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  1. sockov


    Hi. Taking the CEN. Any advice? What were the questions like? Thank you.
  2. sockov

    ER RN NYC /Pt:RN Ratio

    14 patients to 1 nurse? I would not work in that department! That is so unsafe, for the patient and the nurse! The ratio should be 3:1 for trauma centers, trauma patients being 1:1 until stable or transferred, and 4:1 non- trauma.
  3. sockov

    ESI question

    Her vitals and clinical picture, I would of made this patient a level 1. Symptoms of a rupture!
  4. He was manipulating staff. You're too busy for that. He's being non compliant, so I wouldn't feel bad to have him leave. People like that usually don't get better. Now you have time to care for the ones that really need you and want to get better.
  5. sockov

    I feel so incompetent and dumb

    I'm new to the ED. I came from ICU to ED and I feel new all over again. I have to regain different assessment skills, and not try to be so in depth with the patient. My preceptor says to get in and get out. Focus on the problem they came for, we are not their PCP. That is a hard adjustment for me since I like to focus on everything. It will take more than one year to feel confident in the ED in my opinion. Each day seems to get better though. Hang in there and give it a good, long try. Hold your head up, don't let others see you upset about things. Just thank them for helping you and move on. Pretty soon, you will be in that position where you are training another new nurse to the ED, and then you can remember how you felt "new" and not precept in that way. :-)
  6. sockov


    OMG! Where you located? So not Magnet! JCAHO? Leave!
  7. sockov

    Best one sentence handoff report

    Patient been in the unit for months. Report: SAY. Same As Yesterday.
  8. sockov

    endovascular repair question

    Curious.. If you forgot to tell the Doc. About the history of AAA, wouldn't the doc see it in the history or when they go into assess and get a history? Or is this heavily relied on the triage? I'm new to ED.
  9. sockov

    Fix me NOW (but on my terms or I'll leave AMA)

    WHY did they ever come in for help then????? I will let the door hit them on the way out.
  10. sockov

    My PT called 911

    I was working in Critical Care and had a patient call 911 once saying he was being held hostage. We had to talk to the police telling them that he was in ICU and wasn't being held hostage but was unstable to go home yet. We took his cell phone and put it on airplane mode. No more 911 calls.
  11. What do you mean, check the "stickie at the top of this forum?" Where to look for that? Thank You.
  12. What do you mean, check the "stickie at the top of this forum?" Where to look for that? Thank You.
  13. sockov

    My Unit Is Bleeding Staff & Morale...Vent!

    OMG, what state you in? I just don't want to be sick and need to go to your ED. Sounds awful!!
  14. sockov

    NP replacing RNs in ER?

    I highly doubt this will happen. The NP's don't want to do bedside nursing work, why they went to NP school to begin with. If they hire an NP that doesn't have nursing experience, that is a total disaster. I speak from experience. I worked with an NP who never was a nurse, and she HAD NO CLUE how it really worked. Also, it is giving them double the work, and it would be hard to keep the staff of NP's. My opinion. No one can replace the bedside, ER, ICU, nurse.
  15. The ASA + battery combo is one of my favorites. I'm surprised this hasn't been on Breaking Bad. Please explain this? Thanks.