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  1. cgravier

    Do you like the uniforms they give you for your school?

    no they suck. I just want scrubs is that too much to ask? Apparently so. Actually our pants are decent, whatever they are treated with the stuff does not stain. I dropped a hamburger on mine and you'd never know.
  2. cgravier

    Scrub Blues, but not in blue

    nothing in America runs small. Everything is at least 4xs too big.
  3. cgravier

    Is this academic dishonesty?

    our outline for pharmacology and health assesment looks like this: read chapters 1-80
  4. cgravier

    Chance of ADN to get a Hospital Job?

    knowing the OP is in NY makes it even more FAIL. Your instructor is flat out lying.
  5. cgravier

    Is this academic dishonesty?

    she knows you and knows you will tell everybody including thousand of strangers on the internet...But to answer the question: no not really.
  6. cgravier

    Looking into medical and colorblind

    most men are colorblind to some degree. The only reason I know Im not is because I had to pass a test to work in a photography studio making color corrections for printing. Most people dont even know if they are or arent so just keep your mouth shut I say.
  7. Its actually easy for me but Im single and dont work. Its the stuff that happens outside of class that makes it hard (work, kids, etc; ) for lot of people. I always compare everything to Marine Corps bootcamp. On a scale of 1-10, 10 being stuck on Paris Island for 3 months Id saying Nursing School (so far) is about a 3. I kind of wish it were harder. I mean in boot we would have DIs punching us in the stomach as we did pullups, or getting choked till I almost passed out for not knowing an answer to a question... I want that kind of learning lol.
  8. cgravier

    Which is better, a B- or a W?

    B- is not an F. A or B- is basically the same thing as far as GPA is concerned. I had a 3.66 GPA, after taking a 6 point class and getting and A my GPA is now 3.68. That means I can get all As and the highest my GPA will be is 3.7.
  9. well its pretty easy did you take a class called fundamentals or not? Nursing skills check-off book is not completed until all clinicals are done. Should be obvious if you look at the skills check off a first semester student will not be doing anything involving pediatrics etc; I know every school is different but I would assume fundamentals would be the first class you take as the name implies everything is built on it.
  10. cgravier

    Chance of ADN to get a Hospital Job?

    I bet a million dollars the OPs instructor belongs to the ANA. They were telling students 20 years ago that BSN is the only way to go. They were wrong then and are wrong today.
  11. cgravier

    Do I need this for nursing school?

    Yeah a lot of the people in my class have those fancy clipboards. They are kind of cool, but I just use a small notepad that fits in my pocket. Those clipboards have to be carried eveywhere and in clinicals you are constantly using both hands. Just more trouble than they are worth. Small notepad, pen, pen light, stethoscope, hemostat, and bandage shears.
  12. thats stupid expensive for an RN. You're looking at Doctor debt on a nurses pay. Do what Im doing-2 years ADN, work and get BSN.
  13. cgravier

    how did you celebrate?

    Im gonna get totally smashed!
  14. cgravier


    nutrition was a piece of cake (pun intended) Seriously, just remember for wound healing vitamin C and protein.
  15. cgravier

    critical thinking...

    Its thinking about thinking.
  16. cgravier

    medical records

    Its not done anywhere AFAIK...Thats Old school lol any Hospital that did this would go bankrupt in 1 week from all the lawsuits.