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My handoff to the oncoming rn was "300 pounds, off meds, homicidal intent". The was more of course but that summed it up. Let's hear 'em.... Read More

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    I love these posts. Im a registered nursr working nights in northern Ireland and it all sounds so familiar , I'm glad it's exactly the same over there

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    "Back pain for 15 years but worse tonight."
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    Quote from Weatherby4me
    "Back pain for 15 years but worse tonight."
    I triaged that guy last night. "why tonight, sir?"
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    I think this is my new favorite thread.
    I've worked in 2 LTC facilities. At the first I was on the subacute/rehab hall and I got used to a thorough report with dx, changes, vitals, etc. on each resident. At the second I was prn and wasn't on one hall often enough to get to know people, but the regular nurses were used to going down the list and saying, "he's fine, he's fine, she refused her shower, she's fine, she's fine, he didn't sleep, he's fine, he's fine..." I started going in 1/2 hour early to review my assignment so I'd at least know who was a tube feed, who was on O2, etc. before starting the med pass!
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    " This one is yours. No big deal. Just complete heart block. But he's OK"

    Last I checked, complete heart block is a VERY big deal.
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    "The three in the chairs at the desk are yours, so good luck."
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    Pt should be icu status, sorry the dr has been in there with me since 10 am this morning its7pm, youll prob have to call a rapid response tonight (mind you this was a new grad working on nights, i felt horrible for her, the md said pt was stable enough for floor status, didnt flitch when we attained abg 2x lol)
    he ended up being a rapid response at 3am
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    "CTD"...circling the drain...

    "AJU"...all jacked up...

    "12 hr older"...

    "Celestial transfer"...
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    "A-fib, Sundowners, good luck..."><

    Oh! And my personal first GI bleed patient.
    "Do you smell that?"
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