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  1. The Lamentations of a Distressed RN (New Grad)

    I know an ED Attending that just started there. From what he said, they just went from a non-leveled to a Level 2 Trauma center with crap-all around besides them. I remember seeing a sign-on bonus for them not too awful long ago, $10,000 sign on bonu...
  2. Ultrasound Guided IV insertions

    Ultrasound Guided Peripheral IV? No idea what an HCAHP is. Y'all really use lido for every IV insertion? That seems excessive, at least to me, but to each their own. My thought process for this has always been, "Why get stuck twice when you can get s...
  3. "I'm a nurse!"

    Your story actually made me lol Ruby Vee
  4. Why did you decide to become a nurse?

    That is completely how I ended up in nursing. It was a 2 year degree that made decent money. Fortunately it's something I'm not terrible at, and only hate my job a couple days a week. Although I am a bit of a nurse nerd now, and occasionally read Upt...
  5. What is the difference between TCRN and TNCC?

    TCRN is s specialty certification much like CEN, CPEN, etc. These specialty certifications are supposed to indicate that you've achieved an advanced level of competence in the specialty area. I can only speak specifically for the CEN as that is the o...
  6. Which Trauma ER??

    I've never worked at a leveled trauma facility (my state only does 1, 2 & 3). But, I can say with confidence that you will see plenty of crap shows at any facility. What kind of volume does the level 4 see? From many of the nurses I've spoken to ...
  7. Transporting Patients from ER to Floor. Your Process?

    The way that it helped level load this a facility I previously worked at was that during the 'Golden Hour' ED was required to transport all patients. From 0600-0800 & 1800-2000 all admits were required to be transported by the ED RN. The rest of ...
  8. "I'm a nurse!"

    The two things I've seen that work well when people show up unwanted at your door are: imply that you're a polygamist & answer with a firearm in sight. In neither case have the unwanted visitors returned.
  9. Studying for CEN

    If you haven't taken those classes or ACLS, PALS, etc. for some reason take them close to when you test. I took my PALS renewal on a Friday and took my CEN on the following Monday. I knew my pediatric algorithms backward and forward. I'm uncertain a...
  10. Subtle deterioration on the floor

    This seems to be the biggest factor that our facility has identified in regards to patients deteriorating without being noted. We had a relatively high proportion of new grads (about a year ago we had somebody that had been a nurse for 5 months doing...
  11. Phenergan dilution

    Seems like an awful lot to waste if you're giving it IM. Or is it coming from pharmacy at 25mg in 50ml? I'd hate to stick a patient that many times.
  12. $15 Min Wage - Effect on RNs

    I do believe the amount of money that the indicated CEOs are making is ridiculous. The CEO of my hospital is an absolute idiot, he is a super nice guy but still an imbecile. But a fair wage is what you choose to work for. If the minimum wage was $15 ...
  13. CEN 2016!

    As others have indicated, Sheehy's is good.
  14. Also make sure that you talk up being a resource to fellow staff and how you perform service recovery in this position. Make sure to have examples in mind of the normal off the shelf questions if you get an interview. Ex: Tell me about a difficult s...
  15. Reason for IV fluids

    I've seen on numerous occasions where we give patient satisfaction IVF, Duonebs, etc. Heard a provider call it that one time, and the term has stuck and pervaded our ED for such treatments.