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  1. KareBear0609

    Men in OB/Peds Nursing....Any thoughts?....

    Yes, including a male doctor.
  2. KareBear0609

    Men in OB/Peds Nursing....Any thoughts?....

    I would refuse any male being in a labor/delivery room with me except my husband.
  3. KareBear0609

    How to Ensure I am never in ER Naked

    With all due respect, it really sounds like you need a psychiatrist. I don't think allnurses is a place for you to come for advice, I believe your issues are far bigger than what anyone on here can offer you.
  4. KareBear0609

    UIC BSN applicants for fall 2012

    I already got my letter from NIU, Tracey. Did you get your letter yet?
  5. Nope, status didn't change. They still do it the old fashioned way =/
  6. Yep! I called around 3 this afternoon and asked if she knew when letters were being sent out and she said they sent them this morning. I asked her if she could tell me over the phone and she said no. So, we should all know something tomorrow or Thursday!!!!!!! Do you have a faceobok, Willow? Come join our group!!
  7. The letters were sent out this morning!!!!!!!!!
  8. Nope, nothing yet! The current students should already know. Come join our facebook group http://www.facebook.com/#!/groups/418509384827819/
  9. I am coming from Waubonsee Community College
  10. Easier to communicate on there :):)
  11. I made a facebook page for anyone who wants to join ~ http://www.facebook.com/groups/418509384827819/
  12. I've been wanting to know that as well! If letters were sent on Thursday then I think our freshmen applicants on here should get their letter today!! Let's hope ours go out in just a few days!!
  13. AlePeace, are you a transfer as well?
  14. If they go out Thursday, we could get them on Friday or Saturday! I don't live too far from Dekalb so it may only take 1 day to arrive!
  15. Have you gotten your letter yet, Megs?!?!
  16. Megs ~ Let us know if you get your letter today :):)