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  1. LuLutheClown

    Fellow 'B' Students...

    I will be honest....it took me a whole week to recover from receiving a "B". I set out at the beginning of the semester with one goal....balance family and school, and that a "B" would be wonderful. I was cruising along most of the semester at a 85-86%. Then, the last couple weeks, things just began to click. I missed only two on my final. Two too many. I missed an "A" in the class by 2 questions....ugh. And, our first semester is all one class, 11 credits. So, that is 3.0 times 11....ugh. And, "A's" are 91%, not 90%, and they do not round......ugh. i finished the class with a 90.5%....a "B"......ugh. But now, one week later.....I am fine. And, remember back that my family did not suffer my loss. In the years to come, which will be important......the four months that I did not neglect my husband and kids or the "B".
  2. LuLutheClown

    Any plans for winter break?

    So, I have been "off" since the summer semester. I begin nursing school in Jan. But, I have read some good books, cooked every night for the fam, love on my kids and hubby, and am hoping to sew. All the things I will miss during my 1st semester! Happy holidays!!!
  3. LuLutheClown

    Financial Aid pay for nursing school

    The Pell Grant does cut off at a maximum number of credits. Although, you can file an appeal which can be granted and is determined by your school on an individual basis. My school considers those in a nursing program eligible (in most cases). California also has a waiver for tuition for it's residents, need based. Good luck.
  4. LuLutheClown

    Going to be denied f/a because of maximum credit rule..

    I was told by our school that almost everyone entering the Nursing program has gone over the max. credits, due to the number of pre-reqs required. And, although they are required to look at each person case-by-case, the appeal process is normally just a formality. I have an AA in social science and have over max. credits and my financial aid appeal was approved in 24 hrs. Each school has the right to make it's own decisions, but it is definately worth a shot. Good luck.
  5. I have rented from Chegg.com in the past. But, this semester I am considering renting all my books from campusbookrentals.com. I will save more that $400. And, they have an option to buy the book at the end of the semester, should you choose to....paying only the difference between the rent/purchase price. It seems like a no lose situation. What are your thoughts?