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JROregon has 5 years experience as a ASN, BSN, RN and specializes in Infusion.

Started on nursing school path in my mid-40s and finished just short of my 50th birthday. BSN in 2015. RN at hospital.

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  1. BSN is a joke

    Agree with Ruby Vee, you can either do the work to get the BSN or not. You can do it cheaply through a WGU type program and take a bunch of credits at once or do it through a more expensive program with credits that are transferable anywhere if you d...
  2. Stuck in clinic as a new grad?

    How will you find out if you don't apply for that hospital job and go through the interview process? I applied for 3 different hospital jobs, after working in a clinic for a year, and got the job I wanted and was best for my goals. The fact that you'...
  3. What age did you complete your BSN or ASN?

    ASN 49 RNBS 52
  4. suggestions for urgent care nurse?

    Urgent care is very task oriented and you'll be trained on just about everything because there is really a little bit of everything. You will want to be able to talk about being a multi-tasker and good communicator because the physicians are right th...
  5. Help!!! Where to begin to start nursing school

    So most of this will depend on which college/university you will want to attend at the end of active duty. A good start will be a writing/composition class, math at the college algebra level, biology or chemistry, psychology - both general and develo...
  6. Accepted and Looking for Advise!

    You will be buying bunkloads of books in no time. Here's what I would spend a little cash on. I would get yourself one of the newest N-CLEX guides to see what you'll be tested on when you're done with school and to get an idea of what your test quest...
  7. Tell me about your first day of nursing school

    Really, 28 questions. I don't even remember the 1st day. I do remember the 1st 2 weeks being the most stressful as none of us know the schedule until we showed up on the first day. We were thrown a lot of new information, really quickly. We had skil...
  8. Has anyone ever seen a surgery?

    Lumbar laminectomy with fixation hardware placed, c-section. Facination stuff.
  9. Advice!!!

    You will be learning in "layers". Remember what Shrek says to Donkey about onions and layers. You will be building your own onion of nursing knowledge. Every paper you write, every prep and care plan you do, every chapter you read, and every skill an...
  10. The best hairstyle for female student

    Anything that will keep your hair out of your face, your mouth, and won't touch your patients when you are leaning over. I finally grew out my short layers so I can pull it all back. I always like seeing how nice everyone looks with their new cuts a...
  11. Does your class have a facebook page?

    Yes, we have a private group and it has really helped with people needing to remember due dates and get assistance with APA standards for writing papers, translating instructions on a rubric, math, frustrations, get-togethers. I think it is nice to b...
  12. Nursing programs that take low gpa students

    At my school, a community college, they only count the classes that have a big effect on how well you'll do in nursing school. So the pre-requisite sciences, psych, and nutrition classes are given points according to the grade received. The people wh...
  13. Anyone taken Informatics

    I wonder why they need to offer a whole class like this and not a 2 hour lesson. Same with dosing math. Do students really need an entire term of this? Bring a pillow.
  14. How many people did you lose?

    Maybe 15 % ?? I dunno. We started with 54 and have about 46 or so. Have a couple of folks who joined us last term.
  15. What would the IV rate be...?

    You are missing the rate. If it is TKO, it should say TKO.