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  1. strawberryluv

    Holy Names University in Oakland

    I just applied for Fall 2019 semester and I hope I get accepted. It seems they don’t have much applicants since the enrollment adviser told me that they are only 40% filled. I appreciate everyone’s comments in this thread and hope I get accepted and start. I feel enthusiastic about this FNP program!
  2. strawberryluv

    Rutgers Camden ABSN Fall 2019

    I went to Rutgers Camden to their traditional BSN program. I thought it was very challenging and I stopped work in my first year of core nursing courses. You can’t work if you’re in that program. It’s very hard! I can’t imagine working in the ABSN. Must be twice as difficult. Good luck!
  3. strawberryluv

    United States university FNP

    Please someone reply. I’m interested in this program.
  4. strawberryluv

    Cartoon Caption Contest WIN $250! Nurses Week 2018

    The Big Bad Patient who huffed and puffed and expectorated the nurse's immune defenses down
  5. strawberryluv

    Pain in Dementia and the need to update nursing curriculum in Egypt

    Thanks for this article. I feel it has opened up the discussion on this issue that is pushed back from our minds. I work with the elderly and I didn't really think of any agitation and restlessness on their part as attributed to pain. I will try to be more mindful now.
  6. strawberryluv

    I See Lots Of Job Postings, So Why Can't I Find A Nursing Job?

    It was really about luck for me. I was told during the company orientation that eight nurses had resigned because they had received job offers from hospitals. I was lucky to be accepted after interview. They hired 3 other nurses besides me for their orientation class. The facility is also very large with over 200 beds. They have over 300 people hired to run the nursing home. I am truly lucky to have a job because I put in 20+ applications and got a call back from the place within days of applying.
  7. strawberryluv

    Free Nursing Continuing Education Programs - 100+ contact hours

    Thanks for this! I will use them.
  8. strawberryluv

    How I Passed NCLEX-RN in 75 Questions

    Thanks for sharing! Your profile is similar to mine. I will use some of your tips. Congratulations on passing the NCLEX!
  9. strawberryluv

    Social Skills in Nursing (Part I): The Art of Validation

    This reminds me of something that happened to me during my shift on Sunday as a CNA. One of the nurses made a very rude comment to me when all I did was repeat back to her what the patient had said about her bowels. I guess the nurse thought it was stupid of me to bring it up. Instead of replying back in a very aggressively hostile way and making an awkward work environment, I chose to chat with her. I quietly relayed with her that I was not aware of the patient's status since I worked very little hours at the facility nor was I aware that this patient was not in her right mind. In other news, I continued to talk to her more so that we can somehow lose the hostility and to help myself "make up" for the hurt feelings I felt by her comment. In the end, she taught me a thing or two and even suggested a very interesting medical television documentary for me to check out. I don't think we're friends but I feel like my approach made her an ally rather than an enemy in my book. Hopefully, she will treat me better since I've spent some time talking to her. Social skills really do matter.
  10. strawberryluv

    Pharmacology Flashcards

    Thank you for making these. I am taking pharmacology this spring and these will definitely come in handy. I also bought Mosby's pharmacology note cards as well but these are much more comprehensive and includes more drugs. =]
  11. strawberryluv

    Mnemonics and Memory Aids

    Cranial Nerves: Old Oliver Often Traveled Through Arches For Very Good Vacation And Holidays
  12. strawberryluv

    I graduated!!!

  13. strawberryluv

    2nd semester

    Now thats the right attitude. Get it!
  14. strawberryluv

    How much do you work on top of school

    I think you should talk about it to your mom. Let her understand that for every one hour of class time you need to study/prepare atleast 2-3 hours a week for the class. If you are taking a heavy load you can make that argument. If you don't think you can handle a part-time job on top of class, tell her that. Tell her that even though some people can pull working during the school year off, it will be harder for you and you don't want to jeopardize your grades for a few extra bucks. I told this to my mom and she totally understands because she actually knows how much I study for any one class that I take and the results show with good grades. Also, consider showing your mother a statistics or some fact by a reliable source that show that working during school year might discourage good grades. Maybe, if she sees a possible correlation she might attest to you not working during school.
  15. strawberryluv

    How did everyone do in your Spring classes?

    So far, my grades are decent. I think I will make the Dean's List. :] ChemistryII - A ChemistryII Lab - B English Composition II - A