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catsmeow1972 has 15 years experience as a BSN, RN and specializes in OR.

Fluent in sarcasm and constantly trying not to curse every 3rd **** word. Mother of cats. Likes human kids so long as they are someone else’s and I can gives them back. Deep down, actually a nice person (so I’m told). Will take your holiday shift for cash...

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  1. catsmeow1972

    Kentucky Board KARE

    I dunno, the crime syndicate that is the Florida program started doing Peth testing on a regular basis because ‘it was an additional tool to assist us in our recovery’ or some such BS. Rather hilarious (I can say that as I’ve been out of their clutch...
  2. catsmeow1972

    Florida IPN saga continues

    Being stuck in that BS supposed rehab ( I self reported over a mental health crisis… how drug rehab was supposed to be any use whatsoever is beyond me). I was so clueless that I didn’t even realize the place was even a rehab until I’d been there a fe...
  3. catsmeow1972

    Success stories of using attorney vs IPN

    Yes! Get an attorney. The expense of having a relationship with a good one. If we are talking Florida, there 2 big firms that specialize in this stuff. TOS says I can't name them but I had one on the back burner for a large part of my contract. My re...
  4. Read in its entirety: A Call for Rational Reform of IPN and PRN Laws and Regulations I couldn't get this to post as an article, so here is the link. It is from late 2021 but clearly, someone has noticed that there are issues (nay, an entire su...
  5. catsmeow1972

    Kentucky Board KARE

    Granted I’ve been out of IPN for almost 3 glorious years but in my seemingly never ending time there, I managed to never have a dilute pee. How, you ask? Well I did the stupid checkin at 4am on the dot. Nothing will make you a morning person like wak...
  6. Hi, I am in Florida. Can you please tell me how you found work and where you found work while you were in monitoring? I need someone to talk to desperately. 

    1. catsmeow1972

      catsmeow1972, BSN, RN

      Hi, my first job was a little hellhole in Bartow, Fl. I lasted about 16 months before I resigned as I was afraid of losing my license over massive safety issues, both in regards to patients and staff. I did make it long enough to work off the key restriction that was on the contract. I was mental health, not addiction but this farce of a program treats everyone like they are an addict on the verge of relapse. 
      My next job, I was forced into working on a med/surg floor in Sarasota. I’d interviewed for and received an offer for the OR but IPN screwed that over for me by lying to my potential supervisor. SMH was interested enough in me to offer me a floor position (the delicious irony is that is was a post surgical floor where we had the highest usage of narcs in the hospital). Drugs never being my issue but IPN treating me like it was and then landing there, priceless. I lasted about 8 months because well, I am many things but a floor nurse ain’t one of them. I just could not keep up, being the perfectionist that I am.

      After that, considering that I had no desire to pick up and move again!, and not even sure I wanted to be a nurse anymore, I delivered groceries for a year and a half. I figured since I’d satisfied all the facets of the contract except the time, I could just sit out and count days instead of torturing myself with not being able to get a job in my specialty. I did not disclose to IPN that I was doing non healthcare work because frankly, I did not think it was any of their business. The case manager had the gall to ask me how I supported myself. I told her I was independently wealthy. Should have told her I was pole dancing, LOL! (I’m nearly 50 and fat….haha)

      About 6 months prior to the end, I decided IPN could go screw themselves and I was not going to let them take away my ability to do what I love. I wound up moving again, this time to Tallahassee. That was back in 2019. I’m still there and quite happy. They seem to have a low opinion of IPN in general. My supervisor had zero interest in why I was stuck in their program and did tell me that she tuned out the case manager babbling when she had the requisite chat. Tallahassee is a pretty decent place to work. Even in the midst of Covid, they took good care of us. I can’t complain.

      I would avoid any HCA facility like the plague. They seem to think IPN people are the equivalent of hardened criminals or something. I don’t have much use for for-profit healthcare anyway.

      Hope that helps..

    2. JMS123

      JMS123, ADN, RN

      Thank you for replying! Here’s my story. About two months ago, I was working for an HCA facility and travel nursing. I was going through a divorce and trying to pay my divorce attorney and bills. I was exhausted. I was asked to go into work in my ONE day off a week. I declined twice and was baited into working. I went in and a patient complained about me. At the end of my shift around 530AM I was asked to submit a urine drug screen. I refused because I knew it would be positive for marijuana. The next day I got a call from IPN asking me to self-report. I was in the fence for logistical reasons. I couldn’t work if I reported and the eval was quite costly. I found another job shortly after at an LTAC in administration away from the bedside and hired a licensing attorney. Then about two weeks ago I received a court order from the BON to go have an evaluation with Titelguy addictionologist in Gainesville. I have to go soon and I am sure he will refer me to monitoring and inpatient rehab. I CANNOT afford inpatient rehab and will not qualify for insurance through my job until Dec. 24th. All of this is making me have extreme panic attacks and my mental health is worse than it’s ever been. If I can get through this, I can get through anything. I could keep my job if my DON and director agreed, but I don’t even know. There’s no chance I could keep my job if my license becomes suspended. I am a single mom now without any support. I have no idea how I am going to manage. The attorney I have says he could try to have me have a second opinion or possibly plea with the BON to allow IOP. If you were me, what would you do? I have no idea what’s going to happen. I am quite afraid. What’s the evaluation like? 

  7. catsmeow1972

    IPN 40 hour restrictions

    Absolutely. Staying until your relief gets in does not constitute an extra shift. Considering that I am pretty sure the clowns that run this show have not been anywhere near an actual patient in a coon’s age, they have zero idea (or more accurately d...
  8. catsmeow1972

    IPN 40 hour restrictions

    No, IPN does not get any copies of your time card. These people lead you to be paranoid enough that you would think they did. Unless things have changed, the only thing they get is the little quarterly report where your designated supervisor checks w...
  9. catsmeow1972


    Oh yes, a scam to the Nth power. I am 2 years past getting out of the claws of those crooks and still have issues. Discipline that never should have been made public yet was. A suspension that never should have happened but did because those yokels c...
  10. catsmeow1972

    Kentucky Board KARE

    Florida is another state that makes stuff public and even after you make to the other side of your sentence, it never goes away. Confidential, my arse. Also common is shoddy, half *** paperwork and documentation. Even though I self reported (back ...
  11. catsmeow1972

    Nurse support group.

    Not quite 2 years into my contract, I got pulled out of the In-person support group and dropped into an online thing they were ‘trialing’. It was fine by me as it seemed to be the singular acknowledgment from those people that I had mental health iss...
  12. catsmeow1972

    Florida IPN saga continues

    I’ts been nearly 2 years since I’ve been out of the clutches of those horrible people. Because I was fortunate enough to be able to move (had to multiple times during that joke of a contract because I had to go where I could find work), about 6 month...
  13. catsmeow1972

    I'm Tired & Weary, Why is This Profession So Cut Throat?

    My experience gave me a great case of PTSD that I didn’t have before. I’m one of those with mental health diagnosis yet was dumped into a program that for some baffling reason thought 6 months of drug rehab was the answer. The time I spent there, the...
  14. catsmeow1972

    Blast from the past!

    The most satisfying ‘thunk’ ever was me dropping all that garbage into the trash can. I had dragged those two file boxes through several moves as I had to go where I could find employment (that’s what happens when your only nursing experience is high...
  15. catsmeow1972

    Needing surgery in Recovery

    Back when (blessedly a few years now) I had an elective procedure. I had lost a large amount of weight, had an issue of excess skin. Since I wasn’t working at the time (I had given up fighting those idiots to get/keep the *** jobs that were only what...