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AutumnDraidean has 20 years experience and specializes in School health, Maternal-Newborn.

RN 1997, Float pool 2 years, Maternal Newborn 13 years, concurrent with this, district sub for 4 years. Head Start 2.5 years, current gig 1.5 years and counting.

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  1. AutumnDraidean

    Stripes on caps and the significance of..

    The style of nursing cap has more to do with the nursing school you attended. In some places, NYC, Boston or Pittsburgh for example, one could tell by looking at the cap, what school the nurse attended. I wore my cap exactly twice. When I was given it at the end of first year, and when I was pinned at the end. It has one stripe, a ribbon of black velvet attached with hot glue! LOL It was an associate degree program, at it used to be a 3 year program run by the hospital until it was moved, lock stock and faculty to the community college. Poke around on Pinterest and you'll see all manner of caps. you'll also see pins from many different nursing schools. It's said the cap evolved from the nuns' habit and back in the day British nurses wore some wild caps! Can't tell I majored in history the first go round! Nah!
  2. AutumnDraidean

    Worst Nursing Scrub Color Worn?

    My Maternal/newborn unit used to require us to wear hospital provided scrubs. first they were white, then they were lavender, with white or electric green for men, then the white and lavender disappeared and all we had were ill fitting electric green. especially annoying to those of us who'd bought purple cover coats to go with lavender scrubs. Suddenly we were turned into Barney the dinosaur!!
  3. AutumnDraidean

    Haunted Hospital??

    I used to work on an SNF in the old wing of a hospital. more than one confused patient complained that they could hear babies crying. I spoke with an old salt, who explained that that floor used to be Maternal Newborn... I also heard ghost stories about Sunmount in Tupper Lake NY, it was first a veterans hospital, then a TB hospital before it became a "State School" It's still used as such, as well as a prison for intellectually challenged folks who've committed crimes... I've never been there after dark, not sure I'd want to be!
  4. AutumnDraidean

    Nursing - Not Sure...

    If you like the policy and science better than the clinical portions maybe look into public health? If you can power through your BSN and get a masters in public health you might really enjoy it. Regarding the Adult Health class, I would ask your instructor to sit down with you and go through your most recent exam and try and figure out where you're going wrong on the tests. Do they use old NCLEX questions? (Pick the best answer, there may not be a right answer, just the least wrong) Are you overthinking it?
  5. AutumnDraidean

    Macbook Air or Macbook Pro for Nursing School?

    I love my MacBook pro and it's survived a severe insult, My cat pee'd on it. I lost some ports and the charging system is a wee bit dodgy. My thoughts are as follows, talk to your nursing program to make sure they don't have specific ideas as to which OS you'll want, unless they heavily favor Apple, I would recommend buying an inexpensive windows computer with a solid state hard drive. This is because, if you are going to drag it hither and yon it's going to take a beating, My husband's laptop gets taken back and forth to work every day and he's had to replace it every 3-4 years, they usually take the worst moment to utterly plotz too. When you finish nsg school buy yourself a snazzy new macbook pro.
  6. AutumnDraidean

    SO many school nurse positions available right now

    It's usually a BSN plus an education masters. Some teach health classes. Someone in Albany decided this would be a good requirement. I know someone who was laid off for not having the ed master's in spite of 20 years of experience. Of course there is always another side to the story...
  7. AutumnDraidean

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    I strongly dislike the "Straight off the Bus" visits. No, go have breakfast and settle into class, then we'll talk. In winter country with them all bundled up and riding in a heated bus they probably are overheated and motion sick and if I did take their temps it be in the 99 range.
  8. AutumnDraidean

    Parent Pick-Up of Sick Kiddo

    I reserve a special place in hell for employers that do not allow cell phones to be carried and will not answer the company phone. Ok, I get the not carrying the cell phones, but when the second is true as well, Memo to wearhouse, there is something called a portable phone, foremen should carry one if you are too cheap to hire a receptionist!
  9. AutumnDraidean

    SO many school nurse positions available right now

    I have no idea if the retired ER nurse has a masters or not, but the district she works for has a waiver, They likely can't afford a school nurse teacher. there are only about 300 kids pre-K to 12th grade. Schools that do hire school nurse teachers do pay on the same scale as the teachers so starting would be ~50K.
  10. AutumnDraidean

    SO many school nurse positions available right now

    A district in northern NYS mentioned a pay rate to me of 25k plus top notch health insurance. then they picked someone else LOL! (A retired ER nurse, not sure I blame them.) NYS would love to see masters prepared school nurse teachers in most schools. you would then be on the certified teacher wage scale, starting around 50k depending on the district and the union contract. I guess big and wealthy districts typically have one such person supervising a small team. most districts up here apply for, and get a waiver to hire a plain RN. Districts around here pay their own subs $75-125 a day. They have a cumbersome application process in many cases and are always short on subs. That's why I have my job. You could call me an agency sub, Only the agency is a little critical access hospital. The schools pay ~$300 a day and I'm on union scale wages, as in hospital RN level. Vacancies for full time school nurses are rare here, when they happen they are due to retirement, or a position opening up closer to someone's home.
  11. AutumnDraidean

    Providing Care to Staff

    I went through this today...I think the adult involved might be a drama llama, but I didn't like in the least what I was hearing. I took her BP and it was 140/90 manually. scarcely 90 minutes later we checked it and it was quite a bit higher. This had happened the day before and she had been told to redose her BP med, this morning she had doubled it. I said "You need to be seen by your doctor, either at the office or in the ER! I was not happy. I suspect (and hope) she was working herself into a frenzy, but I can't untangle that! The doctor's office double booked her in, hopefully she'll get sorted before I next work there. Uggggggggg!!
  12. AutumnDraidean

    Vent Sesh

    I wish it wasn't the case, but for some stuff subs don't have choices...
  13. AutumnDraidean

    Vent Sesh

    As a sub, fighting about keeping a kid in school isn't worth it to me. If the teacher wants them sent home I will. Know the regular nurse got a note and one of the TA's confirmed that I was doing the right thing. The teacher will have to sort it out. The schools I go to vary in support. Some are superb, admins and counselors look in the office as they pass and will help by providing insights as to this child's normal state. In one school a certain child has been sandbagging subs with difficult to assess subjective symptoms. I was told the child's name and that unless I witnessed certain objective symptoms with my own eyes, or she had a fever I was to call the office and simply say "My friend --- is here" Some schools leave me hanging more. It takes a while for it to sink in that I don't think the student is ill, but sending them back to class also has it's risks. Having a counselor or admin who knows the student better come and scoop them up usually ends the drama for the day, for everyone! As far as boredom therapy in the nurse's office, Any time a kid has to wait a bit for pick-up I have crayons and loan them along with printer paper. None of this appears unless I decide. One elementary school has children who are written out of gym wait out that and recess in the nurse's office (Ugh!) They usually bring a book or their Chrome Book. One of my daughters was having a short term issue. she tried not going to school, we turned off the internet for the day, and took whatever Nintendo away. School avoidance quelled (We did deal with her issue too) This is kind of what I mean by boredom therapy at home.
  14. AutumnDraidean

    Vent Sesh

    Had a high school girl one day, diffuse complaints and admitted she had attendance issues... no objective symptoms, no notes of any kind, told her she could rest during her free periods and sent her back. her guardian is her non driving grandmother who evidently she called from the bathroom claiming she threw up. I told grandma she wasn't currently in the office but if she comes back I will send her home. Then I called the counselor to ask about psychosocial reasons this could be going on and got zero help. without objective symptoms and guidance I followed my gut and let sleeping dogs lie. The girl never did come back. Another school, younger child, 6th grade unwitnessed vomit. Called grandma who told me that student can "Puke at will" so, with no other objective symptoms I sent him back to class, he came back 10 minutes later with a call from his teacher that if he vomited he HAS to go home. I shrugged my shoulders and called grandma who was annoyed but sympathetic. I said the teacher will come to regret this but that grandma could try boredom therapy at home. She laughed and I don't think he had that much fun at grandmas that afternoon! Life of a sub!
  15. AutumnDraidean

    Pink Eye Policy

    It's important to note in areas with high vaccine refusal rates that conjunctivitis is part of the three C's of prodromal measles along with a cough and a runny nose.
  16. AutumnDraidean

    Forced Organ Donations from Living Donors???!!!!

    When you look at how religion helps or hurts a society it depends on the religion and how it's applied. If it's used to subject people to unjust rule and to excuse abuse, yes. It can also be used by people to elevate people...to question the status quo and resist abuse. It gave many Black Americans the strength to persevere in the civil rights movement. It gave many indians the strength to resist in pushing the British out of India. The leaders of China know this. Just because evil people use religion as a locus of control doesn't make religion always evil. Just because revolutionaries use religions to stir the populace does not make religion always good either. It always comes down to intent.

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