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Hi Everyone,

Besides white scrubs,

I was wondering what you all thought the worst scrub color that you have ever had to wear as a nurse? And this can be for any reason... whether it makes you feel silly, reminds you of something gross, or makes you feel unattractive, reminds you of a past employer where a different occupation was assigned that color, etc..

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Orange. Worst ever; makes me feel like I'm in jail.

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Mustard yellow ?

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Purple...I worked at the VA in the OR. As we had to change in and out upon arrival and leaving work, said purple scrubs were not to be seen leaving the building. We’d go down to the cafeteria and ya’d hear “it’s the Barney people.” Yeah, that shade of purple. Ugh.

Bright yellow as a student!

The only positive for wearing bright yellow scrubs was when our clinical groups met for the 1st time each semester, our professors could easily point us out amongst all the other schools that usually wore more common colors (e.g. Navy, Black).

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I think white is the worst. I can't keep that color clean. Luckily, I haven't had to wear that in 20 years and that was just when I was a student. I didn't mind terribly, but we had yellow tops in nursing school. Still a bit too light for my personal taste. I am a clumsy eater, and pretty much all of my clothes end up with some sorta oil stains.

I wish we had options for colors. I've only worn ceil and navy blue. I don't think I've ever seen people in brown scrubs (or lime green or peach), but I can imagine them being unpleasant colors to wear.

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Seafoam green - that was the official puke-green color I was once require to wear. The name of the color alone made me feel nauseated.

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I've luckily not minded any of the colors I've had to wear:

* Fire engine red as a student - I mean, it was bright, but not a terrible color. We joked that our red scrubs were a warning to patients that we were students.
* Electric/royal blue as an RN, I like that color!
* Charcoal as an NNP - Good color on me, but we would joke that a group of us should be called a "storm of NNPs"
* Surgical blue as an NNP - Not bad.

White, yellow or orange would be horrific for me.

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Seafoam green when I was a health program as a student before.

Black scrubs make it look like a bunch of ninjas are in the area. ⛩️

In my opinion it is not the best color for healthcare. Patients need to rest, not feel like an assassin is near.

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My Maternal/newborn unit used to require us to wear hospital provided scrubs. first they were white, then they were lavender, with white or electric green for men, then the white and lavender disappeared and all we had were ill fitting electric green. especially annoying to those of us who'd bought purple cover coats to go with lavender scrubs. Suddenly we were turned into Barney the dinosaur!!

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Not me, but the students a few years ago from the school I got accepted to had this really ugly green. They were like if Olive green, brown, and bile had a baby.

And even worse was psych patients wear a similar color in paper scrubs so the staff constantly were chasing the students thinking they were "escaping"

Definitely orange. Looks like a jail jumpsuit.

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