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My handoff to the oncoming rn was "300 pounds, off meds, homicidal intent". The was more of course but that summed it up. Let's hear 'em.... Read More

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    Came in with a toothache, we're treating for sepsis.
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    Quote from WannaBNursey
    Came in with a toothache, we're treating for sepsis.
    Crazy when it's like that, isn't it?! Had a guy whose admission reason was like, belly ache, or some random body part, ended up with TPA for a stroke, amputation for loss of blood flow to the leg, sepsis (which he had before he got there) and DKA because he didn't realize diabetes was something you treat outpatient when you're diagnosed with it.

    Ummmm you may want to get those things checked out when they show up.

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