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  1. License Dilemma-LPN with new RN license

    I guess I'm not quite sure I understand. Have you actually been offered a position as an RN by your place of employment? It is one thing to update your licenses on your credential list at the facility/hospital. However, if they haven't hired you as...
  2. How are your grades posted?

    Our grades are listed by the number of points we got. Most of our exams were either 40 or 50 questions, so our grade would be listed as X/40 or X/50. We typically had three exams per quarter plus a final, so our total would be X/160 or X/200. Our ...
  3. Advice needed about clinical instructor

    great post. i keep reading these posts about "practicing under someone's license." i am aware of no state in which a student nurse practices on someone else's license. clinical instructors, faculty and preceptors are required to have assessed a st...
  4. got fired after only worked three and half weeks

    I am surprised at the number of posters who are blaming the patient for not turning to the right to take his medication. Sure, it would be great if our patients were all in a position to care for themselves. But, if they could, they wouldn't be in ...
  5. 1st job offer- which one would you take

    I assume that if you are looking at an NP in cardio, you plan to work with adults. Therefore, I would probably take the oncology position. Just because it isn't full time right now does not mean that you won't be able to pick up shifts or get hired...
  6. How do I remember all my patients info during clinical?

    I print out my SBAR. I fold it in half and use one side for my info. On it I write - assess, vitals, orders, labs and then the times that I have to give meds. I then make note of pertinent information about my patient under those categories. I on...
  7. CSCC worth the wait?

    I cannot speak to the hybrid program. I made the decision not to apply to the hybrid program originally because I knew that I wanted the contact of the traditional program. There are certainly pros and cons to both. I think communication has to be...
  8. Pretty sure my clinical instructor HATES me.

    If you are doing things your own way rather than the way your school instructed you, that may be the problem. As a nurse working on a floor, you can get into your own rhythm and do things your way (within limits). However, as a student, you have to...
  9. CSCC worth the wait?

    A lot of the disorganization has to do with the switch to semesters along with a push within the college as a whole to decrease costs which has meant that some faculty have taken early retirement. I am graduating in 42 days. The program has had its...
  10. Appropriate order for diabetic + COPD + pneumonia?

    No need to ask for forgiveness. I was just trying to help you flush out your thinking without giving you the answers. Very interesting scenario. Not a patient I would want to have on my tele floor this term in my preceptorship.
  11. Appropriate order for diabetic + COPD + pneumonia?

    I was going towards heart disease. Many of our COPDer wind up with CHF which is why I was asking about fluids. You certainly want to incease fluids with pneumonia, but you also have to be very aware of output as well as heart sounds, etc. because y...
  12. Appropriate order for diabetic + COPD + pneumonia?

    Fluids are not a no brainer. No not everything can be fixed with and IV and in fact, the point I was trying to get at is that you need to consider what problems can come as a result of COPD. What is a frequent comorbidity with COPD? Are you sure y...
  13. Appropriate order for diabetic + COPD + pneumonia?

    Encourage fluids. My instructors allowed us to say that in our first term or two. But, I'm graduating in less than 2 months, so from my end encourage fluids is no longer a really good answer - and given your patient's status what do you think? Wha...
  14. Appropriate order for diabetic + COPD + pneumonia?

    First of all, your patient's immune function is a mess anyway - between the CAP and diabetes in particular. He's going to be receiving IV antibiotics for the CAP. While it is certainly possible to contract a HAP that is not treatable with the antib...
  15. Where do you think you need to improve?

    Time management skills. I am in my final term and am in a preceptorship. I hope to increase my ability to manage my time while providing care to multiple patients.