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strawberryluv is a BSN, RN and specializes in LTC, Med-surg.

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  1. strawberryluv

    Should I be concerned?

    It is normal for a preceptor to have multiple students at a time. I was sharing my preceptor with 3 medical students in pediatric private practice. I don't feel my education suffered in fact it was greatly enhanced as I was able to communicate with the students about the cases when we did not have patients. I learned a lot. Part of this clinical process is also your own self-learning and looking things up, not just relying on the preceptor to teach you.
  2. strawberryluv

    Oversupply of Nurse Practitioners

    I don't see an oversupply of NPs. I see a lot of job openings for NPs especially in the city where I live. There are a lot of people where I live so there are not enough primary care providers.. Also, I took an economics class this semester which has helped me understand how physicians and NPs get paid and now I will be able tot negotiate my salary. I will not be low-balled.
  3. strawberryluv

    Concerns with safety after orienting a foreign graduated nurse

    Answering questions on a multiple-choice exam does not mean someone is minimally competent. A test is a test. Reality is something different. My role was to orient her on my unit and show her where things are, the flow of the unit, documentation, how to utilize resources as a nurse on the unit, etc I never asked her if she took any courses for these subjects but I asked her if she was familiar with health assessment, pathophysiology, anatomy from her nursing school days. She indicated she did not study these subjects.
  4. strawberryluv

    Concerns with safety after orienting a foreign graduated nurse

    Nope. I do not need to do that but I am asked how the nurse is doing by my management and I told them the truth I didn't have a chance to do this. Anyway, what I was told by colleagues was she couldn't handle the workload at the unit and resigned after 1 month..
  5. strawberryluv

    Should I quit my job

    You should work wherever you feel like working. Why settle? There's no rule book on Earth that states you have to work somewhere because you commit to it. This employer would not hesitate to fire you if they didn't want you anyway. If your goal is to be a CRNA, then do what you got to do. Dream big. Go after what you want.
  6. I am working as a registered nurse in a long-term care facility with short-term rehabilitation services. I work PRN while I am attending graduate school and mostly work in the short-term rehab unit. I oriented a foreign-graduate nurse from India who I feel is not safe. On her first day, I asked her aspects of her education, I wanted to know what she already knew and what I can work with to help speed up her knowledge. I came to find out that nursing in India is very skill-based which includes inserting IVs, urinary catheters, applying oxygen, administering medications (but without knowledge of the medications' actions...only the doctor knows the medical knowledge). I was asking her questions about medications and she seemed to know only the blood pressure medications or heart medications. I asked her if she took any pharmacology course in India or here to prepare for passing the NCLEX-RN and she said she did not need to take a course like that to apply to challenge the exam. She admitted she only studied the medications that she knew will show up on the exam based on her preparation materials. She also added she has been trying to clear the NCLEX-RN or NCLEX-PN exam since 2014. She doesn't understand basic anatomy, physiology, pathophysiology, and dose concentration. Her technical skills are also lacking and she struggles to complete dressing changes, IV medications, etc but that can be learned. Skills are just hands-on exposure but I can't tolerate that she doesn't have the medical foundation to do this job. She doesn't know pathophysiology and that scares me. I just feel like she is a medication tech which is not what her role is clearing the NCLEX-RN exam. I have yet to see her complete a physical exam but I am doubtless she can complete it well since she has told me she did not need to do a hands-on competence course to evaluate her technical skills. Moreover, she has voiced she does not assess patients as her duty as a nurse in India since she mainly gets the doctor when the patient looks toxic. I have raised these concerns to the ADON and DON. I have told them that this nurse does not understand medications and that she is unsafe. I am scared for my patients. I am scared that in her role as a skilled-based healthcare worker she will not know when the patient is deteriorating. She will not voice her concerns to the doctor because she is not familiar with the clinical picture of the patient and maybe even uncomfortable being assertive to advocate for her patients. Today, I asked her what is swelling in the legs would be called, she did not know "edema." I just can't imagine that they have lowered the standards to the NCLEX-RN because of a pandemic. I suggested that she try the night shift because it was a slower pace and she would have time to understand aspects of nursing but she was not willing to do that. I guess if someone has experienced this, let me know what you think..
  7. strawberryluv

    Bizarre NP Preceptor Experience!

    WOW!, this is the stuff of nightmares. I am guessing your university is NYU. Anyway, I'm going into my first clinical rotation so I'm just reading experiences and hope and pray I don't have the same experience as you.
  8. strawberryluv

    Passed AANP Exam June 2020

    Thanks for sharing. I'm currently in an FNP program and I find this helpful to gain a perspective on what I might need to expect. Already have the Leik book since everyone is raving about 😄
  9. strawberryluv

    NCLEX Struggle

    I recommend Hurst review. They were the reason why I passed. They explain the physiology of everything with videos. Maybe it will work for you
  10. strawberryluv

    Help! Advanced patho is kicking my you know what!

    I recommend osmosis.org for videos. I paid $99 for two years and they currently have 50% off I think. It helped me get an A in Advanced Pathophysiology. After I read the chapters, I would watch the videos and then take notes. They have their "high yield notes" with most of their videos so I would copy those and quiz myself using them as study sheets then look at those sheets when I didn't get the questions I asked right to myself. Also, I purchased the question bank from apea.com which helped a lot.
  11. strawberryluv

    Are there any on-campus Nurse Practioner programs out there?

    I recommend hybrid programs. My program is on-campus for several hours a month but majority of the work is dependent on the student to learn the material/read the textbook readings. I am good with teaching myself so I don't mind not going to class. I find most things I can learn I can do it after reading.
  12. strawberryluv

    Help! Advanced patho is kicking my you know what!

    I recommend signing up to learning platforms. After I discovered learning platform/websites/ Youtube artists like (Ninja Nerd Science) it wasa game changers. Watch videos online and sign up for learning platforms. DM me for specific websites I like.
  13. I studied for 5-7 hours every day. I was so afraid of failing and the exams were difficult. My professors actually wrote for the NCLEX-RN so they were really good with writing questions.
  14. I'm currently taking Advanced Health Assessment and although I have a passing grade so far in the course, my final exam is a huge chunk of my grade. I was wondering how do you guys study for this course for your Nurse Practitioner program? So far, I've been reading the assigned readings and taking notes then reviewing the course objectives against my notes to study. Looking for ideas..
  15. strawberryluv

    Why do RNs choose to work in nursing homes?

    I like working in a nursing home because I am guaranteed hours work, familiarity of patients over time (establish routine), subacute (I don’t like acute care), and availability of overtime. There is just that sweet spot of walking into work knowing who your patients are every day and how to manage there issues! In acute care where I didn’t know what to expect walking in the door..it nearly gave me anxiety every day. I used to work in long term acute care facility and went back to the nursing home due to the craziness of acute care.
  16. strawberryluv

    Failed Nclex after 2 years now what?

    I recommend to do at most 50 questions per day like someone else said. But you have been out of school for so long so you do need a content review. I recommend to read a good content review book like Saunders Comprehensive Review for the NCLEX-RN..just pick one chapter of it a day and do 50 questions on that chapter, next day pick a new chapter and repeat until your finish the entire book. If you think one chapter is too less then choose 2 chapters, read the content then do up to 50 questions. When you do the questions focus on the question stem and what the question is asking, spend a little more time to think about eliminating each answer on the MCQ (multiple choice question).