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  1. ixchel

    Hiring an RN into private practice

    I just looked at a typical billing rate for TMS and I am absolutely appalled that with your prediction of 45 treatments per week leaves you with a pay expectation of $20/hour. Stop telling us what your overhead is. Stop trying to compare your anticip...
  2. ixchel

    Do I REALLY need a BSN?

    You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.
  3. ixchel

    Do I REALLY need a BSN?

    Maybe if you take sociology of nursing or theoretical foundations of nursing, you'd actually have half a clue what you're talking about. I further add that maybe a course in research would be helpful as well. I'm working with BS students now. You kno...
  4. ixchel

    You don't need RN experience to get an NP job

    Also, if you genuinely don't care what people think, why do you keep responding?
  5. ixchel

    You don't need RN experience to get an NP job

    You'll find a lot of those "go with your heart" and never follow advice or feedback folks over in the student and first year after licensing forums. Spoiler: it's not pretty.
  6. I found nursing school was WAY more demanding of every little bit of my time (while I had little kids and a husband to acknowledge from time to time), which was horribly stressful. The first semester really was the worst, although my second one drew ...
  7. ixchel

    Is this fair?

    Is this a for-profit school?
  8. I learned very, very quickly that you can't save patients from themselves. That, to me, was no big deal. The hardest thing? When the patient DOES want to save themselves, but there are literally no resources available to make them successful at it.
  9. ixchel

    Not sure how to deal with this future classmate...

    I HATE it when people try to be my friend. I feel like ADNs flirt overtly immaturely as well. They make me feel icky with all of their awkward conversation.
  10. BY LAW, your facility is required to make reasonable accommodations, which includes allowing you light duty. For more information, you can look this up under EEOC's ADA online. Any conversation you have regarding this should take place in writing. Tr...
  11. ixchel

    Mispronunciations That Drive You Nuts

    Nope! Do share!
  12. ixchel

    Violence in Nursing

    There is a pretty large group on facebook actively working on this exact problem. They have one gigantic group and then small groups for each state actively working to create better legislative changes. They've been looking at recent events and they ...
  13. ixchel

    My coworker was high and got away with it

    Thank you. I really appreciate it. This is actually why I haven't been around in ages. Life seems to be hitting an upward trajectory, hopefully. I'd like to give some advice that you may take as an insult, but I promise it isn't. When you use "um"...
  14. ixchel

    My coworker was high and got away with it

    I am responding to the OP only, without reading any comments first. OP, last year I developed persistent insomnia that at its peak, ended in me going into a psychosis at the end of a shift, complete with hallucinations. Instead of taking seriously th...
  15. ixchel

    songs that describe the work day

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