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I was wanting to start a thread to see what the average gpa is nationwide at the time of your application. I am down in south Mississippi and it seems to be anywhere from a 3.0 to a 4.0.

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3.94 for all classes, 4.0 in my classes that counted for "points" toward admissions. Darn research writing class messed it up. I didn't need nearly that high of a GPA. I think we have folks with closer to 3.0.

3.87 overall GPA and 4.0 in the co-reqs and pre-reqs. I was told at an informational meeting that 3.0 in Micro, Physio and Anat would most likely be high enough to get you in, any lower is doubtful. This college uses a ranking system, has 300 applicants and only 70 seats. TEAS scores do not play into selection, except it must be above 67%.

You both have IMPRESSIVE GPA's@!!!!!!:yeah:My school (USM aka Southern Miss) goes by prereq GPA and ACT. My pre req is 3.56. It makes me so nervous because it is competitive! You have to have a 21 on your ACT to apply. That is what I made. I am retaking it at the end of Oct since I made the "minimum" for admissions! Ahhh! :idea:

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My university doesn't have a minimum GPA. All the students came from high school and they just selected us then and there. I think half of our nursing class is in the Honor's College while the other half were just lucky like me. :]

I am not done quite yet with my pre reqs but I have 4.0

Good job Kare Bear!!! You won't have to worry like some of the rest of us! :yeah:

I had a 4.0 in the classes that were actual pre-reqs. By the time I started nursing school, I'd taken all of the co-reqs as well and had an overall GPA including those of 3.92 (darned online statistics class)

in kansas here...most schools say you have to have a 2.7 to even be considered but its so competitive that they mainly accept those with 3.4 and up. I know someone who had a 3.0 that got in though just because her science and math grades were all good.. Any C's in science will really hurt you.

CC's around here (west central FL) accept around 3.7 and up.

Hey LuLutheClown...I also applied for the cos nursing program for spring 2011...I have a 3.6 in the bio (two A's and 1 B) what do you think? Do you know how many they are accepting and how many applied exact? Thanks

3.8 overall...4.0 in all the classes that count

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