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strawberryluv is a BSN, RN and specializes in LTC, Med-surg.

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  1. I'm currently taking Advanced Health Assessment and although I have a passing grade so far in the course, my final exam is a huge chunk of my grade. I was wondering how do you guys study for this course for your Nurse Practitioner program? So far, I've been reading the assigned readings and taking notes then reviewing the course objectives against my notes to study. Looking for ideas..
  2. strawberryluv

    FNP study tactics

    For my first exam for advanced patho I took my own notes reviewed them but after hearing the teacher say her powerpoints are really what she is testing us on then I switched to only reviewing her powerpoints. I write notes on the powerpoints I study from but they are minimal. I’m trying this new study method because the professor said this. So adapt to what your professor says is important.
  3. strawberryluv

    Failed Nclex after 2 years now what?

    I recommend to do at most 50 questions per day like someone else said. But you have been out of school for so long so you do need a content review. I recommend to read a good content review book like Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN..just pick one chapter of it a day and do 50 questions on that chapter, next day pick a new chapter and repeat until your finish the entire book. If you think one chapter is too less then choose 2 chapters, read the content then do up to 50 questions. When you do the questions focus on the question stem and what the question is asking, spend a little more time to think about eliminating each answer on the MCQ (multiple choice question).
  4. strawberryluv

    In Second Year of Nursing School and failed my first exam

    Try using picmonic to help you study! It’s an excellent that has fun ways to learn pharmacology for nursing students by creating stories and picture for you of the material. It’s amazing! It’s great for visual audio learners like me who can’t study with notes and a book only.
  5. strawberryluv

    Failing LPN School

    You need to find a reliable study resource. If you are not understanding, go online check out popular learning platforms like picmonic or osmosis.org or khan academy on YouTube to understand the reason for things. Buy Saunders comprehensive review for LPN. Get tutoring from a private tutor.
  6. strawberryluv

    Got kicked out of nursing school

    You should not let this deter you but seriously clean up your act the second go-around. You need to submit your assignments. Failing for having low grades after really studying hard is one thing but submitting assignments is a simple thing to do! It’s about priority and keep organized in nursing school!!
  7. I don’t like quizlet. It’s flash card design and I don’t study well like that. I mainly like to understand concepts and recall them by teaching inanimate objects not use flash cards.
  8. strawberryluv

    I’m failing bio

    When I took biology, I remember I used a ton of resources to study for biology. It looks like you aren’t able to connect the concepts. I feel like biology is part animation so I remember watching videos using the textbook website to understand the concepts. There are a lot of videos on YouTube from great content creators who can show you how a biology concept looks like in the video. Check out khan academy and Armando hasdungan on YouTube. Try to see how they approach the biology concept and maybe it will click with you
  9. This is for all my struggling nurse practitioner student peers, how do you apply your knowledge in preparation for exams? I just spent close to three weeks reading all the assigned reading and I have about one month until the midterm exam. The midterm exam is online unproctored but I have 40 seconds to answer each question and I plan on knowing the information inside and out. I don't know where I can find practice questions for advanced pathophysiology.
  10. Hang in there. Also, you start putting in the work. Reach out to your connections! I'm glad I work in long term care so I see a number of physicians who precept students as well.
  11. strawberryluv

    NP and DNP students- hours studying??

    This is only for fall semester, first year. First year is non-clinical and we take like 6-7 credits per semester so its manageable. Semesters are 14 weeks long. Second year is clinical courses and they said we can't afford to work
  12. Omg. $1700 per credit is expensive and the don’t find your clinical placement. I’m paying $1052 per credit and my school helps me find clinical.
  13. strawberryluv

    Just a rant that I'm tired of tests

    I’m stressed about my exam too. Midterm coming up in October. Thankfully there are great apps to learn the material in a fun way like Picmonic and osmosis.org. Check it out. I started to stop reading the textbook an started learning on these learning platforms now. Textbooks are so boring
  14. strawberryluv

    NP and DNP students- hours studying??

    I’m in a hybrid master’s NP program so I only go to class four days in a month for 8 hours each day. I like it since I don’t have to worry about wasting time commuting to class. I don’t learn well in class anyway. The sheer volume of information is a lot so I find myself studying and reading about 56 hours per week! I work 1-2 days a week for 8 hour shifts. I am kind of type A personality so I spend a lot of time studying to make A grades
  15. strawberryluv

    Lacking all motivation

    I had same feelings during nursing school. I think it’s that nursing school blues. You put so much mental exhaustion getting through the class and then you have to do it again next semester! Try to do something you enjoy like getting a massage, shopping and then get back to it!
  16. strawberryluv

    Advanced Pathophysiology notes

    My pathophysiology course doesn’t seem too bad. My textbook is written really simply rather than the McCance and Huether book I bought and read over the summer to prepare for class this fall. I find that watching YouTube videos on the Pathophysiology helps a lot with understanding the disease process!

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