emtpbill ASN, RN, EMT-P

EMT since 92, Paramedic since 97, RN and PHRN 2021

Making the most of my time on planet Earth.

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emtpbill has 1 years experience as a ASN, RN, EMT-P and specializes in EMT since 92, Paramedic since 97, RN and PHRN 2021.

Started my Excelsior Journey in September of 2015. Just completed the CPNE on June 6th.  Thinking of a new nickname "Beast Slayer", but on excelsior students and Alumni will know what I speak of!

  Now an RN!

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  1. emtpbill

    What's something you never expected as a male nurse?

    I didn't expect that everyone that is in the ER where I work automatically thinks that because im a male and 50 years old that I 'Must' be the doctor.
  2. emtpbill

    COVID positive

    The other day my wife and I went to our local mom and pop pharmacy and got tested. The pharmacy came to our vehicle and we both swabbed. My wife, who is an X-ray tech, swabbed her nose quickly before I could watch her do it. She is a scaredy-cat whe...
  3. emtpbill

    Paramedic discrimination?

    I’ve been a medic since 97 and just got my RN license about 2 months ago. I interviewed for a local hospitals ER and about 2 hours after the interview I got the phone call offering me a FT ER RN spot. About 2 weeks after I started I was talking wit...
  4. emtpbill

    ER Holding Due To No Beds

    As a new nurse and previous medic who is used to dropping patients off in the ER after a 15-30 minute transport time, as an ER RN I’m seeing patients that I am treating in the ER on day shift, and when I come back the next morning the same patients a...
  5. emtpbill

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    No problem at all. If you encounter any problems or need any help in registering please don't hesitate to contact me and ill offer any assistance or guidance you may need. Just one bit of advice I can give for new nursing students starting soon i...
  6. emtpbill

    Excelsior Grads - Where are they now?

    There will always be some that find the program doesnt live up to what they were expecting. I went in to this with my eyes wide open. When I started the excelsior RN program it was a little different than what it is now. I was able to test out of ...
  7. emtpbill


    If you’re referring to me I graduated from Excelsiors School of nursing 2 1/2 months ago And became a Registered Nurse in Pennsylvania about 3 weeks ago
  8. emtpbill

    "Its a Scam"

    I can't tell you how many times I have heard people say this over the years, that Excelsior's nursing school is a scam. And for a hot second I actually started to believe this. But............. And there is always the but. Tonight, at 19...
  9. emtpbill

    New nurse, just told to find another unit

    Only 3 weeks of orientation????? Wow, my job its 10-12 weeks.
  10. emtpbill


    Call Excelsior. They are more than happy to talk you through what replaces the CPNE.
  11. emtpbill

    Excelsior in PA

    I started in 2016. Became CPNE eligible in 2017. took CPNE in October of 2017 and failed. Appealed fail and won appeal. Took it again in 2019 and had to withdraw due to a hurricane and to leave to help family down south. just took th...
  12. emtpbill

    NCLEX Assistance

    Gotcha. Thanks
  13. emtpbill

    NCLEX Assistance

    265 questions????? Wow, I thought it was 165 or around about that.
  14. emtpbill

    Excelsior in PA

    No mention whatsoever about Accreditation of any type. They need nurses so bad that you can get hired, as I did, before I even have my Graduation Nurse license. Everything that needs to be done on my end has been done. They can log into Pa. Bureau...
  15. emtpbill

    Excelsior in PA

    As a recent graduate of Excelsior's RN program I think I am in a unique position to give a first person perspective. A little background on me: I became a Pennsylvania Paramedic back in 1997 and have worked both 911 systems and inter...