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  1. barcode120x

    Wearing scrubs at the gym??

    ^ You do realize you quoted a 2012 comment šŸ™‰. I don't think "Karen's" existed in that year. Anyways, I definitely would not want to scratch or stretch my $100 Figs at the gym. I've actually gone to the gym with my buddies right after work once in Cherokee scrubs. Worst. Idea. Ever.
  2. My coworker and I were the first telemetry nurses in the hospital to take covid/critical care patients. One on two drips, the other on one. Both fairly stable for the most part overall. We had a critical care nurse that picked up 8 hour extra shift to "oversee" us and our drips. Thankful to have her and she took charge of the drips and charting and helped us out anyway she could. Overall, it was an OK experience (except with my frequent head turns to check how my septic patient's BP was). Not going to lie, but it was a good shift of "team nursing" (that's what our hospital is calling it if we have to break ratios or cross over specialties in light covid). Would I do it again? Hell no, as much as my night was OK and I definitely know I could manage it IF it happened again, I don't want that liability if something does happen. I am nowhere near interested in CC nursing. If I have to do it, will I? Unfortunately yes and I may have no choice as it seems like they are pulling the seasoned nurses first to take these patients. And, we had 0 "cross training." I literally walked into the shift last night not knowing this was gonna happen.
  3. barcode120x

    What is your minimum base pay on Covid-19 unit???

    Sounds like you work at a skill nursing facility or LTAC? I know SNFs in Socal have a nurse-patient ratio if not more to that. If you're in a hospital...that's an eeeek. We're lucky in California to have those mandatory ratios (technically this law is temporarily voided in times of emergency such as the COVID but so far the patient census is high, but not as bad as was in NY...it will eventually be though).
  4. Never went to WCU, but have coworkers that graduated from there (years ago) and are amazing nurses. Just be aware, you will most likely be starting at the bottom and take whatever courses WCU asks of you. One of my friends has a BS in health science and had some decent grades in anatomy and physiology but for some reason WCU didn't take those classes and he had to re-take them adding onto his debt. One of my coworkers that that graduated from WCU 10 years ago is still paying off her loans. If you still have the "passion" to be a nurse despite having low grades and money is not an issue, go for it. Would I recommend it or any other private-for profit schools? No, it's not worth the price. Not only that, WCU has some bad rap. My hospital for one does not hire any more WCU graduates due to bad experiences with many previous new grads.
  5. barcode120x

    As an NP student, how many clinical rotation hours do you do weekly?

    Good thing I didn't go the MD route.
  6. I would never pay for a preceptor. Well, I could understand paying maybe a couple hundred for a semester, but to charge over a grand is ridiculous. Talk about taking advantage of students, especially in the time of this pandemic. I would imagine many of these people spiked up their prices because they know many preceptors are currently not taking any students or as many due to liability. You have several months before you start the fall. If you haven't already, contact your classmates if they're in your area and see if their preceptor can buddy up. Contact your PCP or your friends/family PCP about taking in student. I did that. Just before I started NP school I had my physical exam for school and asked my MD if she could precept me and she agreed. Also, contact your professors, adjunct faculty, and clinical advisors. They are a good resource for preceptors as well assuming they're in a location you can get too. My current adjunct professor is my clinical instructor as well and my clinical advisor (the one that checks up on you and your clinical site once in a blue moon) had mentioned to me that I could precept with her if I needed to. As much as it is like job hunting, I would beef up the resume, dress up nice, and start going clinic to clinic asking around. There are many clinics in the area, you just have to go out of your and go door knocking. Trust me, I was nervous when I first found out we had to find our own preceptors but I thought ahead and got started early.
  7. Am I the only one that isn't really understanding what the OP is actually trying to say or the point he's trying to get across? Other than that, it just seems like he went to nursing school to assess the political situation IN nursing school rather than going to nursing school for nursing.
  8. barcode120x

    As an NP student, how many clinical rotation hours do you do weekly?

    My program gave us the opportunity to do a certain number of virtual hours that equate to clinical hours to help ease the stress of not being able to get clinical hours due to COVID. I forget how many per semester my initially required (of course that's on hold at the moment). The COVID pandemic has been making me superrrrrrrr lazy in doing my virtual hours but as of June 1st, everyone in my program could start clinic as long as we are cleared by the program and the clinic/preceptor. I actually start my first day back next week.
  9. barcode120x

    MNA and Nurses Respond to the Killing of George Floyd by Police

    In response to the OP, I my feelings/thoughts were neutral. What I mean is that there have been many others (of all backgrounds) that have died to "police brutality" throughout the years, but why is this any different. Yes, I do believe there needs to be some sort of change in the use of police tactics/force when dealing with situations like this, but should this be a cause for protesting? Yes, and no and I'll leave it that. As a nurse, I feel for the patients and the hospitals that are hurt due to those taking time off from work to protest. I have some acquaintances that have done so. It also hurts to see friends and coworkers continue to post violence and hate in the social media particularly specific 5 sec clips of police using force during this protest. It's simple to avoid the law in my eyes. Protest when the curfew is not effect. If it's in effect, you are violating the temporary law and subject to that law by any means, especially if resisting. It doesn't matter if you are peaceful or not. The sad part about this situation is that in a few weeks time, everyone will have forgotten this moment in time except for those business owners and people that were injured during these, "peaceful" protests. The other sad part is that in all reality and when this situation blows over, a majority of this "BLM" issue will not matter to most people except those that are personally affected until the next ridiculous media blow out.
  10. barcode120x

    100% Online vs. Hybrid Nurse Practitioner Programs

    In particular to the Uni of Cincinnati, I don't think you have to worry about "questionable reputation." It definitely is intimidating to have to search for your own preceptors. I knew my PCP precepted students from the University I go to so even before I started my program, I asked if she'd be willing to have me and agreed. Later down the road, I had to find another preceptor, but fortunately one of the adjunct faculty at my school picked me. Your school's/program's faculty are a great source of preceptors, and I would definitely start asking around the MDs, DO's, NP, etc at your workplace. Many of the docs at my hospital are very open to taking NP students, especially since they know you work there already as a nurse, there is already that level of trust built. Your choice boils down to two things, work and personal life as well as the COVID crises. I believe both hybrid and online programs are doable with a re maybe less depending on your hybrid family and/or full time work; however, with a hybrid program you will have to sacrifice time each week, maybe more maybe less depending on your program in order to commute to school and back. I would say the main advantage of going for the hybrid program is that they find your preceptor for you which is a HUGE plus during this COVID crises where many clinics and clinicians may not be taking in students at this time. At least with your hybrid program, by the time you start doing clinicals I'd assume they would have sorted all that out and have preceptors for you. Before accepting, I would personally make sure that clinical sites are set if you choose the hybrid program. In regards to a full online FNP program, I can personally say it's the best choice I've made so far considering the fact that I was lucky enough to get preceptors (I've had some classmates that had an initial hard time finding preceptors). Everything has a set due date each semester and there aren't many changes to that so you can easily plan months ahead for things. I have been able to work full time, do 1 day of clinic, complete course work, and have time for life (then again, I don't have a family/kids and I'm kinda young). I only have to commute to school two weekends each semester for lectures/workshops on the weekend, but those are also planned way in advance. In my honest opinion, I'm not sure if it's because it's online, but the coursework is easy and very manageable.
  11. barcode120x

    What is YOUR favorite scrub brand?

    Figs. Expensive AF, but they are smooth, fit nicely, and look make you look like a clean professional! Best part are the joggers! I just bought another 2 pairs šŸ˜Ž, but only because it was on sale. I never buy them at full price LOL. When I first started working, Cherokee and Dickies were a decent fit and more affordable with plenty of pockets.
  12. barcode120x

    Depressed, unhappy, feeling lost

    I miss the days when I would walk past patient rooms with the TV's blasting insane sports games (football, baseball, bball, etc) and hearing patients cheering and/or cussing. Now, it's all silent, closed doors. At least the chatter at the nurses station has spiked up a bit now that doors are closed and our voices aren't a nuisance to the patients because the doors are closed.
  13. barcode120x

    nurses dating nurses?

    The best state ever.
  14. barcode120x

    I Don't Know What I'm Doing With My Life

    Multiple factors affect one's ability to a job. Big two are prior hospital experience and the most important, networking. It might feel hard to get a job during this COVID crisis because many cities across the US were not hit "as hard" as the center of NY. Like my place in SoCal isn't hiring at the moment because we are way overstaffed and due to the stay at home orders, patient census is low aside from the somewhat decent about of covid patients. This means less money for the hospitals which means they're losing money. 2020 and the last few years has seen social media exponentially grow and become a big part of each person's life. You just need to take control of it and stop comparing yourself to others and looking at other's success and focus on yours, even if you success is lagging a bit behind. No good comes from focusing on others' success.
  15. barcode120x

    Night shift is ruining my sex life

    This is what you see in movies/TV dramas where the hubby is actually cheating and tired of the wife and easily tells her that he is tired. Hopefully the OP is joking. Otherwise, take my response as a joke too I guess? Definitely not the best place for answers for this
  16. barcode120x

    Question about uniforms

    Because of the current world situation we're in, more of my coworkers are changing at the hospital. They've added chairs and tables to some of the staff restroom to accommodate. Ideally we probably should be changing at work...but I'm too lazy and I always like to bring the minimum to work and hate carrying around bags.

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