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evastone has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CEN.

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  1. Sooo many of you guys that I would like to meet! Nurse Beth, Davey Do, JBMom, BTDT, Hoosier, Smiling Blue Eyes, Emergent, JKL, Night Nerd, Wuzzie, SilverBells, Lady Foxtrot, and a bunch of other names that I know I'm forgetting off the top of m...
  2. Gobbledygook In Nursing

    What am I supposed to make of a unit that expects me to act as triage nurse, charge nurse, PCA, transport, and hold 10 patients simultaneously in an emergency department? Not only are we short on staffing, we also lack alot of basic supplies crucial ...
  3. Can't post on my phone

    Since getting a Galaxy S21, I have had trouble posting particularly to all nurses on my phone. When I type the space to post elongated exponentially. If I press enter, I am unable to type further and the site crashes.
  4. Hate my old jobs, hate my new one

    It sounds like you don't actually hate your job; it's the hospital protocols that are stressing you out. It's not hard to see why. Just about everything you described is completely ridiculous! I've honestly never heard of so many rules in a hospital....
  5. Does your employer give you *** for calling in sick?

    They always just say OK without asking questions. I've had a couple of managers insist nurses take sick time if a nurse looked ill, stressed, or needed a day off for whatever reason.
  6. Does your employer give you *** for calling in sick?

    Agree with happyg8ful. I would never volunteer the reason for calling out, it's none of their business and it can only cause trouble. That being said, my unit is pretty great about calling out. Never had any issues with it.
  7. Requesting Help With Dream Interpretation

    Going to be introspective with this here... The three Dave's are various components of your psyche. One is more serious and the moral compass for your actions. The second is chilled out and chooses to worry as little as possible. I bet he was th...
  8. Limited perspective indeed. You think our jobs are easier?! You've obviously never seen what nursing care entails. Wound care is no picnic. On skin that is severely broken down, that can take a good hour alone to treat. Meds can be time consumi...
  9. Is Anonymity Important to You?

    Anonymity is so important to me that I have often written responses here, only to decide not to post it in the end out of fear that I might be identified. Paranoid, I know, but I have quite a few decades to go before I'm eligible to retire. I may n...
  10. The Things That Come Out Of Your Mouth...

    I was administering an enema to a two year old patient that immediately backfired, spraying explosive feces all over me. I gave a shriek and one of the doctor said "Oh sh**!"
  11. Nurses: Respect or Money? What Matters Most?

    Seriously, did we work at the same hospital?! This is exactly what my working environment is like right now. Perhaps I should clarify my statement. Yes, providing the staffing and supplies we need can be a sign of respect, and vise versa, but it...
  12. Nurses: Respect or Money? What Matters Most?

    At this point in time, I can't afford to care about respect; I'm the primary breadwinner and I've got mouths to feed. What I do care about more than money is whether administration is supplying me with the resources I need to properly perform my duti...
  13. I Think I'm Done With Nursing

    Emergent, For years I have enjoyed your anecdotes and commentaries. I completely understand your need to get away from all this craziness. Even within the past year, nursing has become a dangerous environment for patient and nurses alike. As nur...
  14. Share Policies That Have Not Saved One Life

    Asking every single patient at triage if they want to be tested for HIV regardless of the chief complaint. Half of my patients don't even know what HIV is and I don't have the time in triage to throughly explain what it is and why the the hospital is...
  15. National Bubba Day

    I nearly did a spit take after seeing this...Sad thing is that I can actually see some of my patients doing this.