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  1. AnnieNP

    Where do you practice as a NP?

    Primary Care / Pulmonary
  2. AnnieNP

    Resume tips for AP nursing?

    I have to agree with Trauma here. While in school I was offered several positions from local practices who knew me for 15 years, based on my ER / ICU / CCU experience. They had no idea what kind of NP I would be.
  3. AnnieNP

    NP Schedule

    I would leave if there were no changes made.
  4. AnnieNP

    Should 40 year old mom become a psych NP?

    Absolutely this!!!!! Good luck.
  5. I don't know anything about the BA is Psychology, but I would think it would help. TCNJ is a good program, I sometimes precept NP students for their NP program. Good Luck.
  6. AnnieNP

    Need some guidance

    I'm sorry you are having such a hard time. I agree with trying an LPN program for now.
  7. AnnieNP

    New Career in Management???? Advice?

    Go for it!!!! Your co-workers will be fine.
  8. AnnieNP

    Meet Me At The Wall

    A beautiful story (gave me sweaty eyeballs too)!!!!