round 2, ding ding

    You and baby are well?????? I'm sitting in the lobby at AMC waiting for the CA.
  10. emtpbill

    CPNE Round 2, ding ding

    Well I have arrived at Albany Medica Center. I am a little early but wanted to get a feel for the layout. I feel 100 times more prepared in that I know what to expect since the debacle in Wisconsin 5 months ago. Still the nerves are there. Thinking about bribing a doctor to give me a script for a few Valium, Ativan, or Xanax. Just want to get this done, finally! Will post more soon.......
  11. emtpbill

    CPNE Round 2, ding ding

    Thanks Lisa, I would wish you luck but I know your gonna do great.
  12. emtpbill

    CPNE Round 2, ding ding

    Hi all, Well, as before, I am gonna post my weekend. This time I will be broadcasting from the bright sunny state of NY, and from the city where our beloved Excelsior college hails from, Albany, NY. A little back story for those who may not know. In February of this year I flew out to Wisconsin fry first shot at the CPNE. It did not go as planned and due to some errors on Excelsiors part I was granted my appeal and was given a priority reschedule for the CPNE. Since I live in Philadelphia and Albany, according to mapquest, is only a 3 1/2 hour drive from my house, I will be commuting. So my bags are packed. Car is packed. It's about 90 degrees out already and if I am not sweating from nerves because of this weekend, I am sweating cause it is so damn hot out. Will post more when I have something to say. Bill- out PS. Let's all wish our own PixieRN who is gonna be a momma very, VERY soon. I'm rooting for ya Lisa!
  13. emtpbill


    Im believing that the credit by exam option is for the person who may work full time, have a family to provide for, or cannot succeed in a formal classroom setting and is able to learn at their own pace and prove their knowledge with the test out option. Had I not enrolled in excelsior there would be no way of rme to get my RN. I cannot take off time from work, or the family unit, atleast my family, would not be able to survive on my wife income alone. Well I guess we could survive but not at the level that we have become accustomed to.
  14. emtpbill

    Got my reschedule date

    Yep, I am leaving for Albany NY this Thursday. Want to have a day to settle and do any last minute reviewing I want to do. That way I am not rushing to get checked in and rush over to the hospital last minute. As I did in February I will give a day by day update, up to with what I am allowed to post.
  15. emtpbill

    Failing Nclex 75 questions

  16. emtpbill


    Another student, who is CPNE eligible, was told that the wait time is now up to 12-15 months and was asked to stop calling in for a sooner date.