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  1. barcode120x

    How To Answer The Most Common Nursing Interview Questions

    Thought I'd bump this old thread seeing as that I thought it was useful and very accurate in terms of questions of what you will be asked during an interview for a nursing position. I was totally not prepared for this interview (my first one) as I made the mistake of waiting till the last 2 hours before the interview to prep up on questions. It's a mistake that I will definitely learn from and a memory that will never pass lol. The "I have 50 something interviews to go through, why should I hire you" question was the toughest for me. I will take this first interview as a learning experience. Who knows, maybe they liked me, but I'm not expecting much haha. I think some great questions to ask at the end of the interview after the "do you have any questions for us" are asking about new grad program. Ask about how long orientation is, preceptors, are you evaluated, will you be with a group of other new grads. I couldn't think of any other questions so I kept asking about info on that.
  2. barcode120x

    My Reasons For Avoiding The Acute Care Hospital

    @ TheCommuter Totally inspired by your experience as a 19 year old working in a disabled persons' facility and enjoyed reading your thread! I somewhat share that experience. A year ago I got a hourly job as a tutor at my community college while I was talking my GE's, but it was for the disabled students programs & services. Well actually, my technical title is Student Assistant III but my job consisted of tutoring disabled students (physically or mentally; severe or not) in all educational subjects and working with acquired brained injury (or ABI) students on memory programs. Not only was it AND still is (I'm still currently working there) a great experience in a different environment, I've come to admire both the people and the care takers. I'm currently a new nursing student (I start this coming spring); however, I do want to become a psychiatric nurse in the distant future, but I definitely see myself as a nurse in the psychiatric or disabled field. I DO want to head straight into ICU when I finished nursing school since I also work in the ICU/CCU as a lift team technician (or mobility technician) and I love the "thrill" and "adrenaline" and there is always something new every day :) Just thought I'd share my experience as well hehe.