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strawberryluv is a BSN, RN and specializes in LTC, Med-surg.

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  1. strawberryluv

    Passed AANP FNP exam January 2022

    No need to spend time writing it down. Thats a time waste. Just read it and then apply it when youre answering the questions on FNP mastery app.
  2. strawberryluv

    Passed AANP FNP exam January 2022

    Hey. I don't know what you mean by the "leik practice exam." I purchased the Leik book 3rd edition and just did the questions in the book. I don't know what you mean by "pass mark." I was average 67% on the FNP mastery app.
  3. strawberryluv

    Passed AANP FNP exam January 2022

    Hi guys, I just passed my AANP FNP exam this January 2022. I graduated with a 3.77 GPA so I am somewhat having an ability to study pretty well. I used Leik for my NP classes throughout the program to help me with forming the inf...
  4. strawberryluv

    When Will the Nursing Shortage Be Over?

    It will be over when nurses start getting more respect and less crap from everyone.
  5. strawberryluv

    Online NP Programs

    I would check if your state board of nursing will accept the transcripts for the online program you are interested in once you have made a "potential" list of programs. For example, California board of nursing recognizes about a dozen of schools fro...
  6. strawberryluv

    Best specialties for Nurse Practitioner

    I am doing my last clinical rotation in occupational medicine. The NP that precepts me is saying over and over again how this job provides good work/life balance. I cant agree more. This NP leaves on-time or earlier with No call, weekends (doesnt wor...
  7. strawberryluv

    Should I be concerned?

    It is normal for a preceptor to have multiple students at a time. I was sharing my preceptor with 3 medical students in pediatric private practice. I don't feel my education suffered in fact it was greatly enhanced as I was able to communicate with t...
  8. strawberryluv

    Why I chose NP instead of MD

    I love this list and totally agree!
  9. strawberryluv

    Total Number of Nurse Practitioners Hits 325,000

    I don't understand and believe this NP saturation claim. As long as there are sick and old people which we are heading to with over 20% of our population being elderly living with a chronic disease. We will need NPs. There are NPs working in a variet...
  10. strawberryluv

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    I don't see an oversupply of NPs. I see a lot of job openings for NPs especially in the city where I live. There are a lot of people where I live so there are not enough primary care providers.. Also, I took an economics class this semester whic...
  11. strawberryluv

    Looking for Preceptors

    There is a facebook group called Preceptors for Nurse Practitioner Students with a lot of student posting and helping eachother..
  12. Hello, I am your fellow student in Herzing PMHNP. I noticed you recommened for studying adv. patho. Would you say that the quiz questions in advance patho are the same as in

    So overwhelmed and do know what to focus on with so much material to read. Thank you,

  13. strawberryluv

    3rd semester and I still feel useless!

    Yes, thats part of the process. Nursing school creates the foundation but the real learning begins at the first job ? Try your best to understand as much as you can about the theory and science of nursing as well as anatomy&physiology. As far as ...
  14. strawberryluv

    Passed AANP FNP Boards

    Congrats to passing. You did a lot of prep courses which probably helped as each one delivered the content differently I would suppose.
  15. strawberryluv

    Concerns with safety after orienting a foreign graduated nurse

    Answering questions on a multiple-choice exam does not mean someone is minimally competent. A test is a test. Reality is something different. My role was to orient her on my unit and show her where things are, the flow of the unit, documentation...