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Altra is a BSN, RN and specializes in Emergency & Trauma/Adult ICU.

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  1. Altra

    New Charge Nurse

    Childish, at the very least. If you ask me to change an assignment, the reason better be related to the patient and/or family.
  2. Altra


    Health care is a highly regulated industry, and its administration is highly political. HouTx has excellent suggestions above about the nitty gritty actual work of the political process. Some homework for you: do legislatively-mandated staffing rat...
  3. Great satire ... if only!
  4. Altra

    "My Nurses"

    Too much being made of nothing. I thought about this for a minute, and can name people in all roles up and down the payscale in my department who use this phrasing: when the unit clerk calls us "my nurses" ... when we refer to "our residents" ... e...
  5. Proud 21st century diploma grad here. I have since completed my BSN.
  6. Altra

    Best one sentence handoff report

    Awesome. Thanks for reviving a great thread.
  7. Altra

    Dedicated Trauma Nurses in the ED

    I have followed this thread with interest. The 2 Level I trauma centers where I have worked both have a dedicated trauma assignment every shift ... but this assignment is rotated among all department RNs who have been in the dept. > 1 year. I bel...
  8. Altra

    New Rule: No work bags allowed in ER

    It's totally not for me to dictate what size bag someone brings to/from work ... but I'm having a hard time picturing "educational resources" that I would be responsible to lug back & forth with me every day. References on gtts & IV meds? Sh...
  9. Altra

    Reason for IV fluids

    Are these fluids being ordered after labs have been resulted? The above responses have given a variety of reasons why fluids might be given during a work up, until we have lab evidence of a lack of anything actually clinically wrong with the patient....
  10. Altra

    Why white shoes?

    Ruby Vee makes an important point above - the standing for long periods of time is what will dictate your shoe choice in the long run. The floors of hospitals and other care facilities are typically some kind of tile over a concrete subfloor - it's ...
  11. Altra

    leaving clinic with Patients still in exam rooms?

    OP has given some indication that some of her clinic's patients have been at the hospital for other appointments by the time they arrive at her particular clinic to be seen. I also work at a large tertiary care hospital with virtually every specialty...
  12. Altra

    leaving clinic with Patients still in exam rooms?

    OP, it has been hard to follow some of your posts. Are you saying that: 1. You have been the staff member to raise concern about medically fragile patients in your clinic? 2. Clinic management is re-evaluating the practice of providers continuing ...
  13. So, this means that you have read detailed case studies of these nurses, including their social histories and been able to conclude that on the job exposure, of which they do not have a clear memory, is the most likely source of their infection? Some...
  14. Altra

    leaving clinic with Patients still in exam rooms?

    We must be reading the OP differently, because I am not sensing this kind of self-aggrandizement in the OP's posts. What I am reading, is a disproportionate worry about leaving the clinic at the end of the workday when there are still patients being ...
  15. Altra

    leaving clinic with Patients still in exam rooms?

    Understood. You are correct that medical response to those occurrences is the responsibility of the hospital, if the individuals are on hospital property at the time. However, do not infer that to mean that the clinic, or you personally, are respon...