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WannaBNursey is a ADN, ASN, RN and specializes in ER, Med-surg.

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  1. WannaBNursey

    Programs that do one course at a time

    Too bad they only take texas nurses:cry:
  2. WannaBNursey

    I found so many preceptorstates for my FNP

    I looked into and it looked like a scam. I'll try it when I get to that hurdle though
  3. WannaBNursey

    Tampa FNP programs - USF vs UT

    Does UT not set up clinicals?
  4. WannaBNursey

    Programs that do one course at a time

    I am still in the process of looking for schools for my FNP. I am interested in online schools that do one course at a time for a small span of time (such as 8 weeks). I know of Spring Arbor in Michigan. Do any other FNP programs function like this?
  5. I'm currently working in an er nd only know docotrs nd nps that work in the er or are nocturnists. I feel like every program requires you to find your own preceptors. I did go to herzing and dropped out before finishing any classes because they requi...
  6. WannaBNursey

    Online FNP programs

    I just enrolled for Herzing for the Spring 2017 semester and was also looking for advice.
  7. Does anybody have any advice. I was officially enrolled for the January start as of today for the FNP program. I'm so excited but also really nervous. My main issue going forward is acquiring FNP's to precept me. I work in an ER and it seems that the...
  8. WannaBNursey

    ORMC vs Florida Hospital

    I accepted a position at ormc, just off topic what color scrubs do the er nurses wear? I buy my clothes online and I wanted to be prepared.
  9. WannaBNursey

    ORMC vs Florida Hospital

    I've been looking to relocate to the orlando area recently. I am most interested in getting some sort of trauma experience. I applied to multiple hospitals in the area and have interviews set at Florida hospital orlando over phone, orlando regional ...
  10. Had a patient come in with no complaint at all, she got kicked out of the local homeless shelter because she got into a fight there and she wanted us to keep her in the hospital to sleep. It's really sad, but if you need three hots and a cot at least...
  11. WannaBNursey


    That's great that you were able to just jump right into the ER with such a supportive new-grad program, however, not all ER's are like this. My ER only gives 4-6 weeks orientation for new grads to the ER. One of the nurses I graduated got a job in th...
  12. WannaBNursey

    Getting into Trauma

    I wish TNCC was offered at my hospital, but because it's no longer a requirement for our ER, we don't offer it. The other hospital system offers it, but only for their staff. Is there a way to do TNCC online?
  13. WannaBNursey


    1. I bought a couple of books to study up on the ER, but really the only thing that helped was having the experience I had from Med-surg, knowing common meds and having a kick-butt preceptor. She was wonderful! I will say that I still have problems w...
  14. WannaBNursey

    Getting into Trauma

    I'll have worked in my tiny community ER for a year in January and I'd like to stay at least until I get my BSN in the Spring, but I find myself craving to learn more and frankly get out of the area I'm currently living in. I wanted to travel, but I ...
  15. WannaBNursey

    Best one sentence handoff report

    Came in with a toothache, we're treating for sepsis.
  16. WannaBNursey

    New grads in the ER

    I went to the ER after 6 months of med-surg experience and 5 years experience as a CNA. I think those 6 months of med-surg made a huge difference in my assessment skills and my overall nursing practice. Another one of my classmates went right into th...