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  1. AnthonyD

    Day 7: 2016 Nurses Week Caption Contest

    There's a spider in your ear!!
  2. AnthonyD

    Day 3: 2016 Nurses Week Meme Contest

    C-Diff negative! No more gowns!
  3. AnthonyD

    Career decision after completing nursing school

    I would suggest trying to figure out what YOU like, and what you want to do. It's great to choose a career that pays well, but why would you dive headfirst into a career you don't know if you'll enjoy at all -- especially if you have to devote a significant amount of time and money into school for it? If your only goal is to make a lot of money, then out of your listed choices, CRNA is probably the highest, but it's a lot of work, and it's not an easy job. An MPH isn't going to earn nearly as much, and there's next to no chance of getting a job in administration right out of school with no experience. But I would say you should take some time and get some experience before jumping right back into school.
  4. Excellent idea! Start it up!
  5. Yep, this is what I was told also. I can't believe we have to wait until the month before school starts to find out about financial aid though... blah
  6. Awesome, congrats! Where are you doing your Capstone?
  7. Haven't been to this thread in a while, looks like more people have chimed in lately! Great to see so many people on here will be in the May class. I'm also in Rochester and have lived here since 04 (also graduated from UR in 03), so I can answer some questions about the area if people have them. Plus, I work at Highland Hospital, which is part of Strong Health (UR Med Ctr). Maybe when people start arriving in the area this Spring we can all get together !
  8. *slightly off topic* Why is the name of the person in the admissions office edited out of posts? Just wondering...
  9. I stopped in to drop off my paperwork/deposit to ******* on Friday, and she said the May program will be 112 students, if I remember correctly. The largest class so far. To those people that haven't heard anything yet: DON'T WORRY, they haven't gotten through the whole list yet with huge number of people that applied. Hang in there, you'll get the call!!! :) ALSO after dropping my stuff off to ******** on Friday, I came home and a few hours later my phone rang - it was her (I assumed I had forgotten something or filled something out wrong)... And she says, "So Anthony, how would you like to start on Tuesday?" I was like, "WHAT? In like 4 days?!?" Apparently someone dropped from the January program at the last minute and they wanted to fill the spot. I declined, as I simply am not ready to start at this point (with things needing to be squared away with work, finances and other stuff). But dang what a surprise that phone call was!!
  10. Congrats!! I was away for Christmas and arrived home on Sunday to find my letter waiting for me, I got the phone call yesterday. (Now on to the next step - figuring out how to pay for this!) Class of 2011!!!
  11. Ah, Gotcha. Yeah, I had my interview way back in the second week of October - seems like forever ago. I just heard from a friend who spoke to Elaine Andolina (director of admissions). They have over 400 applications this year, the largest number they've ever had. So they are way behind schedule in getting interviews done and processing all the applications. Should be mid January at the earliest before we start hearing anything. ~Anthony
  12. Fall 2010? Is there a Fall program option now???
  13. I had my interview last month too. Haven't heard anything yet, but I am very nervous and can't wait! Did you interview in person or over the phone, and who did you interview with?
  14. AnthonyD

    BSN Interview Attire?

    Had my interview Friday. I wore the suit.
  15. AnthonyD

    BSN Interview Attire?

    What did you guys wear for your interview?? I'm interviewing at the University of Rochester for the accelerated BSN program in 2 weeks, and was planning to wear a suit. Now I'm thinking that may be a bit 'overkill.' Maybe khakis and a sport coat would be better, or just a shirt and tie? Any advice would be much appreciated, thanks!!