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barcode120x has 7 years experience as a BSN, MSN, NP and specializes in Telemetry.

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  1. barcode120x

    Any Cal State BSN students here?

    Not sure if my small story will help. I had a friend that declared BSN as his major when he was at Cal-State Fullerton but was unable to get accepted into the program due to obvious reasons of the nursing shortage and impacted nursing schools. He had...
  2. ^ I feel you. I had only done two nursing interviews after nursing school and hadn't had an interview since (been 7.5 years) until last month where I went through 2 video interviews. I went through 5 total interviews for my current position and I d...
  3. barcode120x

    What is this “high flow oxygen at home”?

    Promoting quality of time is part of hospice, but it's also just as important to ease the suffering of the patient (whether it's pain, GI symptoms, etc). Treating a condition requires an interdisciplinary approach with an ever changing treatment plan...
  4. barcode120x

    5 Haunted Hospitals

    I've always been intrigued by the paranormal and I like hearing about events that had happened to others in the hospital. I've watched almost every single episode of Ghost Hunters and Ghost Adventures back in the day. I haven't really followed any ot...
  5. barcode120x

    What is this “high flow oxygen at home”?

    Some of the other posters did post some good info. You can kind of think hierarchy of oxygen devices as: nasal cannula, simple mask, non-rebreather, high flow nasal cannula (HFNC for short), bipap, then lastly, ventilator. The nasal canula can go up ...
  6. barcode120x

    Am I getting into nursing for the right reason?

    A year old topic, curious to see if the OP ever made it through. I can say myself I wasn't that passionate about nursing school when I got in and started. I have been blessed with a pretty good life in general and never really experienced the "b...
  7. Ah, the good ol days. It was very rare that we would get pulled to take patients as charge and if we did, staffing/management would try and shift patients around so that we would get the "easier" team so that we could still do our charge duties. ...
  8. barcode120x


    I would say that's not bad for not studying and I take it you're about halfway through your program. They say that 70% is where you want to be at before you take your boards. I believe 65-70 is something like "at risk." I remember scoring like 60 or ...
  9. barcode120x


    APEA was part of my curriculum and grades, unfortunately. Funny thing is, they never really told us how to study for the two APEA exams that were once each year. I'm assuming your program made you watch/attend the APEA seminars. I used the syllabus f...
  10. barcode120x

    Feeling Overwhelmed as a Charge Nurse

    I feel you. I've never had more than 5 patients (we only went out of ratio here in Cali to 5 patients instead of 4 on the tele unit during the height of covid), but the stress was real. I have the experience under my belt as CN prior to covid, but it...
  11. barcode120x

    Nightingale Nursing ... On its Deathbed?

    You're story definitely resonates within me as well as former colleagues of mine. I provided Nightingale nursing even after COVID slowed down significantly this past year not because I had the time or because I/we had gotten used to COVID patients, b...
  12. barcode120x

    Burnt Out - Hospitals are Stressful!

    I've heard this as well. A former coworker of mine tried and he left after a year. He said it was so depressing have to decline many claims for patients because each had to fit in all the check boxes in order for it to be approved. But if you look at...
  13. barcode120x

    Does being addressed as “Nurse” annoy anyone?

    Never bothered me. I'd say about a third of the time patient's call me doc cuz I'm a guy. 🤷‍♂️
  14. barcode120x

    I failed my AANP twice....what should I do now? :(

    AANP sends you a breakdown percentage of what you scored (I.e. 42% diagnosis, 85% treatment, etc). Look over where you scored on this exam and your previous exam and spend extra time on those areas. Think to yourself about how many questions you comp...
  15. barcode120x

    Palliative NP Job

    I appreciate the detailed response! In-patient palliative sounds very daunting. I have my final interview for an outpatient palliative NP position on Wednesday. They told me I already have the job, I just need to do a final in-person interview as mor...