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evastone has 4 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in CEN.

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  1. evastone

    September 2019 Caption Contest

    "H-hallucinations? N-n-no Dr. Grimm, Nurse Sharpe, I an NOT experiencing hallucinations. What on earth would make you ask me that?!"
  2. evastone

    Help! I Can't Get Rid of My Dark Cloud

    For me it's scifi!
  3. evastone

    I think I'm gonna quit nursing

    If you are looking for a career that doesn't deal with direct patient care there are options you can use your nursing degree for so you won't have to start a new career from scratch. Education, insurance, law, informatics to name a few. You could go back to school and many hospitals will pay for your degree.
  4. evastone

    Should employers check titers periodically?

    I believe it would be a good idea to check for titers every 5 or ten years. I have a pregnant coworker who got exposed to measles and when they tested her titers they were nonexistent. They were fine years ago when she was first hired. Luckily she didn't catch it but we were all scared for her during the incubation period. Interestingly enough, ob's don't even test those titers when you are pregnant. You get tested for hep b, STDs, toxoplasmosis, and get a TDAP vaccine but immunity to MMR and varicella are not tested. Perhaps in other states they are but not here.
  5. evastone

    I’m burnt out

    You sound physically and emotionally drained which I would feel too if I had your work schedule. Here's what I would do: STOP working the float pool. Request a permanent unit to work on. It is difficult to develop a working relationship with coworkers when you are not permanently stationed there. STOP skipping breaks. It is wearing you down and you are not being paid extra to starve during your shifts. STOP coming in for overtime regardless of how bad you feel. Ignore the phone calls and messages. You need to take care of YOU. Only come in if you need the money. The hospital will NOT collapse just because you won't go in for overtime. If you have sick days perhaps you might want to consider a couple days off as a "Mental health day" just to hold you over until your vacation.
  6. evastone

    Death threats at work?

    There was an old demented patient that said she would kill me. This was not a patient I was caring for or interacted with. She kept trying to get out of bed and could have used a 1:1 but the supervisor wouldn't provide one. We kept her in the hallway in front of the nurses' station where she would continuously state loudly to anyone who could hear how she was going to kill me because I apparently burned down her house and elementary school. None of my coworkers took her seriously since she was old and clearly not in her right mind. I was a bit nervous about her but said nothing because I didn't want to look weak. I put my ego before my safety. I was asked to reposition this patient one day. When I got close enough to her, the woman proceeded to strangle me. Because she was in front of the nurses' station the attack was witnessed and she was pulled off me before any damage was done. Always take threats seriously. If the woman had been slightly younger and stronger I don't know if I would be here today.
  7. evastone

    Why do you love being a nurse?

    Egad, Cleback, what do you have against candy corn?! It's a childhood favorite of mine and totally worth the ten cavities I've gotten! In all seriousness, I love my job because while some of my patients don't appreciate what I do I can see that I'm making a difference. A young adult comes in dehydrated and after a couple of fluid boluses feels well enough to eat and can go home. An extremely ill child stabilizes after being intubated and medicated and is given a high chance of recovery after all the care provided by the nursing and medical team. Parents yelling about me not doing my job while their child runs amok? Clearly that child is not my immediate priority as he is not dying like my other four patients. They can yell all they want, it won't change the situation. On those really hard days when I'm all wrung out and have reached my limit, I try to remember the effort I put in to get my first nursing job during the year I was unemployed. I used public transportation and my own two feet to travel throughout the tristate area in all forms of weather only to have many tell me they don't take resumes submitted in person... Yeah, it's hard sometimes to do my job but it sure is better than what my life was like before.
  8. evastone

    More about budget, not enough about pt. care

    We had an unusually quiet summer one year; that fall there were talks of layoffs due to a decreasing number of patients and lack of revenue. No one's job was safe. Then winter came along and it was the busiest season we had in a long while. By springtime there were no more layoffs and new people were being hired. These days when I have an unbelievably awful night where the ER is swamped with no standing space and no rooms for our admitted patients I try to comfort myself with the fact that there will hopefully be no budget issues this year. Yes, it is always about the money. It pays for our supplies, equipment, and most importantly, my paycheck. I love taking care of my patients but I can't afford to do it for free and neither can the hospital.
  9. evastone

    You COBs Were Right After All

    I have gotten some great advice over the years from COBs that have really enhanced my work/family life. Among them are: *Take your breaks and vacations or you'll burn out fast. *Toughen up a little or you'll never make it. Doesn't mean you can't be nice, just don't let patients walk all over you. *If you are drowning in your assignment ask for help. It's not a sign of weakness. *Taking overtime will not endear you in the eyes of anyone and will take away family time. Only do it if you want to or if you need the money. This is a COB appreciation thread for those old timers who rarely get the credit they deserve and are usually ranted about on allnurses.
  10. evastone

    "Sharing Humour"

    Most of my positive experiences with doctors involved them telling jokes. I know this wasn't with a doctor but this story is still one of my favorites. When I was a high school senior I remember a phlebotomist taking my blood telling me "If anyone ever wants to know your blood type, it's red." I use that joke on almost every patient I poke. It's especially helpful with my younger patients.
  11. evastone

    Patients & Pet Peeves

    Parents who bring their child in to the ER with 106 fever and were last given tylenol or motrin 12 hours ago. When asked why, the response I get is one of the following: 1. The fever kept coming back after the medicine wore off 2. We wanted you to see how high the fever is 3.The fever wasn't so high, it was only 102.1 at home and I only medicate for high fevers.
  12. It seems from your post that you were dismissed from the program for absences/latenesses in your classes, labs, and clinical. Some colleges may consider that unprofessional behavior even if you have legitimate excuses. If you kept missing shifts at work and gave little notice (less than 2 hours) it would also be considered unprofessional and could be a fireable offense in the worst case scenario. Of course, it is impossible to know the whole story just from a couple of paragraphs and I could have misunderstood the reasoning behind your dismissal. If this is an attendance issue though then it could be grounds for being kicked out. You could try to appeal and ask for another chance. You said you hadn't used up your last chance but without a way to prove this to the college board it's your word against theirs. If you can't get back in you could apply to another school and see if they will accept you. I would advise refraining saying anything derogatory about your previous college if you are asked why you leave. That leaves a bad impression at interviews. As per terms of service we cannot offer any legal advice. You would have to speak with a lawyer to answer your last question. Good luck.
  13. Oooh look! Paying patients!
  14. When I said I have the magic touch this wasn't what I had in mind!
  15. evastone

    February 2018 Caption Contest - Win $100!

    That moment when you realize you forgot to clean out the fridge in the staff loungeone and that month old meat lasagna is now coming back to haunt you.
  16. evastone

    Help for a co-worker

    I wish her well and hope she has a full recovery.