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Hi Everyone,

Besides white scrubs,

I was wondering what you all thought the worst scrub color that you have ever had to wear as a nurse? And this can be for any reason... whether it makes you feel silly, reminds you of something gross, or makes you feel unattractive, reminds you of a past employer where a different occupation was assigned that color, etc..

Feel free to take the poll.


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I'm not sure what you're looking for here. The worst color I've ever seen required is an electric blue color that the ICU required. Fortunately I worked in CCU where the color required was a lovely teal.

Hi Ruby Vee, this is the first poll that I have ever created. Do you have any tips? Or, was anything confusing about the questioning? Thank you for responding anyways! I personally dislike royal blue because that was my nursing school's uniform color.

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Hmmm...I have never been "required" to wear a certain color.

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Lime green as a student!!!!!!

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My sister's LVN program made them wear forest green. It was universally unflattering. And white shoes. They had to have clean white shoes every day!

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My hospital does not require certain scrub colors for nurses, but I would imagine wearing full yellow or pink would not necessarily be "ugly," it just wouldn't match the environment. I normally wear black, teal-green, olive green, or blue. I did like my nursing school color which was maroon pants. I am not a fan of any white either.

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I chose maroon red, My second option would have been lime green.

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Black. Death called - He wanted the uniform back...

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White. It's hard to prevent stains, and if your skin is darker than olive your underwear shines through.

Black. Death called - He wanted the uniform back...

We wear black and I quite like it :)

Of course, it's used in combination with red and gray so no one actually has to wear all black. But I mostly do.

My husband on the other hand can't get used to the idea of a nurse in black scrubs!

Apparently my girlfriend has witnessed the lime green scrubs before. I am still surprised anyone would have to wear this color, however!

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